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Besides floating pontoons, Atlantic Marine is able to answer all your requests for...


Including 4 x 1200 Litre floatation modules F27 kiln dried...


The EZ Trail® system from EZ Dock is a smart way to create accessible ramps and pathways in your woodland, wetland, or any other place you need a safe and durable walking platform. Our pioneering trail system is less invasive, and the large interconnecting, modular sections are simple to install. In addition, you can easily add sections as needed,...


- Unlimited configurations
- Easy and quick assembly...


Our floating gangways are designed using floating dock and fixed bridge technology. The structures and dimensioning calculations are identical and they...


Public demand for access to the waterfront is increasing dramatically. The modern engineering concepts of IMFS have...

The International Marine Floatation Systems (IMFS) floating platform technology is the foundation for an unlimited...


The Standard Marina Walkway System comprises of glassfibre reinforced concrete decking inserted into galvanised steel frames floating on glassfibre reinforced concrete...

The Finger Walkway System is similar to our standard marina walkway comprising of glassfibre reinforced concrete decking inserted into galvanised steel frames floating on glassfibre reinforced concrete encased polystyrene floats. It has gained a reputation for...


How to choose this product


Floating walkways allow pedestrians to traverse waterways in ports and marinas. Unlike floating docks, they are not designed for mooring vessels.

Such walkways can be used connect two parts of a marina separated by a canal or an inlet, for example. They are also suitable for lake and inland waterway developments.

These structures resemble fixed docks and walkways in that they may feature handrails, lifebuoys, lighting pedestals, water spigots and other equipment. They are generally supported by watertight floats made of laminates. The upper works are aluminum with an appropriate walkway surface.

They can be connected to the seabed by a system of main and auxiliary chains or by metal posts. Many consist of modular units which can be easily interconnected to follow a specific route or create a network. Most manufacturers offer custom-designed walkways to suit the needs of a particular project.

Choice will depend on the specifications of the particular project and the characteristics of the installation site.

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