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48 products Vismara
Vismara V 50 HYBRID
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht V 50 HYBRID - 16,60m    54' 6" Vismara

The V 50.02 Hybrid project is the result of the Vismara Marine boatyard’s wish to make the motto “CLEAN SEA, CLEAN AIR” its own in response to an ever-increasing demand for more responsible...

Vismara K9
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon mast) K9 - 16,10m    52' 10" Vismara

The V50’ - K9 is the first example to be made for the META project, and it was designed as part of an efficient co-project between the Vismara boatyard and the architect, Guido Spadolini, well-known member...

Vismara MAMOU
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht MAMOU - 18,60m    61' 0" Vismara

The overall style of this craft is similar to that already used on the Vismara – Baltic 60’ and 66’, and therefore, in line with the Vismara 50’ Classic “Twin” already under construction. It is aimed...

Vismara V 54' DRAGON
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht V 54' DRAGON - 16,30m    53' 6" Vismara

Comfort and elegance. These are the key words that feature large on the new 52’ Vismara. The owner’s request was: a fast cruiser with a deck plan laid out for simple use with a smaller crew. In other...

Vismara V 50' SBI'SA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon) V 50' SBI'SA - 15,30m    50' 2" Vismara

With presentation planned for spring 2008, the new V50 Fast Cruiser completes the line of boats made by Vismara for the “classic” fast cruiser range, which includes various famous craft such...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon) MISS TUNG - 18,60m    61' 0" Vismara

Vismara’s new project in the fast ocean-going cruiser section marks yet another step forward in nautical design, both in terms of the conceptualisation of interiors and exteriors as well as with an eye...

17 products Vitters
video Vitters SARISSA
Luxury sailingsuperyacht carbon SARISSA - 42,60m    139' 9" Vitters

Sarissa is a spectacular 42.6 m carbon globetrotter. Naval architect Bill Tripp designed this performance sloop with a fully modern hull shape, sail plan, and foils. The interior is by Rhoades Young Design...

Luxury sailingsuperyacht MYSTERE - 43,20m    141' 9" Vitters

Mystère is a 143’ (43 m) sloop. Designed to her owner’s exacting brief for a fast and comfortable world cruiser. Mystère’s 190 tons displacement stretches out over the 39 meter...

Vitters GIMLA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (deck saloon) GIMLA - 42,90m    140' 9" Vitters

Gimlä is the third 140 ft sailing yacht in a row, after Red Dragon and Whirlaway. Layout and styling, both on deck and below, are very different on each of the three yachts. Gimlä has a contemporary...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (deck saloon) WHIRLAWAY - 42,90m    140' 9" Vitters

Whirlaway’s design brief was very clear: “To enhance performance under sail without compromising the high standard of comfort and luxury on board.” The righting moment was enhanced by...

Luxury sailingsuperyacht de croisière center cockpit RED DRAGON - 42,90m    140' 9" Vitters

Red Dragon (ex African Queen) designed by Dubois naval Architects was the first Vitters 42.9-metre (140 ft) yacht and was so successful that the design became a series of three. Her powerful performance,...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (ketch) TIMONEER - 44,80m    147' 0" Vitters

The owners of this groundbreaking project asked us to create a vessel that would offer complete comfort during their extended voyages in remote areas. Timoneer therefore became a powerful 44.8-metre...

Warwick Yacht Design W 70 CUTTER
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) W 70 CUTTER - 23,52m    77' 2" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 21.33 m 69.98 ft Length Waterline 17.34 m 56.89 ft Beam 5.20 m 17.06 ft Draft 2.59 m 8.50 ft Displacement 50,800 kg 50 ton Ballast 16,256 kg 16 ton Ballast...

Warwick Yacht Design W 54 SLOOP
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W 54 SLOOP - 16,46m    54' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

This yacht takes notions of comfort speed and practicality into a new dimension . The design flexibility and use of space reveal the wealth of experience invested in the singular project. MoonBlue’s interior...

Warwick Yacht Design W60 PH SLOOP
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W60 PH SLOOP - 18,29m    60' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 18.310 M 60’0" DWL 15.850 M 52’0" BEAM 5.050 M 16’7" DRAFT 2.200 M 7’2" DISPL. HST 24,000...

5 products Moody
2 products Salona yachts
Salona yachts S60
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (5 cabins) S60 - 18,29m    60' 0" Salona yachts

Our new sailboat marks the entrance of Salona into a completely new market segment- the market of luxuri­ous semi-custom yachts. It is a sailboat with an uncompromised sport design signed by Americas...

6 products Comar Yachts
Comar Yachts COMET 35 S
Open transom COMET 35 S - 11,05m    36' 3" Comar Yachts

The Comar shipyard, founded in 1961, was among the first to use fiberglass in chain production.Today, the building of a COMET skillfully combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. From the hull...

Comar Yachts COMET 73 RS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht COMET 73 RS - 22,20m    72' 10" Comar Yachts

The Comet 73 Raised Saloon is an “ocean racer” with a classic layout, a high- performance hull designed for fast and safe sailing in all weather and sea conditions. The water lines, the keel...

Comar Yachts COMET 85 RS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon mast) COMET 85 RS - 25,20m    82' 8" Comar Yachts

Comfortable, fast and light, the Comet 85 raised saloon is perfect for Ocean voyages. The yacht is born to ensure maximum safety at sea, to be fast downwind and to offer good performance when sailing...

Comar Yachts COMET 100 RS
Luxury sailingsuperyacht 6 cabins COMET 100 RS - 30,48m    100' 0" Comar Yachts

The Comet 100rs is the first Maxi Yacht produced by Comar Yachts at our Fiumicino shipyard. Comar has chosen the best professionals to take part in the creation of both Maxi 100rs and 85rs, already in...

Comar Yachts COMET 62 RS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made) COMET 62 RS - 18,90m    62' 0" Comar Yachts

The Comet Raised Saloon range has a stunning new flagship in the 62 RS. Designed along the same principles as its smaller sister the 52 RS, this aerodynamic 18-metre has a hull designed specifically with...

Comar Yachts COMET 52 RS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom) COMET 52 RS - 15,90m    52' 2" Comar Yachts

The Comet 52 RS is the first model in the Comar Raised Saloon series. The raised panoramic deck saloon has a sharply raked profile yet has none of the bulkiness of a genuine deckhouse. Instead it looks...

5 products Sly Yachts
Sly Yachts SLY 43
Fast SLY 43 - 12,97m    42' 7" Sly Yachts

The new-born at Sly Yachts celebrates the beginning of a new era in which performances and pleasure are combined with comfort and design thanks to the Nauta Yachts’ contribution to the project....

video Sly Yachts SLY 42 FUN
Carbon mast SLY 42 FUN - 12,80m    42' 0" Sly Yachts

Sly 42 Fun expresses the in way to enjoy sailing yacht: fun, life on board marked by large external areas, fast hull, easy-to-use sail plan (furling mainsail and...

Sly Yachts SLY 48C
Ocean SLY 48C - 14,50m    47' 7" Sly Yachts

Sly 48C is a sailing yacht with all the top-of-the-range comforts and safety standards, for fun and easy long-range cruises, even with minimal crew. The main novelty is a new deck layout compared...

Sly Yachts SLY 54
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon mast) SLY 54 - 16m    52' 6" Sly Yachts

Sly Marine goes on the new strategy to offer 2 different versions of each model: The Cruising version,...

Sly Yachts SLY 61
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon mast) SLY 61 - 18,65m    61' 2" Sly Yachts

Sly has laid down a new challenge for the yachting industry, proving its grit and desire to continue pushing the envelope: the result is Sly 61. Features The key new feature is the innovative new...

4 products Ocean Yachts
Ocean Yachts 62.1
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) 62.1 - 19,47m    63' 11" Ocean Yachts

Overview Ocean Yachts is pleased to present a new addition to their range of cruising yachts that presently span from 51’-56’. The new Ocean Pearl 62.1 has been exclusively designed by the British...

Ocean Yachts 56.1
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) 56.1 - 16,55m    54' 4" Ocean Yachts

The new Ocean Star 56.1 will make a statement when entering any harbor! A truly stylish yacht, she provides exceptional accommodation,...

Ocean Yachts 51.2
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (5 cabins) 51.2 - 15,95m    52' 4" Ocean Yachts

The Ocean Star 51.2 is a yacht that epitomizes many of the best qualities of the Ocean Star range. Ease of handling is ensured as all controls and winches are placed within easy reach...

Ocean Yachts 51.2 EXCLUSIVE
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) 51.2 EXCLUSIVE - 15,52m    50' 11" Ocean Yachts

The Ocean Star 51.2 Exclusive is the first performance cruiser of the Ocean Star range. A modified...

5 products Contest
Contest 45 CS
Center cockpit teak deck 3 cabins 45 CS - 12,06m    39' 7" Contest

The sleek lines of the joinery and furniture contribute to the ambient appearance of the saloon,...

Contest 50 CS
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit, teak deck) 50 CS - 13,11m    43' 0" Contest

Designed by Georg Nissen her clean lines, sophisticated rig with ample sail area and careful weight saving make the 50CS an extremely easy yacht for a couple to...

Contest 57 CS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) 57 CS - 15,54m    51' 0" Contest

With its flush deck and low, integrated superstructure, the Contest 57CS has a truly striking appearance. Daylight floods into the...

Contest 72 CS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) 72 CS - 18,97m    62' 3" Contest

Synthesising all our 50 years of experience and craftsmanship with the very latest engineering and technology, the 72CS is the phenomenal...

Contest 62 CS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made) 62 CS - 16,79m    55' 1" Contest

Discover the world, go where you want when you want, securely and comfortably; this is the leitmotif of the Contest 62CS. The elegant lines...

6 products Shipman
video Shipman SHIPMAN 63
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (lifting keel) SHIPMAN 63 - 19,20m    63' 0" Shipman

A sailing yacht for visiting the world’s most attractive cruising grounds that is relaxing, comfortable and yet does not...

video Shipman SHIPMAN 72
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) SHIPMAN 72 - 21,95m    72' 0" Shipman

Shipman 72 represents the 3rd generation of Shipman Carbon Yachts range, bringing a new level...

video Shipman SHIPMAN 80
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) SHIPMAN 80 - 23,98m    78' 8" Shipman

Shipman 80 offers a new and unique blend of convenient comfort and sailing pleasure, enabled by carbon-epoxy technology and superior design. There is...

Shipman SHIPMAN 130
Luxury sailingsuperyacht lifting keel SHIPMAN 130 - 39,60m    129' 11" Shipman

Shipman 130 is the ideal super-fast ocean cruiser for those who need the increased interior...

Shipman SHIPMAN 150
Luxury sailingsuperyacht lifting keel SHIPMAN 150 - 45,72m    150' 0" Shipman

Shipman 150 was designed to be one of the world’s fastest sailing yachts. That was only one of the design brief highlights:...

Shipman SHIPMAN 100
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (carbon) SHIPMAN 100 - 30,48m    100' 0" Shipman

Shipman 100 is set to raise the bar in the new, fast emerging 100-foot class. No expense was spared to develop...

ISY Italian Sailing yacht 71'
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (5 cabins) 71' - 21,60m    70' 10" ISY Italian Sailing yacht

MAIN DIMENSION LH (hull lenght) 21,60 m BH (hull beam) 5,48 m Draft 3,4...

10 products Nauticat
Nauticat 321
Deck saloon 321 - 10m    32' 10" Nauticat

The youthful Nauticat 321 offers superb accommodation and quality of build and attention to smallest detail. The interior...

Nauticat 351
351 - 10,06m    33' 0" Nauticat

The Nauticat 351 is a completely renewed model based on the well-known Nauticat 35. In comparison with the 35, the 351 features a new deck design, which resembles...

Nauticat 37
Deck saloon 2 cabins 37 - 11,23m    36' 10" Nauticat

The Nauticat 37 is a yacht with appealing looks and performance. She combines these qualities with the...

Nauticat 385
Deck saloon 2 cabins 385 - 11,65m    38' 3" Nauticat

Encouraged by the success of the Nauticat 37, a completely new model, the Nauticat 385 was born....

Nauticat 42
Deck saloon 2 cabins 42 - 13m    42' 8" Nauticat

The Nauticat 42 became an immediate success after her introduction. She is strong,...

Nauticat 515
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (deck saloon, 3 cabins) 515 - 15,42m    50' 7" Nauticat

The Nauticat 515 is classical, elegant and spacious. She will carry you graciously at high speed, anywhere, in any...

1 products Rivolta
11 products Jongert
video Jongert 3200P
Luxury sailingsuperyacht aluminium deck saloon 3200P - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

The 3200P is generated in cooperation with two of the most creative and experienced partners in the superyacht industry. The hull lines are drawn by Doug Peterson, one of the worlds foremost designers...

Jongert 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The 2400M is an aluminum sloop type yacht, that has an open cockpit, and a closed wheelhouse. Uisge Beatha means Water of Life, and being that the owners are two avid sailors, this name fit their lifestyle...

Jongert 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The Jongert 2400M is an accommodating yacht simple enough to sail without the help of a crew. Not only is the sailing, rigging, and navigation equipped to be manned by just a few, the engine room is designed...

Jongert 2900CR - MBOLO
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2900CR - MBOLO - 29m    95' 2" Jongert

Essentially, the 29m aluminium Jongert/ Castro hull is standard, while the rig, deck layout and accommodation have options to be tailored to individual owner’s requirements. So while the one suits...

Jongert 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

Tony Castro joined this challenging project and developed this modern sloop with beautifully elegant lines, especially designed for a fast...

Jongert 31T
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (steel, ketch) 31T - 31m    101' 8" Jongert

The Jongert 31T is a classically elegant sailing yacht with an outstanding performance under sail and power. The large saloon amidships is visually linked to the deck saloon by an open gallery. To port...

5 products Union Yachts
34 products Baltic Yachts
Baltic Yachts BALTIC 108 WINWIN
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (lifting keel) BALTIC 108 WINWIN - 33m    108' 3" Baltic Yachts

This spectacular 108-footer is designed by Javier Jaudenes. The modern, powerful lines - typified by the wide transom and in combination with the light-weight construction, will ensure fast, easy sailing...

Baltic Yachts BALTIC 175 PINK GIN VI
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, Judel/Vrolijk design, lifting keel) BALTIC 175 PINK GIN VI - 53,70m    176' 2" Baltic Yachts

The basic concept behind the design for the Baltic 175 is to improve on the already successful concept of Baltic 152. We are looking for more performance from a shape with a timeless silhouette. The boat...

Baltic Yachts HETAIROS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (ketch, custom-made, Reichel/Pugh design) HETAIROS - 59,90m    196' 6" Baltic Yachts

This unique ketch with its very special philosophy, including extremely high-technology materials and...

Baltic Yachts BALTIC 107 INUKSHUK
Luxury sailingsuperyacht custommade BALTIC 107 INUKSHUK - 32,64m    107' 1" Baltic Yachts

Baltic 107 Custom is designed for cruising but good performance is a high priority. After...

Baltic Yachts BALTIC 116
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, Judel/Vrolijk design) BALTIC 116 - 35,50m    116' 6" Baltic Yachts

Baltic 116 Custom is a real "blue water cruising yacht" and it is intended for worldwide cruising and being independent from lying in harbours or berthing in marinas, but special attention was also given...

Baltic Yachts BALTIC 152 PINK GIN
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, Judel/Vrolijk design) BALTIC 152 PINK GIN - 46,22m    151' 8" Baltic Yachts

The main philosophy behind the Baltic 152 was to create a yacht with conservative long overhangs and with a styling that could be classified as a traditional...

14 products Pendennis
Pendennis AKALAM
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, sloop) AKALAM - 32m    105' 0" Pendennis

Pendennis was selected to complete construction and final fit-out of the Barracuda 105, a 32m aluminium motor-sailor intended for a European client. With naval architecture provided by Barracuda Yacht...

Pendennis BEAGLE V
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, ketch) BEAGLE V - 34,80m    114' 2" Pendennis

Beagle V was launched in 2001 and benefits from extremely good seaworthiness, while at the same time offering a high level of performance. Beagle V was the second yacht commissioned...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, ketch) CHRISTOPHER - 46m    150' 11" Pendennis

At the end of 2008 Pendennis announced the partnership with Ron Holland Design and Palm Beach Yachts International to build a new 46m performance cruising ketch. Three staterooms and a study provide the...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made) JACQUELINA - 26,21m    86' 0" Pendennis

Jacquelina is an 87′ Bill Dixon-designed cruising sloop featuring, what was at the time, the largest Aerorig yet to be built and...

Pendennis KENORA
Luxury sailingsuperyacht custommade KENORA - 32,61m    107' 0" Pendennis

Designed by Luca Brenta, Kenora was a development on from Wally B, sharing its predecessor’s hull lines, whilst having a different deck and interior look and feel. This 107′ (32m) sloop is...

Pendennis LA CATTIVA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum, ketch) LA CATTIVA - 37,40m    122' 8" Pendennis

Leading international designer Ed Dubois was commissioned to create Taramber – this heralded the beginning of our close association with the Dubois team. Dubois’ brief was to create a striking,...

20 products CNB Bénéteau
CNB Bénéteau EVOE 85 - 100 - 120 - 145 - 180
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) EVOE 85 - 100 - 120 - 145 - 180 - 55m    180' 5" CNB Bénéteau

Onboard the CNB 180 - Evoë, living and relaxing areas complete each other within the continuity of a same space. This concept results in an elegant and clean design associated with...

CNB Bénéteau GRAND BLEU 86 - 95 - 105 - 120
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) GRAND BLEU 86 - 95 - 105 - 120 - 32m    105' 0" CNB Bénéteau

The 86’, 95’, 105’ and 120’ designs are directly inspired from recent CNB-built designs whose excellent properties we have assessed. All our expertise has gone into these designs to further improve comfort,...

video CNB Bénéteau CHRISCO - CNB 100
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) CHRISCO - CNB 100 - 30,48m    100' 0" CNB Bénéteau

CNB 100 footer with contemporary lines For CNB, it has been a real challenge to build a 100’ yacht with a modern contemporary allure while maintaining the particular savoir-faire for which CNB...

CNB Bénéteau SPIP - CNB 77
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) SPIP - CNB 77 - 23,34m    76' 7" CNB Bénéteau

In the wake of the CNB 76 and the earlier CNB 77, here is Spip. She benefits from the latest technology and naval architectural progress. The integrated superstructures are made of vacuum infused composite,...

CNB Bénéteau HAMILTON II - CNB 117
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) HAMILTON II - CNB 117 - 35,12m    115' 3" CNB Bénéteau

The imagination, design and preparation required by this yacht to be formerly owned by Prince and Princess Sadruddin Aga Khan made it a fascinating experience. Hamilton II has since been partly modified...

CNB Bénéteau SIMERON - CNB 82
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (custom-made, deck saloon) SIMERON - CNB 82 - 25m    82' 0" CNB Bénéteau

Simeron is a high performance sailing cruiser with a lifting keel, built entirely in vacuum infused carbon/balsa sandwich. The deck plan provides twin steering stations with easy access to the controls...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats ALITHIA
Luxury sailingsuperyacht ALITHIA - 39,80m    130' 7" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

A yacht that lends dreams its wings, or even better: sails. During a two year round-the-world trip, this 40m sloop was the centre of attention to the owner, his family and crew. Functional but comfortable,...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats GLOBANA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (ketch) GLOBANA - 36m    118' 1" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

As the name indicates, Globanas owner intended to use his yachts for voyages around the globe. In the past, a project like this for a sailing boat of this size (36m) would have required a crew of 30....

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats ARRAYAN
Luxury sailingsuperyacht ARRAYAN - 34,60m    113' 6" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

Performance or cruising yacht? Why chose when you can have both. Arrayan, incredibly attractive cruiser/racer is one of many successful examples of how innovative materials and techniques...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats EXTRA-BEAT
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, in aluminium) EXTRA-BEAT - 35,80m    117' 5" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

An above-average successful owner always values an above-average yacht. An example for this is Extra-Beat, at the time of her completion in 1988 the largest sloop in the world....

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