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This is a dual duct unit designed for ceiling mounting above the false...


Halton HML is an airlow unit for large air volumes with centralized airflow heating.

Pressure range from 100 Pa...1000 Pa
Minimum air velocity 2.1 m/s
230 VAC, 1Ph or 400 VAC, 3 Ph
Inbuilt airflow measurement (automatic models)
Damper min. / max. position settings (semi-automatic)
Triac controlled reheating coil(s), adjustable heating power (PWM) 0...100%

Ideal for spaces that need customization in grille sizes.

Plenum for connecting supply/exhaust grille to ductwork
Ensures proper function of the supply air diffuser
Wide range of grille dimensions and models

Pressure-independent operation. Tight shut-off operation at closed damper position. Ideal for renovation projects.

Control damper for variable and constant airflow control applications in dual duct systems
Pressure-independent operation
Galvanized steel construction with insulation
Tight shut-off operation at closed damper position
Circular duct connection equipped...

The Halton HFR/M is an automatic or semi-automatic single duct cabin unit with 1-3 outlet connections for terminal units.

Pressure range from 200 Pa up to 1000 Pa
Airflow range 175 m3/h...1000 m3/h
230 VAC +-10%, max 10A, 50/60 Hz
Inbuilt airflow measurement (automatic models)
Damper min. / max. position settings (semi-automatic)
Triac controlled reheating...

The Halton HMC is manually operated cabin unit for single duct applications.

Pressure range from 0 Pa...200 Pa
Airflow range 0 m3/h...180 m3/h
Airflow adjustment with diffuser knob, painted with the diffuser color


• Speed-controllable
• Integral thermal contacts
• Can be installed in any position
• Maintenance-free and reliable

The KE/KT...


RDF is a range of straight flow in-line centrifugal duct fans designed for rectangular ducts.
They are compact, high capacity fans which operate quietly and can be fitted...

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