Chop guns

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Internal Mix Technology
Low Pressure Delivery
Comfortable Design

No needle. No seats. MVP's superior design intergrates a single roll pin design that gives a consistent edge over the competition along with fewer parts. SuperPro II is one of the most versatile...

Innovation With Purpose

Game Changing Features

Advanced Valve Technology (Dynamic Discharge)
Rapid Access Design (RAD)
Advanced Presicion...


Light Weight
Ergonomic Design

MVP Guns...

Built-In Shut Off Valves
New Durable Catalyst Valve
Ready For High Volume & Fillers

The reduced gun head weight and balanced handle/trigger...


Increase FRP uptime and keep production moving

With the new Graco RS Chop Gun, workers can change the unique "no-cut" blade cartridges...


Century LEL Internal Mix Wet-Out Gun for GP resin w / 1" mixer or 2" mixer

Catalyst impingement injection system (patent...

The Binks HVLP external mix chop gun is made from the highest...

LEL technology offers maximum resin transfer via lower velocity spray. The Binks...


Chopped Laminate

The spray-up of resin & fiberglass is both a traditional and modern technique...


New CDA-08 Direct Drive Chopper

New Design increases cutter head surface by 32% and increased

quantity of chopped material between blade replacements...


The Metallisation Arcspray 140 System offers a revolution in the use of Arcspray for producing Anti-Corrosion coatings. Designed around a small, light weight hand held pistol, the system...


External mix - NO solvent purge required

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