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3-seater hovercraft

Meet our Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft. This is our new 3-4 person...

2-place hovercraft

Our crazy frog looking Bufocraft hovercraft is...

The KidCraft 2 hovercraft is a fully amphibious air cushion...

In-board hovercraft

The Explorer 24 hovercraft is the most efficient, cost effective, saltwater capable hovercraft...

Turbine hovercraft / 4-place

MARS-702 is designed for a year-round operation...

Turbine hovercraft

This sweet machine was just completed at the UH factory and is available for...

Turbine hovercraft

Specifications: Speed: 55 mph Cruise altitude: 10-12 inches Max. altitude: 24 inches Payload:...

Turbine hovercraft

Craft description: The HUV concept hovercraft was designed with...

Turbine hovercraft

New hovercraft available for immediate delivery. Will ship domestically & internationally. The 8FS...

Turbine hovercraft

Kvichak Marine Industries has been and is...

Turbine hovercraft

Kvichak Marine Industries has been and is...

Turbine hovercraft

Kvichak Marine Industries has been and is...

Turbine hovercraft

Kvichak offers a variety...

Turbine hovercraft

The all new Griffon 995ED is a fully amphibious hovercraft capable of carrying a maximum payload of 995kg,...

How to choose this product


A hovercraft rides on an air cushion. A turbine-driven propeller pushes it forward. It does not fly, but is supported on the airflow passing beneath its rubber skirt.


Recreational models can carry a few people, while commercial versions are designed for passenger transport. Its amphibious capabilities make it suitable for military operations.


A blower maintains lift by creating an air cushion which passes beneath a flexible rubber skirt whose shape varies with the terrain. Forward movement is generated by deck propellers protected by wire cages.

How to choose

Choice will depend on intended use. Very large hovercraft serve as passenger ferries and in other commercial uses. However, there are also smaller models for private use.


- Operates on land, water and ice
- Minimal draft and high speed
- Operates without port infrastructure
- Can be used in rough seas


- Blocked by large obstacles
- Lift and drive require powerful motors

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