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Thruster control joystick / bow / boat

Thanks to the design and quality of materials, these new bow or stern thruster panels will be an asset...

Thruster control joystick / bow / boat

PJC-211 Single proportional joystick panel...

Thruster control joystick / bow / boat

PJC-212 Dual proportional joystick panel for DC...

Engine control joystick / for boats

The VMA Plus allows to the pilot to perform any maneuver by moving the joystick in the chosen direction.VMA...

Engine control joystick / for boats

JMC (Joystick for Maneuvering and Cruising) The JMC (Joystick for Maneuvering and...

Engine control joystick / for boats

Yacht Controller JCS PLUS is very easy to install, with no difficult, invasive and costly work...

Bow control joystick / stern / thruster / boat

The TCD series remote control systems have been designed...

Thruster control joystick / bow / boat

Available in black or grey,...

Bow control joystick / thruster / boat

Code Color Compatibility...

How to choose this product


A control joystick is a lever that allows on-board mechanisms to be manipulated remotely.


These devices can control bow thrusters, searchlights or the main propulsion system. They offer great precision in the control of vessel movement.


The joystick's functional complexity and flexibility vary with its use. Those controlling bow thrusters may only move left and right, while those used to steer the vessel can be moved in all directions. Certain models include buttons or switches linked to other mechanisms or offering additional control options.

How to choose

The main element to consider is the joystick's specific function and the mechanisms it will control.

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