Concrete resins

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ALMACO is one of the market leaders who supply compressor units, air coolers and high end electronic control systems for refrigeration plants in cruise...


Marine chiller units CWW

High performance screw compressor
Capacity regulation 0-25-50-75-100% or infinity
Positive lubrication
Integrated oil separator
Sea water cleanable shell in tube condenser
All protection equipped
Pressure gauges as standard
Isolating valves

CWW is a sea water cooled chillers delivered from Apolon Climate...


RSW systems
Ideal for pelagic (purse seining and mid-water trawling)
Enables preservation of large catches, by cooling the catch rapidly to a temperature that allows storage on board over time, without significant reduction in quality
Has enabled large quality of mackerel, horse mackerel and herring to be used for human consumption
Improves quality...


In an indirect system, chilled water is circulated, feeding each cooling coil in the air-handling units. This...

In a Direct Expansion System, DX, the refrigerant is fed to the evaporator directly,...

We have long experience with various types of Provision Refrigeration Plants. It could be from small types as well as very big ones, all depending...

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