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cruising sailboat - Pacific Seacraft 31

Pacific Seacraft 31

Pacific Seacraft Yachts are built for the seas. The basics of the design have stayed the same because the demands of the seas havent changed.

The interior of the Pacific Seacraft...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 2 or 3 cabins - 34

Length overall- LOA 10,15m
Beam 6,25m
Draft 1m or 0,40/...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 40

The efficiency and the pleasure under sail without heavy duty gear, combined with lots of living spaces which allows offshore family cruises in...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / 3 or 4 cabins - 50

This sailing catamaran features a large space in the cockpit, spacious cabins and all the expected comfort for the tropical waters.


catamaran sailboat / cruising - SCHIONNING GFORCE 1200

Fast Cruising Catamaran developed in collaboration with Schionning...

cruising sailboat - ALERION 41

“I continue to increase my appreciation of the boat with each sail. Since receiving my 41, I’ve had the chance to sail with about 25 different people….. When I asked them what they enjoyed most, the common answer went something like this – “I loved the look of the boat when I first saw it, then I loved the way it sailed, then I loved just sitting in the...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit / 3 cabins - AE 28

Sailboats are by nature graceful, and many claim to please your eye. But the Alerion Express 28 has consistently been recognized as one of the prettiest boats on the water. That she also has a thoroughly modern underwater shape simply adds to her lustre.

A maximized cockpit and cabin makes the Alerion Express 28 the perfect cruising...

cruising sailboat / 3 or 4 cabins - AE 33

True to the Alerion Express heritage, the AE33 has many of the delightful advantages of her larger sister. You immediately recognize the same beauty, performance features and refinements.

Beneath the traditional sheer and topsides is a thoroughly modern underbody. The fully...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit / 3 cabins - AE 38

Alerion Express 38, while still faithful to the concept that single-handing is an important capability, offers considerably more interior space and larger cockpit than her smaller sisters.

Her traditional topsides are coupled with not only an advanced underbody...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit / teak deck - ALERION 41

The profile shows the natural development from the 33 and 38 with an elegant sheer, low coachroof, and elliptical port lights (to be opening in this model). The bow and stern profiles use the same geometry and family of curves that are derived from the very DNA of Alerion-Express and Alerion Sport.

The cockpit is the heart and sole of the 41 maintaining the format of her smaller sisters...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon - IMPRESSION 354

Impression 354 is designed for families who are discovering the magic of sailing. Families who demand a safe and forgiving yacht which allows them to steer her easily and safely through their voyage of learning about the joys...

cruising sailboat / twin steering wheel - IMPRESSION 394

The new Elan Impression 394 is a fast blue water cruiser, offering an superb level of comfort for weeks of delight and pleasure at sea.

This impressive sailing yacht is designed to...

cruising sailboat - IMPRESSION 444

The Elan Impression 444 is in every way an impressive sailing yacht. Developed to satisfy the needs of every...

cruising sailboat / open transom - IMPRESSION 494

Elan is proud to present the latest addition to the Impression range, the perfect 49ft deck-saloon cruiser for your next blue water passage...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit - HR 48 Mk II

The new Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II offers More natural light - More comfort - More elegance - She is even More Hallberg-Rassy!

A winning concept further developed

The Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II is a blue water cruiser that is improved on 15 points compared to the predecessor 48:
The saloon portlights are a heritage of the Hallberg-Rassy 55 and 64. The window area is...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / tiller steering - HR 310

After the experience gained from building no less than 2,145 31 footers (Monsun 31, 312, 94 Kutter and 31) and the overwhelming response to the introduction of the HR 372, Hallberg-Rassy now introduces the all-new Frers-designed Hallberg-Rassy 310.

She replaces the successful Hallberg-Rassy 31 Mk II which has been in production...

cruising sailboat / tiller steering - HR 342

The Hallberg-Rassy 342 is a complete new design that gives a little more of everything than her predecessor, the almost revolutionary...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / teak deck - HR 372

The Hallberg-Rassy 372 is optimized for comfortable and fast family cruising. She will take you anywhere, anytime. Compared to the Hallberg-Rassy 37, the 372 is only a few centimetres longer, is 5 cm wider...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit / teak deck - HR 40

The Hallberg-Rassy 40 has won no less than four attractive awards:
- She was presented European Yacht of the Year in the largest category
- Overall winner in Boat of the Year...

cruising sailboat / carbon mast - HAKA 137

Haka 137 is the latest development of the famous Apocalypse, which has done so many ocean crossings.
This is a design for a very interesting sailing program: Passage making in the Roaring Forties.

She is obviously a light displacement of moderate proportions. Balance under sail to occasionally...

cruising sailboat / ketch - MARTIN BLEU

Matin Bleu is designed for an experimental rig with wingsails on freestanding...

cruising sailboat / bilge keel - HAKA 152

ULDBs offer without any doubt the best building cost, performances, inside volume ratio possible.
Haka 152's hull is inspired by the Flash 50 to provide outstanding...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / carbon mast - TYPE 11

Type 11 is built by the Ateliers du Cap Vert and she demonstrates that a simple catamaran may be a suitable...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / carbon mast - VIK 125

Vik 125's latest development entirely built in sandwich on battened...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / aluminum - KAT'ALU 43

Cruising without limit...
Built in aluminum, the Kat'alu 43 is a solid and safe long distance cruising catamaran.

With fine and deep hulls, she guarantees a good performance and a great feeling. Sails are easy to maneuver.


catamaran sailboat / cruising / aluminum - Alumarine 48'

This new solid and seaworthy catamaran is well-suited for long-distance cruising.


catamaran sailboat / cruising / aluminum - DOUCE FRANCE 138

Symbolic icon of the ALU MARINE Shipyard, this luxury catamaran designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), is to this day the largest cruising sailing catamaran in the world.


cruising sailboat / aluminum - ELLYA 43

The Ellya 43 is a long distance cruising aluminum monohull.

This 13-meter sailing yacht was designed specially to offer peace of mind...

cruising sailboat / teak deck - 355

Intended as a fast, safe and comfortable passage-maker of moderate proportions, the Najad 355 is nonetheless a compelling mix of practicality with style and, like all of our yachts, it is exquisitely well made. ...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit / teak deck - 410

Stylish and with a more contemporary look and feel about her, the Najad 410 offers a less traditional looking alternative within our range.

Sporting a centre-cockpit, rounded corners and edges and a generally lower-profile look than some of...

cruising sailboat / twin steering wheel - 440 AC

Sharing the same hull and underwater appendages as her Centre Cockpit sister, the Najad 440 Aft-Cockpit is a very attractive looking yacht and is generally regarded as the more ‘sporty’ version of the two.

For an enthusiastic crew the most visually striking aspect is likely to be the...

cruising sailboat / center cockpit - 440 CC

A highly seaworthy, well-built, comfortable 44-foot cruising yacht with classic Centre Cockpit design, the Najad 440 CC version will likely appeal to more traditionalist sailors who are already familiar with this type of design, are well aware of the benefits and see no reason to change.


cruising sailboat / center cockpit - 460

Offered with a centre cockpit and thus benefitting from a great sense of security, the Najad 460 is without doubt a handsome and powerful ‘blue-water’ cruiser in every sense and...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon - 321

The youthful Nauticat 321 offers superb accommodation and quality of build and attention to smallest detail. The interior...

cruising sailboat - 351

The Nauticat 351 is a completely renewed model based on the well-known Nauticat 35. In comparison with the 35, the 351 features a new deck design, which resembles...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon / 2 cabins - 37

The Nauticat 37 is a yacht with appealing looks and performance. She combines these qualities with the...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon / 2 cabins - 385

Encouraged by the success of the Nauticat 37, a completely new model, the Nauticat 385 was born....

cruising sailboat / deck saloon / 2 cabins - 42

The Nauticat 42 became an immediate success after her introduction. She is strong,...

cruising sailboat / teak deck - 36

The Rustler 36 is the perfect choice of yacht for a sailor who wants a safe and simple traditionally designed yacht with a good performance. This well-proven, fast, blue water cruiser, from the designers Holman and Pye, inspires complete confidence with excellent sailing performance and quality of design. Her long, deep keel configuration gives her the kind of predictable and stable...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins - 37

We are very pleased to announce that the Rustler 37 is now progressing well and that boats should be on the water for the later part of the 2013 season.

Designed as a smaller sistership to the renowned and well respected Rustler 42. A pretty yacht, the new Rustler...

cruising sailboat / 3 cabins - 42

The Rustler 42 is a classic looking yacht with moderate height to the topsides, a sweet sheerline, pleasing overhangs and a long, wide and low cabin top. The Rustler 42 adds a performance element to other essential blue water attributes like directional stability, stiffness and good load carrying ability. Below the waterline she looks conservative, with a deep...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins - 44

Powerful, comfortable and exceptionally well-behaved, the Rustler 44 is a welcome addition to the ranks of classic blue water cruising yachts.

Rustler yachts have always had their own distinctive character - the company has a history of creating yachts that become design classics. Designed by Stephen Jones, the Rustler 44 is a fast, blue water...

cruising sailboat / open transom - COMET 35 S

The Comar shipyard, founded in 1961, was among the first to use fiberglass in chain production.Today, the building of a COMET skillfully combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. From the hull to the carpentry, from the flush hatches to the steel, most of the components you will...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / custom-made - YOUNG 90

Young Yacht Design provided the navel architecture for this huge project that was built in Tunisia for an experienced and amazing Italian owner. For the past few years the project has been sitting waiting completion.

One of biggest cruising cats yet built, the Young 90 offers a magnificent...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon / twin steering wheel / teak deck - MAXI 1300

. LOA 12,70 m 41'6''
. BOA 3,80 m 12'6''
. DRAFT 2,25 m...

cruising sailboat / deck saloon / twin steering wheel / teak deck - 48

Speed on the sea means safety. To be fast we chose Bill Tripp for the water-lines, appendages and sail plan. To build her we had to rely entirely...

cruising sailboat / lifting keel - ADVENTURE 26

If 6'2" standing headroom is required and longer term adventures are your goal then the Adventure 26 is the ideal boat. A very simple to handle Bermudan rig allows quick passage making and low maintenance / down time. A separate forward cabin with...

cruising sailboat / tiller steering - MYSTERY 30

If pure sailing pleasure is what you are after then look no further than the Mystery 30. Beneath her classic lines lies a very modern yacht. She is a true performance cruiser, comfortable yet fast. Her speed comes from a modern rig layout featuring a high aspect sail-plan and top quality sail handling systems. Combine that with...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / composite - 50

Corsair C50ft Luxury Cruising Performance Catamaran

Update: October 2011. Please note the specifications and pricing for the C50 Catamaran are currently being reviewed. This process shall be completed shortly and the the website shall be updated accordingly.


catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge - BARONESS-566

Living on board, a totally new experience. Baroness-566 represents a new generation of catamarans, different from others for its absolutely innovative characteristics. With the Baroness-566 catamaran motor yacht, life on the ocean waves is an exercise in stylish living.

The first sensation you feel when you board on Baroness-566...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / custom-made - BARONESS-656

The Baroness-656 is a stunningly impressive luxurious yacht. She offers style and grace, size and power and is the perfect vessel to cruise in comfort and safety. The large charter catamaran is designed and conceived for charter guest...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / custom-made - BARONESS-765

An outstanding creation from designer Marco Casali, the Baroness-765 has been carefully designed with all of the performance, safety and comfort elements to satisfy the most discerning live aboard sailors and cruisers.

The Baroness-765 combines the ingredients for high performance,...

catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge / custom-made - BARONESS-875

The Baroness-875 is a stunningly impressive luxurious yacht. She offers style and grace, size and power and is the perfect vessel to cruise in comfort and safety. The large charter catamaran is designed and conceived for charter guest who demand only the very best.

Affording all the...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - 26

The Delphia 26 demonstrates good pace and is responsive to the helm yet remains stable in both light and heavy conditions...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins / lifting keel - 28

The Delphia 28 is built on the proven characteristics of Delphia 26 and as a result is one of the fastest yachts available in...

cruising sailboat - 29

We are pleased to announce that Delphia Yachts is working on two new projects – the first is the sailing yacht Delphia 29 in swing keel or ballast version and the second project is the sailing yacht Delphia 34...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins - 31

The new Delphia 31 is designed to be a well-mannered craft, ideal for families seeking adventure on the water. From stem to stern, it is built to be functional, solid and very reliable in harsh weather conditions. Even during long voyages, the D31 guarantees its occupants a sense of high comfort and safety. The self–draining cockpit...

cruising sailboat / 2 cabins - 33.3

The Delphia 33.3 is a spacious family cruiser offering a high level of comfort for those longer stays aboard. This model features a newly designed interior with sumptuous sofas and a forward facing navigation table. With a spacious...

cruising sailboat / carbon mast - 42 FUN

The most fun way to enjoy life the sailboat

Sly 42 Fun expresses the “in” way to enjoy sailing yacht: fun, life on board marked by large external areas, fast hull, easy-to-use sail plan (furling mainsail and self-tacking jib), fittings geared towards maximum liveability.


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