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boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium - M450

Folding Aluminum Deck Table

Anodized Aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1mm wall thickness
Table Top Material:Superior quality...

boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium - M200

Folding Aluminum Deck Table

Anodized Aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1mm wall thickness
Table Top Material:Superior quality...

boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium - M600

Folding Aluminum Deck Table - Adjustable to 2 Fixed Heights

Anodized Aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1mm wall thickness

boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium / in wood - M400T

Code: M400T


Anodized Aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1mm wall thickness
Table Top Material:


boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium / in wood - M600T

Folding Aluminum Teak Deck Table-Adjustable to 2 Fixed Heights

Anodized Aluminum tube 25mm external diameter and 1mm wall...

boat cockpit table / foldable - ROUND FTS

ROUND Folding Table Small - Code FTS.
Ash teak...

boat cockpit table - 35713500

High Quality Deck Tables

Designed for easy mounting to standard pedestals
Rigid two piece...

boat cockpit table - 35013000

SSi Deluxe Oval Table Part number 35013000
30"L x 18"W x 4"D
SSi tables feature a two layer sandwich construction using...

boat cockpit table - 35013000

The table in composite material is covered whilst folded down and kept clean by a surface of teak decking which can be walked on.
The folded table integrates...

boat cockpit table / integrated / teak -

Our teak cockpit floors with table bring a coherent and aesthetic solution to the delicate problem of storing away the cockpit table .
They require no setting up ( no gluing or drilling...

boat cockpit table / self-levelling - SWING

vernished GRP version


boat cockpit table / foldable - 75400

. Provides pontoon deck and salon...

boat cockpit table / foldable - 50410

- Durable hard Finish Top is sealed watertight
- Top:...

boat cockpit table / foldable / aluminium - ALBA

1 un | 60x115 cm.Alturas: 53 cm; 66 cm; 76 cm. | Structure Anodized Aluminium Table: Marine board with teack top
This foldable table from the ALBA collection has a top quality anodised aluminium structure.

This prevents rusting...

boat cockpit table / foldable - CALIDA NAUTICAL

1 un | 72x104 cm. Alturas: 41,5 cm, 58 cm y 69 cm | The wooden top part of the table is made of 19mm multi-layer okume wood with a seawater resistant treatment., Table surface with navigation chart image. , Lower part ash wood.
Original and hard-wearing this HAND MADE,...

boat cockpit table / foldable - CALIDA

1 un | Cerrada: 60x120 cm. Abierta: 120x120 cm.Alturas: 44,5 cm, 61 cm y 73 cm | Ash wood multi-layer
How many guests do you have on board? This robust and hard-wearing HAND MADE table can be extended to double its size. Closed, it measures 60x120,...

boat cockpit table / foldable - HINGELESS LEAF

This table was specially designed for the narrow cockpit. Measuring only 12 3/4" wide when closed. When folded down...

boat cockpit table / foldable - LEAF

Similar to the Standard Cockpit Table, the Cockpit Leaf Table measures 24"...

boat cockpit table / foldable - DINING

No other individual item on the Teakflex line will make as significant an inprovement to your boat than a Main Dining Table mounted in your cabin. Instantly your boat...

boat cockpit table - TT1 / TT2 / TT3 / TT4

Outhill table tops and fittings are constructed from marine quality GRP, which unlike plastic, does...

boat cockpit table / foldable - 7020300 / 7020500

Three level height-adjustable...

boat cockpit table - 1953 - C-60

The table top is produced in rugged silver ABS plastic.
Surface mounting...

boat cockpit table - 1953 - C-60

DETMAR'S Removable Table Kits permit quick and easy setup in virtually any boat or RV camper.

Two table tops are offered, rectangular or octagonal shapes, both molded from high-impact plastic for durability and resistance...

boat cockpit table - 1690102

Round Table Top: 24″ Diameter

boat cockpit table - 1690106-U

Oval Table Top: 18″ x 30″, With Umbrella Socket (Umbrella...

boat cockpit table - 1690107-U

Rectangle Table Top: 16″ x 28″, With Umbrella Socket...

boat cockpit table - 1690207

Rectangle Table Top: 16″...

boat cockpit table - 1690901

Party Platter Table Top
2-Piece 29″...

boat cockpit table -

Edson's Cockpit Tables increase the versatility of your steering pedestal and turn your sailboat cockpit into...

boat cockpit table - AC302OT

Start the day off right by treating you and your friends to a sunrise breakfast on your new Oval Boat Table for your boat! You might think that there isn’t any additional space on your fishing boat or speed boat, but listen to this: you can dissemble it in minutes and stow in underneath a seat or off to the side in your...

boat cockpit table - AC301RT

Any old boat accessory or boat part doesn’t quite work when we are talking about a place to dine for your family and friends. If your boat has everything else on board, maybe you would enjoy a new Round Boat Table...

boat cockpit table - Adjustable

This table comes with adjustable arms, so can be set to any height or pitch

. Ideal for...

boat cockpit table - Adjustable

The Tallon table can be used for Entertaining, a bait...

boat cockpit table - Black

The Tallon table is ideal for Entertaining through...

boat cockpit table - FILLET TABLE II

The Fillet Table II is injection moulded quality at a convenient size of 525x350mm (20.8x13.8in).



How to choose this product


A cockpit table is usually set up temporarily for eating or a variety of other activities.


This furniture is primarily intended for leisure craft with a sufficiently large cockpit, but lacking a built-in table.


These tables generally have a teak top, though it is sometimes resin. The legs are aluminum, stainless steel or even wood, sitting on or recessed into the cockpit sole. Some are supported by a single, central column. Others are designed to be attached to a tiller column or helm console.

A folding mechanism allows the table to be stowed out of the way when not in use, freeing space in the cockpit. Some models fold flat into the floor of a sailboat cockpit, avoiding the need for other storage space.

How to choose

Consider the space available in the cockpit and stowage space for the folded table. Monohull sailboats, subject to heeling, should have a table which can be attached to some part of the vessel. The number of people the table can seat is another factor. Choose a model that blends in with the vessel's decor.


- Stowed table frees cockpit space


- Less sturdy than a permanent table
- Requires frequent moving or folding

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