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4 products North Kites
North Kites QUAD FINS
Kitesurf QUAD FINS North Kites

The 2012 Kontact and Whip come stock with future fin boxes and high quality moulded fiber glass fins. Available in two sizes, these are the exact fins...

Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz ABF-002
Kayak ABF-002 Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz

This fin corresponds to the standard of the ILS for fins....

Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz ASRF-001
Kayak ASRF-001 Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz

This fin corresponds to the standard...

Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz CLASSIC II
Dive s CLASSIC II Zacki Surf und Sport Wetiz

The TS II have relatively quadratic blades and are available...

1 products imex-sports
Kitesurf imex-sports

SIZES : 2 cm / 3.5 cm / 5 cm. BASE G10...

14 products JP Australia
new JP Australia 21 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31
Freestylewave windsurf 21 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31 JP Australia

The fin range based on the shape of the Wave and Polakow Twinser line. This new-style outline and profile make all...

JP Australia POLAKOW TWINSER | 13.5 - 14.5 - 15.5 - 16.5 - 17.5
Wave windsurf POLAKOW TWINSER | 13.5 - 14.5 - 15.5 - 16.5 - 17.5 JP Australia

In general, this new style of fin design provides speed combined with control and stunning turning...

JP Australia TWINSER | 12.0 -> 18.0
Wave windsurf TWINSER | 12.0 -> 18.0 JP Australia

These small fins feature the swept back classic dolphin-style fin shape. They provide sufficient planing performance combined...

JP Australia SIDE FIN | 9 G10 CNC - 10 G10 CNC - 10
Wave windsurf SIDE FIN | 9 G10 CNC - 10 G10 CNC - 10 JP Australia

Two supplementary fins positioned on the rail help to track and guide with their main purpose to provide additional grip in extreme turns. When railing up the board hard, the tail starts to come out...

JP Australia 19 -> 28
Wave windsurf 19 -> 28 JP Australia

Based on the concept of the Polakow Twinser fins: The innovative outline and profile make every board feel much more direct and...

JP Australia 16 - 18 - 20 - 22
Freestyle windsurf 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 JP Australia

These fins combine power and maneuverability in a short, small “new School” freestyle foil. Their shortness makes...

1 products Goode
1 products Pyranha
Pyranha SKEG
Kayak SKEG Pyranha

Track straighter...

1 products Filippi
RRD Roberto Ricci Designs RAZOR
Kitesurf RAZOR RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

The Razor fins have been developed after 12 months of hard testing in the most diverse conditions around the world by our Kite-Racing...

video RRD Roberto Ricci Designs HARDCORE WAVE CONTEST
Wave windsurf board quad HARDCORE WAVE CONTEST RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

The lightest yet toughest technology of construction a wave board can be built . As our custom factory keeps making progress...

RRD Roberto Ricci Designs WAVE TWIN CONTEST V2
Wave windsurf board twin WAVE TWIN CONTEST V2 RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

The wave twin V2 are based onto the same proven shapes we had in collection until today. Their...

Nobile Sp. z.o.o CLICK'N'GO
Kitesurf CLICK'N'GO Nobile Sp. z.o.o

Nobile fins are produced in „Click&go” tool-free mounting standard. It takes just a few seconds to mount/demount fins with your bare hands. A screwdriver is...

11 products F2
Wave windsurf quad 2012 | BARRACUDA F2

Quad fins are not easy to develop. We believe...

F2 2012 | RAVE
Wave windsurf twin 2012 | RAVE F2

The latest twin fin concept....

F2 2012 | REBEL
Wave windsurf 2012 | REBEL F2

Our Cross wave fin is made for all conditions around the world. The new outline...

F2 2012 | RODEO
Freestyle windsurf 2012 | RODEO F2

The Rodeo Fin is the most persistent freestyle...

F2 2012 | JIBE
Freestylewave windsurf 2012 | JIBE F2

Our Jibe fin is the all in one freestyle/wave fin. Developed by riders with...

F2 2012 | VANTAGE
Freeride windsurf 2012 | VANTAGE F2

Cruising, speeding, jibing, smiling. Feel the spirit of windsurfing...

5 products Sailworks
Windsurf CANEFIRE CARBON 38 CM Sailworks

Vector Canefire Carbon 38...

Sailworks VOLT CARBON 34 CM
Windsurf VOLT CARBON 34 CM Sailworks

Vector Canefire Carbon 38...

Sailworks FALCON 28 - 32 CM
Windsurf FALCON 28 - 32 CM Sailworks

Tectonics Falcon 28 cm Availability:...

Sailworks TALON 32 - 50 CM
Racing windsurf TALON 32 - 50 CM Sailworks

Tectonics Talon 34 cm Availability:...

Sailworks TOMAHAWK 36 - 38 CM
Freeride windsurf TOMAHAWK 36 - 38 CM Sailworks

Tectonics Tomahawk 36 cm Availability:...

20 products Tabou
Wave windsurf ZINGER Tabou

Designed together with Thomas Traversa designed...

Tabou WAVE
Wave windsurf WAVE Tabou

Developed together with Matt Pritchard, efficient...

Tabou X - WAVE
Onshore wave windsurf X - WAVE Tabou

The On Shore version of the T...

Freestyle windsurf twin SASHIMI Tabou

Our special early planing...

Tabou X- RIDE
Onshore wave windsurf X- RIDE Tabou

Our all-rounder with quick profile, but...

Slalom windsurf SLALOM Tabou

Speed, speed speed and control at the limit is the hardest test of the...

11 products Simmer
Wave windsurf quad MISSION Simmer

The Mission is our most radical fin, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful...

Wave windsurf quad BLACKTIP Simmer

The slightly thinner and sleeker profile of the Blacktip means it can be choosen slightly bigger without creating too much drag. The Blacktip can also...

Simmer ICON
Wave windsurf quad ICON Simmer

The Icon is our most powerful fin and is normally used with Mission front...

Wave windsurf twin Simmer

A twin fin setup, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful waves....

Simmer WORLD
Wave windsurf twin WORLD Simmer

Designed with a low aspect profile, for more bottom end power to thrive...

Wave windsurf Simmer

A maneuver-oriented wave fin, with a superb ability to generate...

6 products Gun Sails
Gun Sails
Wave windsurf Gun Sails

Manoeuvre-oriented and very reactive wave fin. Perfect grip,...

Windsurf CROSSOVER Gun Sails

Manoeuvre-oriented bump and jump fin. Ideal for the use with...

Gun Sails
Freeride windsurf Gun Sails

High-performance, a fast and comfortable freeride fin with good lift for...

Gun Sails GRAND
Slalom windsurf GRAND Gun Sails

High performance G10 Slalom fin, designed...

Gun Sails
Windsurf antiweed Gun Sails

The ultimate fin for weed areas and shallow waters. 40° Rake For freeride,...

Gun Sails
Windsurf cover Gun Sails

The practical bag that stores and...

1 products Carl Douglas
Carl Douglas AEROWFIN©
For rowing shell AEROWFIN© Carl Douglas

AeRowFin© – the unique, hydrodynamically designed fin/rudder system which truly empowers the cox and speeds the crew. AeRowFin© is all about...

Durham Boat Company
For rowing shell Durham Boat Company

See the carbon parallelogram and sailboard...

2 products em sports
em sports G10
Kitesurf G10 em sports

High-quality G10 fin. Fits...

em sports HC
Kitesurf HC em sports

High-quality G10 fin. Fits...

39 products Maui Fin
Maui Fin QS
Windsurf QS Maui Fin

RED CUSTOM line is made out the best polyester resin on the market made in France and Excel S-Glass cloth....

Maui Fin AR
Wave windsurf AR Maui Fin

AR is an all around model for any conditions. Wave side shore, on-shore, off-shore;...

Maui Fin 2K
Wave windsurf 2K Maui Fin

A new generation for the well known 2K model introduced last season, developed by MFC, Keith Teboul,...

Maui Fin K-ONE
Wave windsurf K-ONE Maui Fin

MFC and Kevin Pritchard, wave world champion, developed this new fin concept also in G-10 construction. The...

Maui Fin 211 SERIES
Wave windsurf 211 SERIES Maui Fin

This fin offers a new concept in fin design developed by MFC and Francisco Goya. The material chosen is G-10. The fins are CNC designed and machined by a high precision...

Maui Fin
Freewave windsurf Maui Fin

New lay-up for the most sailed freewave fin on the market. This year we also introduce VECTRAN, a new prepreg...

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