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A dynamic positioning (DP) system is a computer system capable of automatically controlling a vessel's rudders, propulsion and thrusters. It receives input from satellites and various shipboard sensors.

The system is able to keep a ship or platform stationary at a fixed point or maintain course along a predetermined track, independent of weather, current or other factors. Speed can be made dependent on parameters such as water depth or wave height.


These systems are used for cable laying, dredging, drilling, close maneuvering, offshore loading and other purposes. The system allows commands as precise as, "37 meters from the berth, rotate 130° counter-clockwise, with the stern as the pivot point."


The DP system is connected via computer to bridge instruments such as GPS, AIS, gyrocompass, position reference systems, anemometer, steering and gear controls, among others. Its computer contains a mathematical model of the ship and analyzes wind, current and wave action. This process entails a delay in achieving vessel stability when switching to DP operation.

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The IMO has established requirements for three classes of DP system, Classes 1, 2 and 3. Classes 2 and 3 must include mechanisms for automatically maintaining control when one or more system modules fail. Such units should undergo Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) tests.


- Accurate
- Reliable


- Requires qualified personnel

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Kongsberg Maritime COMPACT DP
Double DPS for ships COMPACT DP Kongsberg Maritime

The Operator Station provide vessel control via joystick, DP or autopilot. It is ergonomically designed...

Kongsberg Maritime K-POS DP-11/12
DPS for ships K-POS DP-11/12 Kongsberg Maritime

The K-Pos DP-11/12 dynamic positioning system consists of a DP controller unit and a dedicated operator station. Both...

Kongsberg Maritime K-POS DP-21/22
Double DPS for ships K-POS DP-21/22 Kongsberg Maritime

The K-Pos DP-21/22 dynamic positioning - DP system consists of a dual DP controller unit and operator stations....

Kongsberg Maritime K-POS DP-31/32
Triple DPS for ships K-POS DP-31/32 Kongsberg Maritime

The K-Pos DP-31 and DP-32 are triple-redundant DP control systems comprising a triple-redundant dynamic positioning system controller unit and three...

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
DPS for ships Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding

System to enable automatic position keeping in the ocean without anchoring...

1 products Volvo Penta
video Volvo Penta
DPS for boats Volvo Penta

Press a button and the Dynamic Positioning System holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area, even in a current or in windy conditions. A perfect feature for waiting at the...

Navis Engineering Oy NavDP 4000 Series
DPS for ships NavDP 4000 Series Navis Engineering Oy

The NavDP 4000 Series is a new generation of Navis Dynamic Positioning Systems combining the best qualities of the previous system, the Navis IVCS Series, with the latest achievements in technology and...

Navis Engineering Oy JP 4000
DPS for ships JP 4000 Navis Engineering Oy

The JP4000 is a new and innovative solution for mega-yachts (as well as for multi-purpose vessels) covering mooring, docking and low-speed manoeuvring, to make operations more...

1 products SIREHNA

EasyDP is an innovative solution of dynamic positioning system...

Praxis Automation Technology DP
DPS for ships DP Praxis Automation Technology

The Mega-Guard Dynamic Positioning System (DP) automatically controls a vessel’s heading and position by activating thrusters based upon data as received...

Praxis Automation Technology PRS
DPS for ships PRS Praxis Automation Technology

The following Mega-Guard DP Position Reference Systems (PRS) are available: DGPS/Glonass with NTRIP (DGN-5000) Hydroacoustic Position Reference...

video QPS Quality Positioning Services
For ships DPS laser QPS Quality Positioning Services

QINSy has long been known for producing fully corrected and geo-referenced multibeam point clouds in real-time. That ability led Mobile Laser Mapping System users to ask QPS if QINSy would generate similarly...

Engine Monitor Inc DPS-0 / DPS-1
DPS for ships DPS-0 / DPS-1 Engine Monitor Inc

Designed specifically for the workboat industry Easy to use...

1 products Autonav
Autonav IVCS 2000
DPS for ships IVCS 2000 Autonav

Combining advanced hydrodynamic algorithms with easy to use Windows NT based PC control systems, Autonav’s automated dynamic positioning systems...

1 products COMEX
DPS for ships DP CX COMEX

More economical COMEX dynamic positioning system is assembled with a majority of standard, commercially-available components, easily obtainable at affordable prices. There is no need to modify the...

1 products NAUDEQ

NAUDEQ introduce VR-DYPO - a joystick and Dynamic Positioning System, based on latest control technology and implemented on a Windows NT...

Guidance Navigation Limited CyScan
For ships DPS laser CyScan Guidance Navigation Limited

CyScan is a high performance local position reference sensor specifically engineered for marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications....

Guidance Navigation Limited MiniRadaScan
DPS for ships MiniRadaScan Guidance Navigation Limited

MiniRadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor for use in marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. miniRadaScan accurately measures the range...

Guidance Navigation Limited RadaScan
DPS for ships RadaScan Guidance Navigation Limited

RadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor for long range use in marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications....

Guidance Navigation Limited Responders
DPS for ships Responders Guidance Navigation Limited

RadaScan and miniRadaScan sensors operate with a variety of intelligent microwave radar targets called responders. The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing to the position reference responders(s)...

Guidance Navigation Limited
For ships DPS laser Guidance Navigation Limited

He CyScan laser sensor can operate with a variety prism clusters. A range of high quality prism clusters are available...

1 products Twin Disc
Twin Disc
DPS for ships Twin Disc

The high efficiency, high performance combination of QuickShift® and EC300DP is setting the standard for second generation...

1 products Rolls-Royce
DPS for ships Rolls-Royce

Dynamic positioning (DP) holds a vessel at a defined location or on a pre-determined track against the forces of wind, wave, tide and current using its own propulsion and manoeuvring systems. It is used...

1 products Sonardyne
Sonardyne DP-INS
Dynamic positioning inertial navigation system DP-INS Sonardyne

Sonardyne DP-INS is a new, inertial navigation-based Position Measuring Equipment (PME) source for dynamically positioned (DP) rigs and vessels. The independence and redundancy provided through inertial...

Becker Marine Systems BIMS
Propulsion system for ships BIMS Becker Marine Systems

System advantages: Reliable and safe dynamic positioning/manoeuvring operations Less rudder motion in DP and AP mode Energy savings through improved efficiency Elimination of aft tunnel...

video Thrustmaster of Texas PDPS
Propulsion system for ships PDPS Thrustmaster of Texas

The Thrustmaster Portable Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS) is a unique system for dynamic...

Thrustmaster of Texas OUTDRIVE UNITS
Propulsion system for ships OUTDRIVE UNITS Thrustmaster of Texas

Propulsion Outdrive units preserve functional deck space by allowing the engine to be installed remotely on any vessel. Their versatility enables a single engine to power multiple...

1 products AMS Thrusters
AMS Thrusters
Propulsion system for ships AMS Thrusters

The E-Pod© Thruster and Propulsion System product lines combine the expertise in propulsion,...

video Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) FANBEAM 5
Laser radar for vessel FANBEAM 5 Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL)

MDL’s Fanbeam "Laser Radar" is the most widely used high accuracy position...

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