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Floating houses
floating house -

Marinetek Marina Construction designs and undertakes contracts for floating housing areas and other floating structures. Our customers consist mainly of...

floating house - BERLIN

Modern Architecure Study: The design of this houseboat draws the attention with its mix of elegant simplicity,...

floating house - DENISE

Serial Study: Yacht slot size type Denise is developed for family, medium...

floating house - VANESSA

Yacht Villa Vanessa

Specific Study Model: The Yacht Villa Vanessa is a two storey house designed...

floating house - CHRISTINE

Yacht Villa Christine

Unique Mobile Study: Yacht slot size type Christine is...

floating house - BOLTENHAGEN

Yacht Villa Boltenhagen

Two-Storey Study: The floating home type Boltenhagen...

floating house - SEAROOM

SeaRoom residential semi-submersible habitats can perhaps best be visualized by considering a deep-draft steel barge with large viewports mounted in the underwater portion of the hull, and contiguous multi-story spaces...

floating house - SEAROOM

The harmony between man and nature

Electrical Energy derived from solar
FAREA is equipped with solar panels and batteries sized to provide lighting and accessories of daily life.


floating house - PÉLICAN

Houseboat prefabricated (for calm water)...

floating house - STROBL

MFS constructed custom...

floating house - WITTENBERG

IMFS constructed this...

floating house - SHEW

Modern floating home - Vancouver, B.C....

floating house - CADRANELL

Floating Home Completed Oct. 2005 - Seattle, Washington. IMFS built the...

floating house - ROSENSTOCK

Custom Floating home - Seattle, Washington...

floating house - PNED 166

PNED 166 is floating low-energy house. Floating foundation is formed with three parallel connected high-durable concrete pontoons each 15 x 2,4 x 1,5 m (L x B x...

floating house - PNED 108

PNED 108 is the first floating low-energy house in Slovakia. Floating foundation forms three parallel connected high-durable concrete...

floating house - PNED 104

PNED 104 is the floating low-energy house. Floating foundation forms three parallel connected high-durable concrete pontoons each 12 x 2,4 x 1,2 m (L x B x H)....

floating house - PNED 54

PNED 54 is the floating low-energy house. Floating foundation forms three parallel connected high-durable concrete pontoons each 12 x 2,4 x 1,2 m (L x B x H). Pontoons...

floating house - AQUA I

Villa AQUA I is a study...

floating house - PRIVATE

The livingroom of this villa appears as a glass cube at the water. The terrace can be reached by stairs from the livingroom. This terrace is carefully...

floating house - VINKEVEENSE PLASSEN

Waterstudio designed this new house at the Vinkeveense Plassen in the Netherlands. Starting from the existing concrete...

floating house - AALSMEER

A massive yet streamlined appearance. A real frontside and backside and yet it isn't a boat. The livingroom looks like an elongated piece of...

floating house - JISP

In the small village of Jisp, Waterstudio designed fifteen small recreational water-chalets.


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A floating house is a home or an office built on a floating platform.


Such structures are particularly suitable in unstable or marshy areas, or where rocky terrain is too hard for traditional construction. Lacking engines, they are towed to their installation point, an advantage where there are no access roads. When used as clubhouses or offices for a yacht club or similar organization, they put personnel at the heart of the action, while freeing space ashore for other uses.


Most such houses are built using techniques similar to those used ashore. Wood is common, but builders increasingly integrate glass and modern, environmentally sound materials such as hemp. Attention to ecological concerns is particularly important for floating houses, which are often installed in isolated locations and wilderness areas.

How to choose

The first element to consider is location. Permits for shoreline installation and other authorizations must be obtained from the appropriate government bodies. As with similar land-based structures, these houses can have multiple bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and other features.

Some builders offer personalized plans using the services of an architect. Though more expensive, this option results in a home tailored to the client's desires. The design can include a private dock, a welcome addition for boat owners.

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