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chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - PRO GUN

Internal Mix Technology
Low Pressure Delivery
Comfortable Design

No needle. No seats. MVP's superior design intergrates a single roll pin design that gives a consistent edge over the competition along with fewer parts. SuperPro II is one of the most versatile...

chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - TALON GUN

Innovation With Purpose

Game Changing Features

Advanced Valve Technology (Dynamic Discharge)
Rapid Access Design (RAD)
Advanced Presicion...

chop gun / shipyard / external mixing - ATC-4000


Light Weight
Ergonomic Design

MVP Guns...

chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - DURAMAX

Built-In Shut Off Valves
New Durable Catalyst Valve
Ready For High Volume & Fillers

The reduced gun head weight and balanced handle/trigger...

chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - CENTURY

Century LEL Internal Mix Wet-Out Gun for GP resin w / 1" mixer or 2" mixer

Catalyst impingement injection system (patent...

chop gun / shipyard / HVLP - CENTURY

The Binks HVLP external mix chop gun is made from the highest...

chop gun / shipyard / external mixing - CENTURY LEL

LEL technology offers maximum resin transfer via lower velocity spray. The Binks...

chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - RS™

Increase FRP uptime and keep production moving

With the new Graco RS Chop Gun, workers can change the unique "no-cut" blade cartridges...

chop gun / shipyard / internal mixing - RS™

Chopped Laminate

The spray-up of resin & fiberglass is both a traditional and modern technique...

chop gun / shipyard - CDA-08 DIRECT DRIVE

New CDA-08 Direct Drive Chopper

New Design increases cutter head surface by 32% and increased

quantity of chopped material between blade replacements...

chop gun / shipyard - 140

The Metallisation Arcspray 140 System offers a revolution in the use of Arcspray for producing Anti-Corrosion coatings. Designed around a small, light weight hand held pistol, the system...

chop gun / shipyard / external mixing - X2008CC

External mix - NO solvent purge required

chop gun / shipyard - PHOENIX

Phoenix Equipment Is The Only Manufacturer to Offer A Simple Gun That Does It All.
Proven "One Moving Part" Valve Technology Has Shown That Fiberglass...

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