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1 products WB-Sails
Sailing dinghy sail (FINN) WB-Sails

WB-Sails was the first to develop a whole new Finn sail concept based...

1 products CBS
CBS 672
Sailing dinghy sail (FINN) 672 CBS

Triradial Polyester or Technora Vision Window Epoxy battens & Custom luff curve Luff and Leech tell...

Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc. Finn Mainsail
Sailing dinghy sail (FINN) Finn Mainsail Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc.

Finn Mainsail - Class insignia, window, battens and tell tales - Sail area: 101.23*ft2 (9405mm2) - Parameters...

1 products Doyle
Sailing dinghy sail (FINN) Doyle

For decades, Doyle Raudaschl has developed successful Finn sails. Together...

1 products Devoti Sailing
Devoti Sailing
ISAF class sailing dinghy : FINN - 4,50m    14' 9" Devoti Sailing

The Devoti Finn design has been built since 1993 and from its launch has dominated the racing scene, winning every main championship...

2 products Wilke & Co
Wilke & Co
ISAF class sailing dinghy : FINN - 4,50m    14' 9" Wilke & Co

The legendary Oneman dinghy built with Swiss precision. In its 50 years of existence...

Carbon mast for sailing dinghy FINN WINGMASTS Wilke & Co

Number 1 producer of Finnmasts - worldwide To date more...

1 products American Sail
video American Sail AQUA FINN
Sailing dinghy : cat boat AQUA FINN - 3m    9' 10" American Sail

The Aqua Finn is an ideal performance daysailer for use by both the inexperienced sailor and the seasoned skipper. It is designed for multi-person use or family situations where a durable, simple sailing...

1 products C-Tech
Carbon mast for sailing dinghy OK DINGHY/FINN C-Tech

C-Tech manufacture carbon fiber masts for OK Dinghies, they are supplied world-wide, custom made to suit weight and engineered using mast bend characteristics. C-Tech...

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