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boat shelter / dock mounted - COVERED MOORAGE

Covered Moorage: Bellingham Marine’s Unifloat® and Unideck® systems are available with a structurally designed roof system designed to protect boats and marina...

boat shelter / dock mounted - COVERED MOORAGE

Protecting your boat and yourself from the elements is just plain smart. EZ Dock roof systems provide...

boat shelter / lift mounted - HOVERCOVER™

Add a Sunstream canopy to your lift or dock to preserve the original brilliance of your boat and keep it safe from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Sunstream canopies are...

boat shelter / lift mounted - HOVERCOVER™

Our boat sheds are a modern take on traditional Scandinavian...

boat shelter / lift mounted - HOVERCOVER™

Constant exposure to sun, wind and driving rain can ruin your watercraft from the inside out. Cracking, fading and peeling not only takes away from the look, comfort and...

boat shelter / lift mounted - HOVERCOVER™

Protection all season long
No need to continually cover your boat to protect...

boat shelter / lift mounted - HOVERCOVER™

Wahoo categorizes roof types into three basic styles – Gables, Hips and Upper Decks. Within these basic styles, we offer variations to accommodate a range of dock layouts, local nuances and personal preferences....

boat shelter / dock mounted - DUECK

MFS offers optional metal and fabric finished exteriors made of the finest tear resistant, flame retardant material to with stand temperature fluctuations from +70 C (+158 F) to -30 C (-22 F).


boat shelter / floating - RAUCH

IMFS offers entire Yacht Enclosures sheeted in metal with pre-finished steel exteriors for our clients that prefer the security of an all metal building.

International Marine Floatation Systems...

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