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car ferry - KALLISTÉ

Aker Finnyards' wide experience as a builder of both efficient ro-ro vessels and luxury...

car ferry - SEAFRANCE RODIN - 1900 PAX

STX Finland Rauma shipyard delivered to SeaFrance car-passenger ferry Seafrance Rodin on November 2001. The 2,000 lm / 32,000 grt vessel has a length...

catamaran car ferry / high-speed - STENA EXPLORER - 1500 PAX

Three high-speed aluminium catamarans have been delivered to Swedish Stena Ab in 1996-1997: GTS Stena Explorer, GTS Stena Voyager and GTS Stena Discovery. These three uniquely constructed HSS liners are the world's largest high-speed...

car ferry - ULYSSES - 2000 PAX

STX Europe, Rauma has built for Irish Continental Group, trading as Irish Ferries, the world's largest vehicle carrying cruise ferry. The vessel has capacity for 2,000 persons and 4,000 lane metres of vehicle deck space. It is designed...

rapid car ferry - VIKING XPRS - 2500 PAX

STX Finland delivered from its Helsinki yard on April 2008 a fast passenger-car ferry called Viking XPRS for Viking Line. The vessel worth EUR 130 million gave 700 man years of work for the yard.

The environmentally friendly fast ferry designed...

Ro-Ro car ferry / rapid - PONT-AVEN

The Pont-Aven is the flagship of the French-British ferry operator Brittany Ferries. It was delivered by MEYER WERFT in March 2004. She counts among the most modern...

car ferry - SILJA EUROPA

In 1993 MEYER WERFT established a new record by building the world greatest cruise liner SILJA EUROPA....


The Puerto Vallarta is one of six ships which were called the “Papenburg Sisters” in the 1970s. Three of these ships were delivered to the Mexican...

rapid car ferry - TSUKUSHI

Length O. A. 162.0m
Length B. P. 150.0m
Breadth mld 23.60m
Depth mld 14.55m
Draft (design) 5.6m

rapid car ferry - MOBY WONDER

DSME has acquired advanced technology in building sophisticated passenger car ferries from its experience of building three 40-knot class ultra-high speed ferries with 472 passenger...

catamaran car ferry / high-speed - THE COTAI STRIP COTAIJETS

Country Macau
Client Venetian Marketing...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - MARY D

Country New Caledonia
Client ...

trimaran car ferry / rapid - NEXT GENERATION 102 M

Country To Be Confirmed
Client Currently available
Hull number 270

catamaran car ferry / rapid - SPIRIT OF KANGAROO ISLAND

Country Australia
Client Kangaroo Island SeaLink

catamaran car ferry / high-speed - ADNAN MENDERES & TURGUT OZAL

Country Turkey
Client Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri (IDO)
Hull number 63...

car ferry - F 58

This highly functional ferry was built with a view to the constantly increasing traffic on...


Number Built: 4
Years Delivered: 1967-1968

trimaran car ferry / rapid - 5000 F - 244 pax

Main Engines 4 x 3910 HP MTU 16 V 4000-M73L

trimaran car ferry / rapid - 5000 F - 244 pax

This Hike Metal Products Custom Manufactured Vehicle Transport Ferry is a 100ft x 40ft ro-ro ferry and...

car ferry - B613/1-2

SKS 165 PCU (Personal Car Unit) LNG Powered Double Ended Ferry – two (2) vessels were built for Norled from Norway.

Design: LMG Marin/Norway in cooperation with Remontowa Marine Design and Consulting.



car ferry - B609/1-2

The series of double ended ferries is built for Norwegian Owner.

The vessels are built according to the project of REMONTOWA Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o. (previously...

Ro-Ro car ferry - B608/1

Ro-Ro Car and Passenger Ferry “FINLAGGAN” was built for Scotland UK Owner and designed by REMONTOWA Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o.


car ferry - B607/1-4

Designed by LMG Marin/Norway in cooperation with REMONTOWA Marine Design & Consulting Sp. z o.o..

The vessels comply with the NMD rules and requirements as a gas fuelled open deck double ended...

Ro-Ro car ferry - SKS 45 PCU

Vessel meets requirements of DnV for class
DnV +1A1 – RE – CAR FERRY B – E0
Main Particulars
Length over all 70,60 m
Length of cardeck 66,00 m
Breadth moulded 14,20 m
Breadth maximum...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - 112 METRE - KATEXPRESS 2

The Evolution One12 is capable of carrying up to 1,500 tonnes deadweight and is the largest diesel powered...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - 112 METRE - KATEXPRESS 1

The Evolution One12 is capable of carrying up to 1,500 tonnes deadweight and is the largest diesel powered...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - 112 METRE - NATCHAN WORLD

The Evolution One12 is capable of carrying up to 1,500 tonnes deadweight and is the largest diesel powered...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - 112 METRE - NATCHAN RERA

The Evolution One12 is capable of carrying up to 1,500 tonnes deadweight and is the largest diesel powered...

car ferry - S-171 M/V TOKITAE

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders successfully launched the first 144-Car Washington Sate Ferry Superstructure...

car ferry - S-175 M/V SAMISH

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders immediately began work on the second Washington State 144-Car Ferry Superstructure...

car ferry - S-168 M/V KENNEWICK

The Kennewick, the last 64-Car Ferry built in the Kwa-di Tabil Class was completed in 2011. The vessel, operates in Puget Sound from Coupeville to Port Townsend. Nichols completed...

car ferry - S-167 M/V SALISH

The Salish, number two of three in the Kwa-di Tabil Class (64-car Ferries) built for Washington State Ferries was completed in 2011. NBBB partnered with Prime Contractor, Todd...

car ferry - S-159 M/V CHETZEMOKA

The Chetzemoka was the first of three Washington State Ferries built as the Kwa-di Tabil Class (64-Car Ferries). Nichols Brothers Partnered with Todd Pacific Shipyards, who was Prime Contractor...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - FC 45

The FlyingCat 45is the little brother of the FlyingCat 52 and is based on the same design principles. The FC 45 concept was introduced in 2002 and can carry both passengers and...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - FC 50


The FlyingCat 50 is designed to carry both passengers and cars. The FC 50 concept was introduced in 1998 and has been produced as passenger only versions and pax/car-versions.


catamaran car ferry / rapid - JC 60

The JumboCat 60 is a car and passenger high-speed catamaran constructed for passenger capacities between 450 and 600. Car capacity is up to 60 and space for two large buses.
The JC 60 concept...

catamaran car ferry - FERRYCAT 120

Fjellstrand introduced the FerryCat 120 in 2003. The concept is a double ended, medium speed car and passenger ferry based on a catamaran hull.
The speed is 22 knots, the car deck...

catamaran car ferry - FERRYCAT 240

Fjellstrand is now developing the next generation of size FerryCat. The...

rapid car ferry - AQUASTRADA TMV 70

The TMV 70 is a medium-size monohull...

catamaran car ferry / rapid - WPCAT 52S

The WPCAT 52S is a high-speed wave-piercing aluminium...

car ferry - SUNRISE - 91 GT

Hull 311 – SUNRISE
Length o.a. 101’-0”
Beam 39’-0”

car ferry - CAYO LARGO - 96 GT

Hull 322 – CAYO LARGO
Length o.a. 165’-0”
Beam 45’-0”

car ferry - MACHIGONNE - 88.3 GT

Length o.a. 122’-0”
Beam 36’-0”

car ferry - MT MANSFIELD - 97.37 GT

Length o.a. 100’-0”
Beam 43’-5”

car ferry - NB100 - 299 GT

Main dimensions:
Lenght (mld): 196�-0�
Beam, extreme: 43�-0�
Beam (mld): 37�-0�
Depth at hull side: 12�-0�

car ferry - NB1012 - 725 DWT

Main dimensions :
Lenght over all: 110,40 metres
Lenght between perpendicular: 105,05 metres
Breadth: 18,70 metres
Draft: 4,05 metres
Depth: 6,95 metres
Deadweight: 725 tons


car ferry - NB1012 - 725 DWT

This is a 12 x 6 catamaran barge. It is all modular kit form that can be transported in a couple of 12 metre open to containers.
Each of the catamaran hulls is 1.4 x 0.9...

car ferry - VENUS

Classification: Swedish Maritime Administration,...

car ferry - MERILUOTO

Classification: ...

car ferry - 198

Type: 130 ton Road Ferry


car ferry - 200

Type: 70 ton Road Ferry


car ferry - VIGGEN

Classification: DNV + 1A1 R3 Car Ferry...

car ferry - M/F TIDEFJORD

Main dimensions
Length over all : 113,56 m
Length car deck :...

car ferry - BNR. 72 EDØYFJORD

Main dimensions
Length over all : 66,40 m
Length car deck : 59,40...

car ferry - M/S SYLT EXPRESS

Main dimensions
Length over all : 88,16 m
Length car deck : 77,40...

car ferry - M/S HÅLOGALAND

Main dimensions
Length over all : 88,16 m
Length car deck : 80,00...

car ferry - B/F JÆGGEVARRE

Main dimensions
Length over all : 88,16 m
Length car deck : 80,00...


How to choose this product


A car ferry is designed for the transport of vehicles and passengers.


These vessels usually link two ports in relatively close proximity.


Such ferries are equipped with ramps for rapid vehicle loading. They usually have one or more open-plan decks designed for a certain number of vehicles. Passenger areas may have armchairs or cabins.

How to choose

Choice will depend on typical weather conditions and the distance between ports in the zone of operation. Other factors include vehicle and passenger capacity, and engine characteristics.

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