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dive gloves - FLEXA CLASSIC

New fingernail cut. Double-lining...

dive gloves - AMARA

Double-lined neoprene,...

dive gloves - PREMIUM SEMI-DRY 4.5MM

Technical specifications

> Ultra-soft Elaskin...

dive gloves - PREMIUM 4.5MM

Technical specifications

> Ultra-soft...

dive gloves - ELASKIN 2MM

Technical specifications


dive gloves - TROPIK 2.5 MM

With amara inserts

Technical specifications


dive gloves - STANDARD

Technical specifications


dive gloves - SVALBARD

Five fingered gloves in 6 mm thick neoprene, created for use in cold and freezing waters....

dive gloves - HIGH STRETCH

5-finger gloves made from single-lined soft, high-stretch neoprene.
The inside is covered in Metallite to make them...

dive gloves - ULTRASPAN

New 5 finger neoprene gloves Ultraspan in addition to the already 'full range of gloves...

dive gloves - GAUNTLET

5mm neoprene for warmth when cold water diving

Ergonomically designed pre-curved fingers help...

dive gloves - KEVLAR

Durable Kevlar on palms, fingers & back of fingertips for superior abrasion resistance


dive gloves - YOUTH

Standard neoprene with glued and blind-stitched seams

Ergonomically designed pre-curved...

dive gloves - FLEX

Made entirely of HS200 high stretch neoprene that stretches to over 200% of it’s original size...

dive gloves - KAI

Made of 2mm HS200 high stretch neoprene that stretches...

dive gloves - DYNEEMA TRI CUT

100% Dyneema Gloves,...

dive gloves - SEA GREEN

Camu 3D neoprene gloves.


dive gloves - ROGER

Neoprene gloves featuring single lined neoprene, Titanium coated inside...

dive gloves - ALEUTIAN KEVLAR

The Aleutian K Glove is made of Thermal Flex 4-Way stretch neoprene and is one of the easier gloves to put on or take...

dive gloves - AVA

The Ava gloves are designed with longer and narrower palms and fingers,...

dive gloves - CORA

The Cora gloves are designed with longer and narrower palms and fingers, to...


The Thermocline K Glove is made with pre-bent fingers to match...

dive gloves - THERMOCLINE FLEX

The Thermocline Flex Glove is made with pre-bent fingers...

dive gloves - DRY-FLEX

Flexible Superstretch 5mm neoprene gloves ensures your hands remain extremely comfortable whilst...

dive gloves - OCEAN-FLEX

Lightweight superstretch 5mm neoprene gloves providing superb comfort...

dive gloves - TITANIUM

5mm thick gloves with grip dot reinforced...

dive gloves - 2MM SPORT TROPIC

A great warm-water...

dive gloves - 2MM TROPIC

A great warm-water...

dive gloves - 3MM ELASTEK

Our most comfortable...

dive gloves - 3MM UNISEX

Our standard five-finger...

dive gloves - 3MM UNISEX

3 fingers glove in 4mm


dive gloves / waterproof - EASY-DON

High quality, vulcanized, elastic cuff, latex gloves for use with dry,...


100% Everflex X-Foam formula, 5mm gauntlet-style...

dive gloves - EVERFLEX

Like our EverFlex gloves are very flexible and extremely easy to put on and take off, requiring no extra closure at wrist.


dive gloves - GRIP

Strong, flexible construction offering exceptional resistance...

dive gloves - TROPIC

1,5mm soft thin neoprene gloves for...

dive gloves - COMFORT

A comfortable 5-finger glove with a zipper.

If you...

dive gloves - PROGLOVE

Long neck with velcro strap to keep water sealed off
Based on current version with less design...

dive gloves - FLEXIGLOVE

Easy on and off with a slim fit
Based on the current glove, but with fewer design...

dive gloves - SECTOR

Your extremities are the first thing to
feel fhe effects of the cold when you
are diving. Remaining agile is very

dive gloves - EXPLORE 1MM

Remaining agile is very important
when handling gauges, regulators, or

dive gloves - 3 MM ICETRECK

Thickness 3 mm
Durable screened PU on seams and dot pattern

3-fingered gloves / dive - METALITE

Three finger glove with reinforced...

dive gloves - 5 MM ELASKIN

The thickness guaranties warmth but this...

dive gloves - 4MM METALITE

Preformed, reinforced with Kevlar,...

dive gloves - 2 MM ELASKIN

Soft and most flexible neoprene with reinforced...

3-fingered gloves / dive - PR1ME CLAW 5 MM

100% Eco-Flex Throughout,
The Purest Form Of Non Toxic Stretch...

waterproof gloves / dive - ZIPGLOVES

(WD stands for Wrist Dam. This unique system is intended for dives where the...

dive gloves - BIO PRO

Material: made of 1.5mm operon jersey...

dive gloves - PROFREX

Special features add extra warmth

dive gloves - WINTER

A sturdy, comfortable all-round glove


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Dive gloves are a type of protective clothing worn by scuba and other divers.


Gloves are indispensable for deep dives or anywhere water temperature is likely to be very low. They also protect the hands when diving on coral reefs, around shipwrecks with sharp metal elements or in waters infested with venomous animals.


Different materials are used in glove manufacture. Neoprene offers good thermal insulation, while Kevlar®, Dyneema® and titanium are particularly efficient at protecting against abrasion and cuts.

Thickness usually ranges from two to seven millimeters. As with neoprene wetsuits, body-heat conservation varies directly with this figure. Models with only three fingers are meant for cold water. Completely watertight versions are designed for very deep dives or icy waters.

How to choose

Necessary sturdiness and thermal protection will depend on the type of diving, maximum depth and the nature of the dive site. Commercial or other heavy underwater work usually requires extremely sturdy Dyneema® or Kevlar® models.

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