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Semitrailer Container Chassis - S.CF 45 EURO
Safety, time efficiency and economy
The S.CF 45' EURO semitrailer container chassis gives you flexibility. The right combination of safety, time efficiency and economy - from the 20' standard container to the 45' EU-container with long tunnel...

Semitrailer Container Chassis - S.CF 40’ MX
Your All-rounder for All Container Formats up to 40'.
If your transport business focuses on 20', 30' and 40' containers then the S.CF 40' MX is the perfect high-performance solution for you – especially in view of the harsh demands when...

The S.CF 40' LX Semitrailer Container Chassis
The S.CF 40' LX offers you the perfect concept, if efficient transport and 20' and 40' containers positioned flush with the rear are your focus - available with the...

S.CF GOOSENECK LIGHT Semitrailer Container Chassis
Absolute minimum weight

The S.CF 40' FX LIGHT, S.CF 45' EURO LIGHT and S.CF 45' ONLY semitrailer container chassis are optimised for absolute minimum weight. Focusing on the essentials...

The S.CF 40' FX Semitrailer Container Chassis
With the robust S.CF 40' FX with a rigid rear module and a platform designed for stacker access you are perfectly prepared for hard, fast container...


STEELBRO skeletal and semi-trailers are an important ‘partner’ to the STEELBRO...


We are a manufacturer container chassis and container trailers in China. ISO intermodal chassis is an standard and efficient trailer to transport all kinds of ISO containers,...


Container chassis

The Broshuis solutions for the container transport are internationally well-known by their functionality. Especially with the transport of containers is a low-cost, efficient solution crucial, without...

The 2CONnect combines two 20ft container chassis, each with its own registration number. Each 20ft container chassis can be operated as a normal 20ft container chassis, but combined they form one chassis, which can carry 2 x 20ft containers,...


HAMMAR 160 is a development of the tried and tested and almost
indestructible SL 30 S and is the perfect...

All chassis main frame members consist of MIG-welded high grade Swedish steel to ensure maximum strength combined with a low weight. The frames’ I-beams are welded both inside and outside. The cross members are made of rectangular...


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A container chassis is a specialized trailer for container transport ashore, both within and outside port terminals.

These trailers are used to move containers within terminals as well as on the road.

The chassis is a metal framework with four anchor points corresponding to the corners of a container. It has a series of wheels at the rear and a fitting at the other end for attachment to a tow vehicle. Some have a hydraulic arm at each end to unload the container without using a crane. These arms are equipped with stabilizing legs.

Models with hydraulic arms are particularly useful in areas without unloading equipment.

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