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Trimaran center console boat / electrical / outboard

Let yourself be taken by ZEPHYR: the electric boat designed by Yannick Wileveau, naval architect, and...


The new Explorer brings exploring tribs, creeks...

Welcome to the 16TS. Our Traditional Series (TS) features a sleek, smooth hull design, with a waterline...

The 18ls18LS, our most popular saltwater craft, offers traditional elegance with it’s lapstrake...

Side console

Length: 18'...

Side console

Length: 21'...

Side console

Length: 22' -...

Side console

Length: 22' -...

How to choose this product


An electric center console boat has an electric motor and an open deck plan whose organization is the most important factor in the vessel's use.


Such craft are ideal for wildlife photography, hunting and fishing since their silent operation will not frighten prey. In addition, they emit no CO2, making them attractive to environmentally-conscious buyers.


The electric motor is powered by a group of batteries, whose power is expressed in kW. The batteries can be recharged at a dockside charging station, by a generator or solar panels, which are sometimes built into the craft. While silent, these vessels have limited speed and range.

Hybrid configuration includes a diesel back-up for use when the batteries are flat. The hull is generally made of a glass or carbon composite to reduce weight for additional speed and range. There are monohull, catamaran and trimaran versions, some with Bimini top or a rigid or fabric roof.

How to choose

Additional power offers greater speed, but requires a large number of batteries, constituting significant extra weight. Batteries have a limited lifespan and must be replaced after a certain number of recharges. The number of seats, sundecks and other amenities will depend on the boat's intended use, be it for fishing or simple outings on a lake, river or in choppy seas.


- Silent
- No emissions
- No fuel consumption


- Heavy, limited-life batteries
- Limited speed and range

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