Hydraulic propulsion systems

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Cariboni designed for Wally a new manoeuvring and emergency...


The Hy-Prop® is a steerable propellor propulsion unit, driven by a hydraulic system up to 250 HP.
The major advantage is the excellent manouverabilty.


General information
A Hy-Prop consists of a tailpiece with mechanical transmission, an integrated steering system and a hydraulic drive. It is also possible to install a hydraulic motor directly on the (existing) propeller shaft.
Advantages of the hydraulic propulsion drive line are:
continuously adjustable power (even at full engine speed if needed)


Workmasters™ are deck-mounted or transom-mounted hydraulic propulsion units. Workmaster™ models range from 35 to 1,000 HP. They feature steering through 180°...

The Thrustmaster propulsion units are self-contained thruster packages for main propulsion and positioning of barges, platforms and river craft. Hydraulic Propulsion Units are available from 35hp (25kW) to 3,000hp (2250kW) with a nozzle to help concentrate forward trust and maximize bollard pull or without said nozzle. Conversion...

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