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A classic cabin cruiser on NauticExpo is a motor vessel between 6.5 and 9.5 meters long with at least one cabin. Its design is based on that of traditional boats.


These small vessels are intended for devotees of the retro look. They can be used for day trips, fishing, coastal cruising or on inland waterways. However, their old-fashioned hulls and modest engines are not appropriate for water skiing, wakeboarding or other towing sports.


Wood is the favored material for traditional craft. Today, however, the lightness, strength and low maintenance of polyester or epoxy fiberglass and other composites are preferred by many. These materials can be shaped and painted to resemble traditional construction, especially with the addition of small round or rectangular portholes.

The cabin can sleep two, occasionally four. A small galley and head offer the minimum comfort required for mini-cruises. Both inboard and outboard versions are available.

How to choose

An outboard motor frees more space within the vessel, but is noisier and more exposed to the harsh marine environment than an inboard engine. Models offering berths for a couple and two children are suitable for family cruising.


- Incomparable aesthetics


- Wood requires significant maintenance
- Modest performance characteristics

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