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boat latch / door-mounted - 03395


boat latch / door-mounted - E5

Get positive engagement for watertight sealing in gasketed marine applications with a latch that is quicker and easier to disengage than screw-mounted panels, yet leaves no handle to protrude on the exterior of the panel. Electropolished SS handle and trim matches the aesthetics of other Southco One Look-One Latch hardware.
Marine-grade construction and sealed design provide durable watertight...

boat latch / door-mounted - H3

This upgraded modular design offers extreme flexibility in an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing low-profile package for industry-standard panel preparation requirements. Multiple offset cams, single-point latching, and numerous locking and non-locking options simplify cost-effective configuration.


boat latch / door-mounted / push-knob - 93

Easy installation, multiple actuation choices, quick action for opening and closing door panels, and flexible locking options make these compact push-to-close latches a user favorite for a wide range of enclosures. All offer keylocking security, including some with the option to operate without needing the key every time.

boat latch / door-mounted / push-knob - MP-NOVIBRA

Choose push-to-close, twist-to-open convenience in an elegant design that actually enhances performance. An anti-vibration feature keeps enclosures quiet, despite normal vibrations. This highly designed latch is offered in two different mechanisms, and multiple finishes, for door and for drawer applications.
The sturdy design...

boat latch / door-mounted / push-knob - M1-2A

The beauty of recessed knob storage and three attractive finishes, plus some adjustment for misalignment, complements the ease of use and push-to-close convenience...

boat latch / door-mounted - 822

Lock with clash in chromed brass with aisi 316 l...

boat latch / door-mounted - 820

Universal magnetic lock with brass plates in AISI 316 l stainless steel, can be combined with different handles of our production

Technical characteristics:

boat latch / door-mounted - 1654

WC lock. Base: 70 x 50 mm;...

boat latch / door-mounted - 3132

Lock with handle and hole for padlock....

boat latch / door-mounted - 3113

Rim lever lock. 74 x 34 mm. Spindle:...

boat latch / door-mounted - 0711

# Privacy Latch for Interior Cabins and Head Enclosures
# Chrome Plated Brass...

boat latch / door-mounted - 0960

* Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy

boat latch / door-mounted - 0918

# Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy
# Regular Bevel...

boat latch / door-mounted - 0929

* Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy

boat latch / door-mounted / push-knob - 7100 / 7200 / 7300 / 7400

Easy to install safe, and attractive outline.
Button trim and interior spring are made of stainless steel to ...

boat latch / door-mounted - 1172

Regular entry and exit latching is now combined with quick-acting dogging using a SINGLE Lever-Latch Handle. Weather tight, dogged sealing can be conveniently achieved by lifting the handle UPWARD to engage Edge-of-Panel,...

boat latch / door-mounted - 350SEK

Fits glove boxes or other storage...

boat latch / door-mounted - 160SEK

Ball catch for smaller...

boat latch / door-mounted / push-knob - GL 202

GL 202 Push Button Lock is a perfect lock for securing hatches, glove boxes and storage compartments. Housing and mounting nut are made from tough polycarbonate material making the...

boat latch / door-mounted - 36001

Friction Catch - 2-3/8" X...

boat latch / door-mounted - 35501

Ideal for locking compartment doors, dock...

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