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hard-top express cruiser / 1 cabin - TIARA 44 COUPE

Tiara Yachts’ highly successful 50 Coupe will soon be sharing the limelight with a brand new Tiara 44. The new 44 Coupe will be introduced in the late summer of this year at a private, invitation-only engagement, followed by her retail debut during all the major fall boat shows around the United States. “We have enjoyed tremendous success with the introduction of our 50 Coupe and based...

hard-top express cruiser - 3600 CORONET

Leave the rest of the world at the dock for the day or overnight aboard the Tiara Yachts 3600 Coronet™ engineered and appointed with renewed style, luxury and everlasting integrity.

The innovative...

hard-top express cruiser - 3900 CORONET

The newest Tiara Yachts dayboat. The Tiara 3900 Coronet™ promises to be a serious performer. Escape for the day or even a weekend and experience the spacious luxury that the 3900 Coronet offers.


open express cruiser / IPS POD - 3600 OPEN

Wide open excitement, luxury and style come standard with the 3600 Open. Throw in its seaworthy, bluewater pedigree and this American-made...

sport-fishing express cruiser - 3900 OPEN

Come aboard the 3900 Open and find yourself surrounded by unexpected luxury and unsurpassed quality. Throw in its seaworthy, bluewater pedigree and this American classic is all the boat you...

hard-top express cruiser - 470 SUNDANCER

Success has many barometers. Sometimes the rewards for hard work and careful planning are in the labor itself. And sometimes they are in being able to...

hard-top express cruiser / sport - 410 SUNDANCER

The 410 Sundancer is the very essence of a Sea Ray Sport Yacht. It is available in sport spoiler,...

hard-top express cruiser / flybridge / sport - 450 SEDAN BRIDGE

Experience life at the top aboard our 450 Sedan Bridge, a vessel of uncompromising design...

hard-top express cruiser - 450 SUNDANCER

The 450 Sundancer's dashing good looks are matched by its aggressive performance out on the water. Standard Axius and optional...

hard-top express cruiser - 510 SUNDANCER

There comes a peace at the very center of everything, when the world pivots around you in perfect balance. Some people spend a lifetime trying to find this spot....

flybridge express cruiser - 341 SEDAN

While many cruising yachts less than 40 feet in length are best-suited to overnight or weekend stays, Meridian's 341 Sedan has redefined the class by providing the comfortable accommodations and extra features...

flybridge express cruiser - 391 SEDAN

Knowing that some family cruisers look like minivans, Meridian designed its 391 Sedan to bring the styling and performance of a sportscar to the class without losing any practical features. This attractive yacht's sleek profile...

flybridge express cruiser - 441 SEDAN

In designing the new 441 Sedan, Meridian's team of naval architects developed a new hull, deck, bridge and shearline. This all new design features a more aggressive profile and new hull-side windows for the guest stateroom, easier bridge access, better topside...

downeast express cruiser / sport - DOLPHIN 44'

Power, sports performance and the unmistakable Mochi Craft charm can be found in The Dolphin 44’ (13 metres) which packs in a wealth of sophisticated technology and elegance. Its strong personality is underlined by the colour of the hull – offered by the boatyard in Coral Red –...

open express cruiser - 45

From Itamas engineering skills and creativity comes the Itama 45. This perfect expression of the pure essence of the brand boasts timeless charm with a sporty soul, unmistakable Made-in-Italy style and cutting-edge technology. The 22° deep-V hull guarantees the same stability as ever, while twin 480 hp Cummins engines deliver superior performance. The cockpit is designed...

open express cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing / with T-top - OS 385 OFFSHORE

The new OS 385 is the flagship model of the Pursuit fleet of premium offshore boats. Measuring just under 40 feet in length, our newest vessel has all the comforts of home plus a 360-degree water view!

The fully integrated hardtop and windshield are engineered to support an optional factory built tower with combination cushioned seating/leaning post. The tower...

open express cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing / with T-top - OS 345 OFFSHORE

When tasked with designing a replacement model for the 335 Offshore — the best selling model in Pursuit’s history — our engineers had a tall order to fill. Fortunately, our staff is full of over-achievers and the OS 345 was born.

The OS 345 is slightly longer and wider than her predecessor, this...

open express cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing / with T-top - OS 315 OFFSHORE

For yacht-caliber comfort in a manageable size, the OS 315 fits the bill. Its enclosed helm, integral hardtop and vented windshield afford unobstructed visibility, optimal weather protection and comfort during those long, relaxing days...

hard-top express cruiser / fiberglass / fiberglass / sport - SC 365I

Imagine a sport yacht built by Pursuit and powered by Yamaha. Pursuit’s Patent Pending design of the all new SC 365i will revolutionize the way you experience yachting.

The brand new hull engineered specifically for dependable Yamaha Outboards features a sharp entry, 20 degree deadrise, traditional strakes, reverse chines and a fully enclosed...

open express cruiser - 305 SUNDANCER

Available in open and hardtop versions, our 305 Sundancer allows owners to...

open express cruiser - 330 SUNDANCER

No other express cruiser combines form and function like a Sundancer. Our...

open express cruiser - 350 SUNDANCER

Perfect for both laid-back and large-scale cruising, our ALL NEW 350 Sundancer has a social cockpit that...

hard-top express cruiser - 355 SUNDANCER

Our 355 Sundancer features an integral hardtop that provides greater weather...

open express cruiser / sport / 2 cabins - 370 SUNDANCER

The generous dimensions of our 370 Sundancer make it exceptionally adept at cruising and entertaining,...

open express cruiser / 2 cabins - LEADER 36

Like the LEADER 40, the LEADER 36 boasts an incomparable style. Endowed with a superb V-shaped hull designed by M. Peters, she features a sporty design by the Garroni Designers. Resolutely timeless and easy to handle, the new LEADER 36 is particularly well suited for short cruises...

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - VELASCO 37F

Although slightly more compact, reinforcing a sense of intimacy and well-being, the new VELASCO 37 F is just as elegant as the VELASCO...

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - VELASCO 43F

With the integrated radar arch replacing the mast on the flybridge, the charm of the...

soft-top express cruiser / 2 cabins - LEADER 10

The Leader 10 dazzles with its dynamic design that allows you free reign of the blue ocean: excellent handling and performance at sea; comfort onboard...

hard-top express cruiser / 2 cabins - LEADER 40

LEADER 40 open and sportop versions : discover these new models now !

High performance and contemporary design...

flybridge express cruiser - ANTARES 42

The Antares 42 is perfectly designed for family cruising....

flybridge express cruiser - ANTARES 36

Intended for cruising, the Antarès 36 offers very spacious living quarters,...

flybridge express cruiser - ANTARES 32

The Antares 32 speedboat delivers exceptional...

flybridge express cruiser - ANTARES 30

The Antares 30 features all the seafaring qualities on which the...

hard-top express cruiser - ANTARES 30 S

The Antares 30S is the non-flybrige version of the Anttares 30, and features a...

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - F380

Boat FeaturesFrom the breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views in the saloon, to the largest flybridge on a 38 footer, there is nothing quite like it. Striking, spacious and packed with innovative features the F380 is in a class of its own. Every area is filled...

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - F450

Boat FeaturesFor size and sociability, there’s nothing quite like the F450. This flybridge cruiser offers unrivalled space for entertaining with alfresco dining for six, berths to sleep five, and a sunbathing area that converts in minutes. From the very outset, the bold exterior of the F450 suggests style. And once...

hard-top express cruiser / sport - S380

Boat FeaturesThe clean and crisp lines of the S380 create a simple, elegant design. This iconic boat holds five permanent berths, a first for a boat of this class, and an innovative roof system that goes from open to closed in seconds. Forget what you know about sports cruisers. The S380 delivers a generous...

hard-top express cruiser / sport - S450

Boat FeaturesThe distinctive S450 has been crafted to offer more social space than any other cruiser of its size. An electronic convertible cockpit system offers multiple layout options including comfortable alfresco dining for eight. It features a soft-top convertible roof system which conveniently folds away to allow the light and air to stream in. There’s permanent sleeping for five, and...

flybridge express cruiser - FLY 42


flybridge express cruiser - C42

Over 50 years of experience, all enclosed in what has been defined the %u201CCross Over%u201D boat that will impress and reflect Mediterranean customers%u2019 needs as well as new overseas markets requirements.

Over 50 years of experience, all enclosed in...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD / 2 cabins - C44

Direct descendant of the C43, the C44 project originates from the desire to offer an even more comprehensive and comfortable version. With 2 VOLVO PENTA IPS 500 or 600 engines,...

flybridge express cruiser - FLY 40

After the launch of its FLY45 in September, SESSA MARINE brings its successful receipt on a 40 feet! Thanks to its big experience...

flybridge express cruiser / IPS POD / 2 or 3 cabins - FLY 47

The SESSA FLY 47 is a true turning point in this segment of the market. Rather than calling it a SPORTY FLYBRIDGE, SESSA introduces the concept of the ADVANCED OPEN YACHT for its...

hard-top express cruiser - LEGEND 4000

Rayglass’ first launch of the Legend 4000 is the production boat for which discerning boaters have been waiting 20 years. It offers the increasingly busy boater...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD / 3 cabins - 500 S

The new Prestige 500 S lies perfectly in the philosophy of the world of the Prestige: “clear” design; good sea-keeping...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD / 2 cabins - 450 S

Prestige has revisited the coupé concept from the Prestige 500S :
The Prestige 450S offers...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD / 2 cabins - 440 S

The new Prestige 440 S is issued from the powerful creativity of Jeanneau. Volvo provided the new...

flybridge express cruiser / IPS POD - 500

Winning this coveted award for the PRESTIGE 500 further confirms the success of the new PRESTIGE brand:

This new model for 2011, first launched...

flybridge express cruiser / IPS POD / 2 cabins - 450


The Prestige 450 take all the elements that made...

open express cruiser - 310

There are big questions that float around in your imagination. Such as, what one thing could we do that would dramatically...

open express cruiser - 350

You and all your loved ones are cordially invited to lead double lives aboard the incredible 350 Express....

open express cruiser - 380

Consider the lively 380 Express your own personal time machine. Off the bow, the exuberant...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD / sport - 41 CANTIUS

With the introduction of the new sporty 41 Cantius, you'll never again be in search of the water's most...

flybridge express cruiser - 415

The 415 Express Motoryacht is the premier example you'll find afloat of spaciousness married...

flybridge express cruiser - C40

The forward-thinking C40 proudly makes
its debut.

New for 2014, the C40 is built for discerning yachting enthusiasts who appreciate distinctive design, expert craftsmanship, and long-lasting value. The C40 is handcrafted to meet the vaunted reputation for...

hard-top express cruiser - C37

The most spacious and comfortable 37’ yacht on the water, Carver’s new C37 Coupe is designed for the adventurous who refuse to sacrifice a thing. Expect superior style, comfort, performance, dependability and value. This new yacht’s power package...

flybridge express cruiser - C34

The Carver C34 is the essence of a Carver bridge boat, merging durability and space with modern convenience and...

open express cruiser - V335

You’ll be captivated by the Vista 335 cruiser. It’s a 33-foot...

open express cruiser - V355

Our 35-foot cruiser offers everything you need to travel elegantly...

open express cruiser - V375

An express cruiser that pays tribute to your taste - and largesse. The...

hard-top express cruiser - V435

Pull into any harbor with panache from the helm of your majestic Vista...

hard-top express cruiser / IPS POD - V475

The Vista 475 yacht: our crowning achievement. Its 49-foot silhouette...

flybridge express cruiser / convertible / sport-fishing - 42 C

For more than four and a half decades the Viking Yacht Company has devoted itself to building competitive sportfishing boats. So even in hazy economic times, Viking refuses to rest on its laurels.

While it has been a tradition at Viking to introduce new models on a regular basis, for each boat...

flybridge express cruiser / convertible / sport-fishing - 46 C

Ascending mid-size luxury and performance in the Viking tradition

Following rave reviews at its premiere showings at the Viking Yacht Companys VIP Miami Boat Show Preview in January 2009, and the 2009 Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show in February, the Viking 46 Convertible promises to...

open express cruiser / flybridge / sport-fishing / with T-top - 42 O

For over four and a half decades the Viking Yacht Company has devoted itself to building competitive sportfishing boats. So even in hazy economic times, Viking refuses to rest on its laurels.

While it has been a tradition at Viking to introduce new models on a regular basis, for each boat that...

open express cruiser / sport - 42 SC

Creating a model within a model has been a successful path for Viking as demonstrated by the Viking 42 Convertible and 42 Open, which share the same hull with uniquely different deck and interior arrangements. The popularity of these new models has encouraged us to expand this theme with a pair...

open express cruiser / flybridge / sport-fishing / with T-top - 42 ST

Creating a model within a model has been a successful path for Viking as demonstrated by the Viking 42 Convertible and 42 Open, which share the same hull with uniquely different deck and interior arrangements. The popularity of these new models has encouraged us to expand this theme with a pair...

hard-top express cruiser - 48 EXPRESS CRUISER

High on every yachtsman’s wish list is a magic carpet that can take you from the humdrum to Heaven. A magnificent yacht with all the luxurious comforts of a Palm Beach condo and the feisty spirit of a Formula One race car. Til now, it was a pipe dream. With the incredible Fountain 48 Express Cruiser, it...

open express cruiser - 38 EXPRESS CRUISER

The comforts of a luxury condo. The agility of a sports car. You can’t go wrong.

Reggie Fountain has built a career by improving on success. World champion offshore racer; world class visionary. Reggie’s résumé is the envy of yacht builders everywhere. The 38EC is proof!

But, this...

open express cruiser / sport-fishing - 38 LUXURY EDITION

The Complete Package.

You’ve heard the phrase; now experience the reality. The 38 LX is at once a red-hot fishing machine, an incomparable dive platform, and a cruising yacht that matches up to the sleekest offerings on the Italian Riviera. Oh...did we mention performance? As in 65mph—in...

open express cruiser / sport-fishing - 38 OB

64+ Mph -Zero to Plane in :03 seconds!

Whoever said “You can’t have it all!” obviously never owned a Fountain.

Got an itch to subdue the competition with one lightning-fast punch? Try zero-to-plane in :03 seconds and a top speed of 68-plus mph. The fleet will still be lurching up out of the chop while you’re on your way to the best fishing in this hot,...

open express cruiser - 290

Length (L.O.A.) 30' 4" (9.24 M)
Beam 108" (2.74 M)

open express cruiser - 310

Length (L.O.A.) 33' 1" (10.09 M)
Beam 126" (3.20 M)

open express cruiser - 340

Length (L.O.A.) 33' 11" (10.34 M)
Beam 136" (3.45 M)

open express cruiser - 360

Length (L.O.A.) 36' 4" (11.07 M)
Beam 144" (3.66 M)

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - 42BR

Azimut 42 will be officially launched in São Paulo Boat Show - September 2014. Yacht will be manufactured only in the country and is designed to meet the requirements of Brazilian clients.

Azimut Yachts materials have been designed and developed to offer users the most...

flybridge express cruiser / 2 cabins - 43BR

Azimut 43 is a milestone in the history of our Flybridge Collection. Now it is available in special edition only for the Brazilian market.

Azimut Yachts materials have been designed and developed to offer users the most accurate representation of the yacht possible.

flybridge express cruiser / 3 cabins - 45

It just takes one look. They say, a picture says a thousand words. This is certainly the case with Azimut 45, a flybridge whose silhouette displays a perfect balance of shapes. Its lines are exclusively drawn by the laws of aerodynamics and beauty. The pictures do say it all, and also impart a feeling of freshness.


hard-top express cruiser / sport / 2 cabins - 40S

40 feet to fully experience the sensations of a yacht with excellent manoeuvrability.
A POWERFUL, slender body that renders elegant lines, seemingly elongating over the bow and the stern, leaving onlookers amazed at this stunning image. The ceiling's overhang covers part of the cockpit and compliments the dynamic design of the yacht's profile.

Sporty Styling, innovation and attention...

flybridge express cruiser / explorer / 3 cabins - MAGELLANO 43


It has the autonomy and the perfect seaworthiness to accompany you on long crossings under any sea conditions. It offers the comfort of 3 cabins and entirely new layout solutions. It has the Italian style that is love at first sight. It has the Hard Top version that also allows...


How to choose this product


On NauticExpo, the express cruiser is a boat between 9.5 and 15 meters long (31 to 50 feet) with a foredeck, one or more cabins and amenities such as a head, shower and galley.


These launches offer overnight accommodations and are primarily intended for rapid cruising. They also can be used for fishing, day trips and lounging at anchor, diving and even towed water sports. Those designed for inland waterways are particularly well-suited to the calm waters of rivers, lakes and canals.


Such vessels are usually equipped with one or two inboard engines with shaft or stern-drive, though some use IPS, Zeus or hydrojet propulsion.

Common types include:
- Standard: foredeck and sheltered conning station
- Open: foredeck and open steering console
- Hard-top: foredeck and conning post covered by a rigid roof but open astern
- Lobster: traditional design based on classic American lobstering craft
- Trawler: boxy silhouette derived from trawler lines

Construction materials are a function of vessel size and lines, budget, local traditions and those of the boatyard. These include aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, carbon and other composites.

How to choose

Most of these launches are production boats, but some yards offer partial or complete customization possibilities. Equipment options are numerous. A sliding length cursor on the NauticExpo page will help in the selection of the right model.


- Live-aboard features
- Comfort
- Performance


- High fuel consumption

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