outboard walkaround / cruising-fishing / 10-person max.
outboard walkaround

Length: 8.24 m

For the creation of this model, we have used the basis of Shiren 27 Fisher, already proven model and exceeded by far the best benefits as is intended, had in stability, speed tip and cruise. The standard version is intended for the ...

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outboard walkaround / cruising-fishing / 6-berth
outboard walkaround

Length: 8.53 m

The newest addition in the SeaSport lineup is the Commander 2800. The commander is the perfect size for both leisure family cruising and the diehard fisherman. By adding 2 feet in length and 13” in beam over the 2600 series, you gain ...

outboard walkaround / twin-engine / with enclosed cockpit / sport-fishing
outboard walkaround

Length: 7.9 m

Fishermen Gerald Statham and Mike Deem have been working their way through the entire Cheetah series. The two fishing partners originally bought a second hand 6.2m Cheetah at the end of last summer to see if catamarans ...

outboard walkaround / day fishing / aluminum
outboard walkaround

Length: 6.71 m

The fearlessly functional Valkyrie is uncompromising in quality, price and value. With the same heavy-duty fully welded hulls as our Pilohouse 25-28 models, the Valkyrie has all of the quality and craftsmanship of our larger boats ...

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outboard walkaround / with enclosed cockpit / sport-fishing / 6-person max.
outboard walkaround

Length: 5.6 m

Designed to meet market demand for small, light, trailer-friendly, all-weather boating. The Stabicraft Supercab 1850 aluminium chambered boat defies its size to perform above its class. BOAT DETAILS Built with the avid fisherman ...

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inboard walkaround / twin-engine / wheelhouse / sport-fishing
inboard walkaround

Length: 9 m

PLANS MARTINEZ engineering office HULL Polyester TYPE OF HULL Planning hull OVERALL LENGTH 9 m OVERALL WIDTH 3,30 m NUMBER OF PEOPLE 4 to 6 persons Single-engine power 200 Hp to 400 Hp Twin-engine power ...

outboard walkaround / twin-engine / dual-console / sport-fishing
outboard walkaround

Length: 8.89 m

... line. Robalo's wildly popular R305 Express Walkaround is the perfect mix of innovative cockpit design, spacious cabin appointments and premium quality. Designed for all kinds of waterways, the R305 showcases fishing ...