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The VideoRay Radiation Detector mounts easily to the bottom of either the Pro 3 or Pro 4 ROV systems and utilizes the 9-pin accessory port. The unit is very sensitive to gamma radiation and high energy X-Rays. The sensor...


​The Impact range of portable multigas detectors monitors and displays up to four gases simultaneously,...

gas detector / for ship - OPTIMA PLUS

​Honeywells Searchpoint Optima Plus is an infrared point flammable...

water ingress detector / for ship - WIDS

WIDS (Water Ingress Detection System) is designed for detecting the presence...

leakage control detector / leak / for ship / ship - Sherlog MATE kit

The Sherlog MATE kit includes the SDT200 receiver which is a high quality ultrasonic receiver which allows to easily identify areas where compression is affected and evaluate measurements which are shown digitally on the LCD...

leakage control detector / leak / for ship / ship - Sherlog MASTER kit

New technologies, experience and feedback from operators throughout the years have culminated in the latest creation of SDT, i.e. the SDT270 receiver. The Sherlog MASTER completes the SDT Sherlog product range with state of the art equipment which allows for enhanced performance, accurate measuring and instant reporting.


leakage control detector / leak / for ship / ship - Sherlog CADET kit

This low budget, but robust and reliable equipment is an ideal solution for operators who are interested in quick, reliable and easy detection of leaky spots with a high level of precision.

As detection of leaky spots is based on evaluating...

leak detector / for ship / ultrasonic - SDT270

Partial Discharges are the defects found by ultrasound in medium and high voltage installations. They are unwanted electrical discharges that bypass isolation between a conductor and ground....

leak detector / shipyard / vacuum-compatible - SDT200

Leak detection should be a top priority when one knows that, without a leak detection program, leaks represent 30-40%...

leak detector / ship / ship tank - LS-10 SERIES

The Gems™ LS-10 liquid sensor accurately detects the presence of liquid in fiberglass double-wall tanks, containment sumps and double-wall...

intruder detector / for boat / magnetic - M8, 3m or USB, 6m

Magnetic sensor for a door or hatch will notify you of break-in...

low temperature detector / for boat - M8, 3m or USB, 7m

Receive a notification if the temperature falls below 5° C.


motion detector / for boat / infrared - M8 ,3m or USB, 7m

Digital passive infrared detector sends you an alarm if someone enters the boat.


gas detector / for ship - OPSIS M800

The new DNV certified OPSIS M800 System for continuous emission monitoring is based on a non-contact method, using an optical measurement path that operates across the duct. One analyzer can operate several measurement paths using an...

gas detector / for ship - OPSIS M800

Salwico NOx, SO2 & CO2 Analyzing System is a continuous measuring and analyzing equipment for marine applications. Unlike other solutions based on electrochemical...

oil mist detector / for ship - G2000

The open path beam monitor detect and alert at the presence of oil mist, created by leaking tubes and hoses by means of an light emitting unit and receiver. Received signals are sent to the analyser by...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - GASALERTCLIP EXTREME

Up to three years of continuous maintenance-free protection

As the world’s most popular and widely used zero-maintenance gas detector, the GasAlertClip Extreme offers continuous, reliable protection. Available in two year or three year versions, this single gas detector requires...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - GASALERT EXTREME

Designed with durability and comfort in mind, the GasAlert Extreme reliably monitors for any single gas hazard within its wide range of available toxic gas models. With easy on/off operation, this single gas detector offers extended longevity with a two year field-replaceable battery and sensor....

gas detector / for ship / handheld - GASALERT QUATTRO

Rugged and reliable, the GasAlertQuattro four-gas detector combines a comprehensive range of features with simple one-button operation. With flexible power options, the GasAlertQuattro is always ready. The graphic LCD displays easy to identify icons that indicate operational information, such as bump test and calibration status for simplified onsite auditing. IntelliFlash provides continuous visual...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - GASALERTMICROCLIP XT

The GasAlertMicroClip XT provides affordable protection from atmospheric hazards. Its slim and compact design makes it easy to wear, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand without feeling weighed down. With easy one-button operation, workers make...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - GASALERTMAX XT II

GasAlertMax XT II is the smart, simple, economical way to compliance. Workers feel safe and incidents are minimized so everyone will be able to...

gas detector / for boat - S2B-M-X

The Xintex® Methane Gas Detector / Monitor, Model S2B-M-X-Display-D, constantly monitors the level of highly explosive methane and goes into alarm prior to a dangerous situation occurring.

This advanced micro-processor, state of the art, Methane Gas Detector is incorporated into the design and...

gas detector / for boat - M SERIES

Equipment for detecting Gasoline Fuel Fumes

Xintex® manufactures and sells vapor-detection instruments to provide positive vapor detection before trouble can develop!


propane detector / gas / for ship - S SERIES

Propane is heavier than air and can settle below deck and in...

detector / carbon monoxyde / for boat - CMD-4MR-RLY / CMD-4MR

The CMD-4MR-RLY is the most advanced CO detector available from Fireboy-Xintex.

It features automatic generator shutdown capability.

When dangerous carbon monoxide...

gas detector / for boat - GD10

The GD10 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 25% of the concentration required for an explosion...

gas detector / for boat - GD55

The GD55 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 25% of the concentration required for an explosion...

gas detector / for boat - GD25

The GD55 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 25% of the concentration required for an explosion (LEL or Lower Explosive Limit).

The alarm will continue to sound as long as the sensor detects a...

refrigerant gas detector / leak / for ship - MM2000™

Open deck flammable and H2S gas monitoring

Paragraphs 9.11 & 9.12 of IMO Resolution A.1023(26) “2009 MODU CODE” outline the requirement for flammable and H2S gas detection for mobile offshore drilling units:
9.11 Flammable gas detection and alarm system

9.11.1 A fixed automatic gas detection and alarm system...

gas detector / for ship - MM5001™

The possibility of a cracked or ruptured bulkhead leaking flammable gases into ballast tanks or void spaces represents an explosive hazard that can have catastrophic results for your ships.

The MM5001™ system is designed to give early warning (at the bridge, cargo...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - MARINE 4™

MED “Wheel marked” for use on all vessels with simple 1-button operation. The Marine 4™ can be supplied with an optional integral pump with flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks, holds...

gas detector / for ship / handheld - TANKSCAPE™

The Marine Tankscape™ is versatile yet simple to use. The feature-rich range of instruments are suitable for all marine applications including confined space monitoring, cargo monitoring and inerting.
Measure up to...

water ingress detector / for ship / alarms - BULKSAFE™

Bulksafe™ is a permanent ship's hold water ingress detection system (WIDS) for bulk carriers fully type approved in accordance with SOLAS XII Regulation 12, IACS UR S24, IMO performance standard for water level detectors & IACS UI SC180. The system comprises of a central Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel...

water detector in oil / for ship - OCM 15

Our CJC™ Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM 15 - with particle counter - performs remote oil condition monitoring of wear generation in hydraulic, lube and gear oils within the wind, marine, power and mining industries, allowing you to plan ahead and improve your ROI.


Earliest possible warnings of wear generation
Condition based maintenance...

leakage control detector / leak / ship / for ship - CARGO-SAFE

Many P&I Clubs now insist on ultrasonic hatch tightness testing instead of hose and chalk testing.

CARGO-SAFE is an ABS Type Approved hatch cover tester. CARGO-SAFE provides a quick and simple method of establishing weather tightness of hatch covers, bow, stern and side doors, but unlike hose...

leakage control detector / leak / ship / for ship - CABIN-SAFE

A smaller, less powerful version of Class Instrumentation Ltds CARGO-SAFE™ unit, this boat survey product is perfect for detecting...

refrigerant gas detector / leak / for ship - SONIC

The Class Instrumentation Sonic Leak Detector is a low cost instrument that allows the rapid detection of pressurised gases or steam escaping from any plant.

The ultrasound "noise" generated by a leak is easily detected by the hand-held unit and the leak location rapidly and accurately identified through the headphones. The red laser pointer pinpoints the source of the leak. The wide...

fire detector / for boat - ITDAC-14P-4

Fire detection system is one of the most important marine systems, since its functionality is directly connected with the safety of people and equipment.
As such, it...

fire detector / for boat - ITDAC-14P-4

. power supply: 8.5-33V DC
. quick and reliable detection of smoke on the light scatter principle

fire detector / for boat - ITDAC-14P-4

. for applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable
. in environments that are dirty or smoky under normal conditions

water ingress detector / for ship - PSM BULKSAFE

PSM BulkSafe is an essential cargo hold water ingress detecting system designed specifically for cargo hold flood...

water detector in oil / for ship -

G&O Water in oil Monitor
Probably the most accurate and reliable monitoring of oil contamination!
The G&O Water in oil Monitor is a unique well-proven and well-tested water in oil monitoring system which...

water detector in oil / for ship -

Since 1976, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd. has put OIL MIST DETECTOR continuously on the market. In 2004, model MD-SX which is of sensor...

oil detector in boiler feed water / ship - OMD- 15

OMD-15A with Auto-Clean System

The OMD-Series includes a Monitor, the...

oil detector in cooling water / for ship - OMD- 17

OMD-17A with Auto-Clean System

The OMD-17 Series is designed for higher oil...

oil mist detector / for ship - G2000

Green Instruments' oil mist detector - the G2000 Ambient Oil Mist Detector - is a line-of-sight opacity meter that is used to detect oil mist, smoke, or dust in open spaces such as pump rooms, engine rooms, and other facilities.


combustible dust detector / for ship - G2100

The G2100 Combustible Dust Monitor is designed to measure dust concentrations in connection with combustible dust clouds.

All it takes to ignite a fire or an explosion is...

combustible dust detector / for ship - G2100

The smoke sampling type fire detection system used with the carbon dioxide gaseous extinguishing system
continually draws air from each protected spaces and checks for the presence of smoke by means of the
smoke detection panel, which initiates an alarm on detection...

oil detector in water / for ship / bilge / alarms - SEAGUARD

There are 2 alarms out signals which are triggered by the ppm oil content of the separators...

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