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Looking for a helicopter...


Bellingham’s floating platforms enable individuals to transform water into real estate. They enable owners to relocate operations that once required shore side property to the water. Designed and engineered as a stable and unsinkable system, Bellingham’s platform systems can be used for a variety of applications from building foundations to gangway platforms...


Made of seawater-resistant aluminium or...


Swim platform packages are floating...


Made by the connection of two pieces of 3.00 x 1.50 x 0.40 mtr. with...


AccuDock rents and ships any size commercial floating work platforms,...

AccuDock™ floating platforms style and durability allow for endless uses including commercial applications. Ranging...


Thanks to its experience and knowledge, Martini Marinas can offer...


MARINE FLOOR EUROPE produces its floating elements in France in order to create all sizes structures for various kinds of uses. Here is a short list of possible floating applications thanks to the MARINE FLOOR Eco-System cubes, on the sea/ocean, on a lake/pond or on a river:

Docking pontoon - Floating bridge - Marinas accommodation - Sports or culture events - Leisure...


The AERÉ inflatable work platform is the newest addition to the AERÉ inflatable line of products. Measuring 6 feet...


The floating terrace a custom project
To do things differently

Developed internally, the « floating terrace » project is aimed at professionals looking to diversify their range to include something more unusual!...


Marinetek House pontoons can be used to build floating service buildings in marinas and, as the name suggests, for the construction of permanent homes for a year-round use.


Floating terrace designs are based on Marinetek's plastic or concrete floats. Frames are constructed in either hot...


Houseboat Floats and Platforms
Large or specialized floats and platforms are easy to design and fabricate using Topper Floats.

Topper has developed a rubber log made of our famous Topper...


When youre in need of a floating platform to transport passengers or cargo,...


TIDEL manufacture custom designed inflatable flotation collars, inflatable platforms and bouyancy bags for sale on request. We manufacture...


Flooding rivers, fluctuating reservoirs, frozen lakes...the Meeco system delivers an unmatched record of success at handling whatever nature can throw at you. It's superior quality,...


The impossibility to obtain new areas on the ground and the difficult introduction of new constructions in harbour compounds suggest...


The layout, or footprint, is often the most critical element to a dock's utility and is generally driven by boating or recreational needs of a user. A waterfront property owner with no boats and is...


How to choose this product


A floating platform can be used as a pedestrian walkway, a base for solar panels, to facilitate water access for swimming or for other waterside functions.


While platform uses are many and varied, their basic function is to provide access to the water and to serve as passageways and structural supports for solar panels and other waterside equipment.


Such platforms are generally composed of floating modules assembled to fit project parameters. There are both rigid and inflatable versions. They can be chained to a mooring lying on the bottom or tied alongside a dock. Some include guardrails, swim ladders or other features.

How to choose

Specifications will depend on project needs and site characteristics. Platform design and aesthetics should be chosen to fit into the surroundings.

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