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4 products Structures
video Structures POGO 30
POGO 30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Structures

A truly versatile yacht to sail very fast in off-shore, in coastal (lifting keel), with reduced crew or family. Length of 30′(9.14) and width of 3.70m. The Pogo30 is therefore more powerful than...

video Structures POGO 12.50
Lifting keel POGO 12.50 - 12,50m    41' 0" Structures

Length overall: 12.50m Length hull: 12.18m...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 22
Coastal trailerable ADVENTURE 22 - 7,53m    24' 8" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The all new Adventure 22 offers true 4 berth accommodation with a separate heads compartment. The standard boat has an outboard engine in a cockpit well giving ample power for coastal cruising. Those...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 26
Lifting keel ADVENTURE 26 - 8,22m    27' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

If 6’2" standing headroom is required and longer term adventures are your goal then the Adventure 26 is the ideal boat. A very simple to handle Bermudan rig allows quick passage making and low maintenance...

Cornish Crabbers LLP MYSTERY 30
Tiller steering MYSTERY 30 - 9,22m    30' 3" Cornish Crabbers LLP

If pure sailing pleasure is what you are after then look no further than the Mystery 30. Beneath her classic lines lies a very modern yacht. She is a true performance cruiser, comfortable yet fast. Her...

19 products Lerouge yachts
Lerouge yachts HAKA 137
Carbon mast HAKA 137 - 13,71m    45' 0" Lerouge yachts

Haka 137 is the latest development of the famous Apocalypse, which has done so many ocean crossings. This is a design for a very interesting sailing program: Passage making in the Roaring Forties....

Lerouge yachts MARTIN BLEU
Ketch MARTIN BLEU - 14,80m    48' 7" Lerouge yachts

Matin Bleu is designed for an experimental rig with wingsails on freestanding...

Lerouge yachts HAKA 160
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (deck saloon) HAKA 160 - 15,99m    52' 6" Lerouge yachts

The new Haka 160 benefits from the latest researches in yacht design to combine high...

Lerouge yachts HAKA 152
Bilge keel HAKA 152 - 15,23m    50' 0" Lerouge yachts

ULDBs offer without any doubt the best building cost, performances, inside volume ratio possible. Haka 152’s hull is inspired by the Flash 50 to provide...

Lerouge yachts HAKA 180
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht HAKA 180 - 17,99m    59' 0" Lerouge yachts

Haka 180’s modern hull shape brings exceptional performance to her cruising program. The fresh water is ballasted to increase sail power. An extremely shoal-draft is a bonus for cruising yachts,...

Lerouge yachts KSENIA 64 BALAD
Coastal cruising catamaran (sailboat) KSENIA 64 BALAD - 6,50m    21' 4" Lerouge yachts

Ksenia 64 is designed for inexpensive coastal cruising, she can be easily towed to change one’s playground or to winter the boat in one’s...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 355
Teak deck NAJAD 355 - 10,90m    35' 9" Nord West & Najad AB

Intended as a fast, safe and comfortable passage-maker of moderate proportions, the Najad 355 is nonetheless a compelling mix of practicality with style and, like all of our yachts, it is exquisitely...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 410
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit, teak deck) NAJAD 410 - 12,20m    40' 0" Nord West & Najad AB

Stylish and with a more contemporary look and feel about her, the Najad 410 offers a less traditional looking alternative within our range. Sporting a centre-cockpit, rounded corners and edges and...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 440 AC
Twin steering wheel NAJAD 440 AC - 13,50m    44' 3" Nord West & Najad AB

Sharing the same hull and underwater appendages as her Centre Cockpit sister, the Najad 440 Aft-Cockpit is a very attractive looking yacht and is generally regarded as the more ‘sporty’ version...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 440 CC
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit) NAJAD 440 CC - 13,50m    44' 3" Nord West & Najad AB

A highly seaworthy, well-built, comfortable 44-foot cruising yacht with classic Centre Cockpit design, the Najad 440 CC version will likely appeal to more traditionalist sailors who are already familiar...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 460
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit) NAJAD 460 - 13,95m    45' 9" Nord West & Najad AB

Offered with a centre cockpit and thus benefitting from a great sense of security, the Najad 460 is without doubt a handsome and powerful ‘blue-water’ cruiser in every sense...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 505
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) NAJAD 505 - 15,30m    50' 2" Nord West & Najad AB

This magnificent yacht has been created out of our core principals for quality, performance, safety, comfort and good sea-keeping ability. Apart from the centre cockpit layout,...

7 products Island Packet
Island Packet ESTERO
Ocean 2 cabins ESTERO - 11,10m    36' 5" Island Packet

The Estero offers all of the quality, comforts and capabilities synonymous with Island Packet, with an increased emphasis on ease of use and innovative new features. A fully roller furling and self-tending...

Island Packet IP 360
3 cabins IP 360 - 11,10m    36' 5" Island Packet

The development of every new IP model entails a challenge to evolve the design in ways that will further increase its appeal and enjoyment for new owners while retaining the fundamental attributes that...

Island Packet IP 370
2 cabins IP 370 - 11,53m    37' 10" Island Packet

Our 370 is the result of decades of Island Packet design refinement and evolution. It combines innovative and proven features with all the exemplary construction qualities that have made Island Packet...

Island Packet IP 460
Ocean 2 cabins IP 460 - 14,86m    48' 9" Island Packet

The award winning aft cockpit 460 combines the superior comfort, ease of use and safety and seakeeping qualities that are the hallmark of every Island Packet, along with the stunning good looks of its...

video Island Packet IP 465
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit, 2 cabins) IP 465 - 14,86m    48' 9" Island Packet

The 465 offers exceptional livability and practical cruising features coupled with impeccable craftsmanship and handsome good looks. The large center cockpit provides more than just a comfortable place...

Island Packet IP 485
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) IP 485 - 15,90m    52' 2" Island Packet

Our flagship, the 485, provides enormous living space, enough storage to hold gear for a circumnavigation, enough sail to speed you comfortably to your destination and the convenience of managing it all...

5 products Moody
6 products Comar Yachts
Comar Yachts COMET 35 S
Open transom COMET 35 S - 11,05m    36' 3" Comar Yachts

The Comar shipyard, founded in 1961, was among the first to use fiberglass in chain production.Today, the building of a COMET skillfully combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. From the hull...

Comar Yachts COMET 73 RS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht COMET 73 RS - 22,20m    72' 10" Comar Yachts

The Comet 73 Raised Saloon is an “ocean racer” with a classic layout, a high- performance hull designed for fast and safe sailing in all weather and sea conditions. The water lines, the keel...

Comar Yachts COMET 85 RS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (carbon mast) COMET 85 RS - 25,20m    82' 8" Comar Yachts

Comfortable, fast and light, the Comet 85 raised saloon is perfect for Ocean voyages. The yacht is born to ensure maximum safety at sea, to be fast downwind and to offer good performance when sailing...

Comar Yachts COMET 100 RS
Luxury sailingsuperyacht 6 cabins COMET 100 RS - 30,48m    100' 0" Comar Yachts

The Comet 100rs is the first Maxi Yacht produced by Comar Yachts at our Fiumicino shipyard. Comar has chosen the best professionals to take part in the creation of both Maxi 100rs and 85rs, already in...

Comar Yachts COMET 52 RS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom) COMET 52 RS - 15,90m    52' 2" Comar Yachts

The Comet 52 RS is the first model in the Comar Raised Saloon series. The raised panoramic deck saloon has a sharply raked profile yet has none of the bulkiness of a genuine deckhouse. Instead it looks...

Comar Yachts COMET 62 RS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made) COMET 62 RS - 18,90m    62' 0" Comar Yachts

The Comet Raised Saloon range has a stunning new flagship in the 62 RS. Designed along the same principles as its smaller sister the 52 RS, this aerodynamic 18-metre has a hull designed specifically with...

1 products JPK Composites
1 products Akilaria
Open transom AKILARIA 40 CRUISER - 12,18m    40' 0" Akilaria

The AKILARIA 40 is manufactured in a female mould; the hull is infused in balsa fibreglass sandwich in the bottoms and in foam fibreglass on the partings. The deck is infused foam fibreglass...

4 products Rustler Yachts
Rustler Yachts 36
Teak deck 36 - 10,77m    35' 4" Rustler Yachts

The Rustler 36 is the perfect choice of yacht for a sailor who wants a safe and simple traditionally designed yacht with a good performance. This well-proven, fast, blue water cruiser, from the designers...

Rustler Yachts 37
2 cabins 37 - 11,28m    37' 0" Rustler Yachts

We are very pleased to announce that the Rustler 37 is now progressing well and that boats should be on the water for the later part of the 2013 season. Designed as a smaller sistership to the renowned...

Rustler Yachts 42
3 cabins 42 - 12,81m    42' 0" Rustler Yachts

The Rustler 42 is a classic looking yacht with moderate height to the topsides, a sweet sheerline, pleasing overhangs and a long, wide and low cabin top. The Rustler 42 adds a performance element to...

Rustler Yachts 44
2 cabins 44 - 13,50m    44' 3" Rustler Yachts

Powerful, comfortable and exceptionally well-behaved, the Rustler 44 is a welcome addition to the ranks of classic blue water cruising yachts. Rustler yachts have always had their own distinctive character...

3 products Morris Yachts
Morris Yachts Ocean Series 45RS
Ocean 2 cabins Ocean Series 45RS - 13,82m    45' 4" Morris Yachts

While the Morris 45 RS was designed as a fast yet extremely durable IMS and PHRF racing yacht, she is also highly qualified for long distance adventures. Cruising-oriented design elements include...

Morris Yachts Ocean Series 48GT
Ocean 2 cabins Ocean Series 48GT - 14,86m    48' 9" Morris Yachts

The new Ocean Series 48 GT kicks off a series of new launches Morris Yachts has planned in the next three years among its Ocean Series line of Performance Cruisers and also its M-Series line of Modern...

Morris Yachts OCEAN SERIES 52
Sailboat : ocean cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) OCEAN SERIES 52 - 15,85m    52' 0" Morris Yachts

Morris Yachts are sailing to the far corners of the world, usually with just a couple on board, often completing 200-plus mile days, in safety, style and comfort. The new 52 is perhaps the perfect yacht...

5 products Contest
Contest 45 CS
Center cockpit teak deck 3 cabins 45 CS - 12,06m    39' 7" Contest

The sleek lines of the joinery and furniture contribute to the ambient appearance of the saloon,...

Contest 50 CS
Cruiser sailboat (center cockpit, teak deck) 50 CS - 13,11m    43' 0" Contest

Designed by Georg Nissen her clean lines, sophisticated rig with ample sail area and careful weight saving make the 50CS an extremely easy yacht for a couple to...

Contest 57 CS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) 57 CS - 15,54m    51' 0" Contest

With its flush deck and low, integrated superstructure, the Contest 57CS has a truly striking appearance. Daylight floods into the...

Contest 72 CS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) 72 CS - 18,97m    62' 3" Contest

Synthesising all our 50 years of experience and craftsmanship with the very latest engineering and technology, the 72CS is the phenomenal...

Contest 62 CS
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made) 62 CS - 16,79m    55' 1" Contest

Discover the world, go where you want when you want, securely and comfortably; this is the leitmotif of the Contest 62CS. The elegant lines...

1 products Maxi Yachts
Maxi Yachts MAXI 1300
Deck saloon twin steering wheel teak deck MAXI 1300 - 12,70m    41' 8" Maxi Yachts

. LOA 12,70 m 41’6’’ . BOA 3,80 m 12’6’’ . DRAFT 2,25 m...

4 products Ocean Yachts
Ocean Yachts 62.1
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) 62.1 - 19,47m    63' 11" Ocean Yachts

Overview Ocean Yachts is pleased to present a new addition to their range of cruising yachts that presently span from 51’-56’. The new Ocean Pearl 62.1 has been exclusively designed by the British...

Ocean Yachts 56.1
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) 56.1 - 16,55m    54' 4" Ocean Yachts

The new Ocean Star 56.1 will make a statement when entering any harbor! A truly stylish yacht, she provides exceptional accommodation,...

Ocean Yachts 51.2
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (5 cabins) 51.2 - 15,95m    52' 4" Ocean Yachts

The Ocean Star 51.2 is a yacht that epitomizes many of the best qualities of the Ocean Star range. Ease of handling is ensured as all controls and winches are placed within easy reach...

Ocean Yachts 51.2 EXCLUSIVE
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) 51.2 EXCLUSIVE - 15,52m    50' 11" Ocean Yachts

The Ocean Star 51.2 Exclusive is the first performance cruiser of the Ocean Star range. A modified...

Warwick Yacht Design W 70 CUTTER
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (3 cabins) W 70 CUTTER - 23,52m    77' 2" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 21.33 m 69.98 ft Length Waterline 17.34 m 56.89 ft Beam 5.20 m 17.06 ft Draft 2.59 m 8.50 ft Displacement 50,800 kg 50 ton Ballast 16,256 kg 16 ton Ballast...

Warwick Yacht Design W 54 SLOOP
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W 54 SLOOP - 16,46m    54' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

This yacht takes notions of comfort speed and practicality into a new dimension . The design flexibility and use of space reveal the wealth of experience invested in the singular project. MoonBlue’s interior...

Warwick Yacht Design W60 PH SLOOP
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W60 PH SLOOP - 18,29m    60' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 18.310 M 60’0" DWL 15.850 M 52’0" BEAM 5.050 M 16’7" DRAFT 2.200 M 7’2" DISPL. HST 24,000...

6 products Shipman
video Shipman SHIPMAN 63
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (lifting keel) SHIPMAN 63 - 19,20m    63' 0" Shipman

A sailing yacht for visiting the world’s most attractive cruising grounds that is relaxing, comfortable and yet does not...

video Shipman SHIPMAN 72
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) SHIPMAN 72 - 21,95m    72' 0" Shipman

Shipman 72 represents the 3rd generation of Shipman Carbon Yachts range, bringing a new level...

video Shipman SHIPMAN 80
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (4 cabins) SHIPMAN 80 - 23,98m    78' 8" Shipman

Shipman 80 offers a new and unique blend of convenient comfort and sailing pleasure, enabled by carbon-epoxy technology and superior design. There is...

Shipman SHIPMAN 130
Luxury sailingsuperyacht lifting keel SHIPMAN 130 - 39,60m    129' 11" Shipman

Shipman 130 is the ideal super-fast ocean cruiser for those who need the increased interior...

Shipman SHIPMAN 150
Luxury sailingsuperyacht lifting keel SHIPMAN 150 - 45,72m    150' 0" Shipman

Shipman 150 was designed to be one of the world’s fastest sailing yachts. That was only one of the design brief highlights:...

Shipman SHIPMAN 100
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (carbon) SHIPMAN 100 - 30,48m    100' 0" Shipman

Shipman 100 is set to raise the bar in the new, fast emerging 100-foot class. No expense was spared to develop...

2 products Salona yachts
Salona yachts S60
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (5 cabins) S60 - 18,29m    60' 0" Salona yachts

Our new sailboat marks the entrance of Salona into a completely new market segment- the market of luxuri­ous semi-custom yachts. It is a sailboat with an uncompromised sport design signed by Americas...

1 products Rivolta
11 products Jongert
video Jongert 3200P
Luxury sailingsuperyacht aluminium deck saloon 3200P - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

The 3200P is generated in cooperation with two of the most creative and experienced partners in the superyacht industry. The hull lines are drawn by Doug Peterson, one of the worlds foremost designers...

Jongert 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The 2400M is an aluminum sloop type yacht, that has an open cockpit, and a closed wheelhouse. Uisge Beatha means Water of Life, and being that the owners are two avid sailors, this name fit their lifestyle...

Jongert 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA - 24m    78' 9" Jongert

The Jongert 2400M is an accommodating yacht simple enough to sail without the help of a crew. Not only is the sailing, rigging, and navigation equipped to be manned by just a few, the engine room is designed...

Jongert 2900CR - MBOLO
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 2900CR - MBOLO - 29m    95' 2" Jongert

Essentially, the 29m aluminium Jongert/ Castro hull is standard, while the rig, deck layout and accommodation have options to be tailored to individual owner’s requirements. So while the one suits...

Jongert 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (aluminum) 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

Tony Castro joined this challenging project and developed this modern sloop with beautifully elegant lines, especially designed for a fast...

Jongert 31T
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (steel, ketch) 31T - 31m    101' 8" Jongert

The Jongert 31T is a classically elegant sailing yacht with an outstanding performance under sail and power. The large saloon amidships is visually linked to the deck saloon by an open gallery. To port...

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