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Dynamic positioning systems
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Press a button and the Dynamic Positioning System holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area, even in a current or in windy conditions. A perfect feature for waiting at the fuel dock or for a bridge or lock to open. When docking, the Dynamic Positioning System gives you time to “freeze the moment” so that your crew can prepare fenders and lines totally stress...


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A dynamic positioning (DP) system is a computer system capable of automatically controlling a vessel's rudders, propulsion and thrusters. It receives input from satellites and various shipboard sensors.

The system is able to keep a ship or platform stationary at a fixed point or maintain course along a predetermined track, independent of weather, current or other factors. Speed can be made dependent on parameters such as water depth or wave height.


These systems are used for cable laying, dredging, drilling, close maneuvering, offshore loading and other purposes. The system allows commands as precise as, "37 meters from the berth, rotate 130° counter-clockwise, with the stern as the pivot point."


The DP system is connected via computer to bridge instruments such as GPS, AIS, gyrocompass, position reference systems, anemometer, steering and gear controls, among others. Its computer contains a mathematical model of the ship and analyzes wind, current and wave action. This process entails a delay in achieving vessel stability when switching to DP operation.

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The IMO has established requirements for three classes of DP system, Classes 1, 2 and 3. Classes 2 and 3 must include mechanisms for automatically maintaining control when one or more system modules fail. Such units should undergo Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) tests.


- Accurate
- Reliable


- Requires qualified personnel

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