In-boom furling systems

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Sailboat in-boom furling system

MK1R - In-boom furler with a Dacron luff sail - For boats...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

MK2R - in-boom furler with luff profiles - For boats from 10 to...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

MK3R - In-boom furler with luff profiles - For boats from 12 to...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

MK4R - In-boom furler with luff profile - For boats from 15 to...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

Heavy weather in-boom furling & reefing...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

YSA Furling Systems is...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

Some of the outstanding...

Sailboat in-boom furling system

Sail Feeder and Luff Track: The luff...

How to choose this product


The in-boom furling system uses a roller mechanism to furl a sail, usually the mainsail, within the boom.


A boom equipped with a roller furling system has the same functions as one without. It holds the foot of the sail fast during maneuvers and facilitates its orientation according to course and wind direction. However, it also stows the furled sail within the boom.


The boom is attached to the mast via a gooseneck; the foot of the sail is bent to it at tack and clew. Materials vary with boat type. Racing craft often have carbon fiber booms. These systems enable the sail to be stored within the boom when not in use.

How to choose

Choice will primarily depend on type and size of vessel.


- Convenience

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