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Bellingham Marine
Dock mounted boat Bellingham Marine

Covered Moorage: Bellingham Marine’s Unifloat® and Unideck® systems are available with a structurally designed roof system designed to protect boats and...

1 products EZ Dock
EZ Dock
Dock mounted boat EZ Dock

Protecting your boat and yourself from the elements is just plain smart. EZ Dock roof systems provide...

Sunstream Boat Lifts HOVERCOVER™
Lift mounted boat HOVERCOVER™ Sunstream Boat Lifts

Add a Sunstream canopy to your lift or dock to preserve the original brilliance of your boat and keep it safe from exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Sunstream canopies...

3 products CANDOCK INC.
Floating dock CANDOCK INC.

-Unlimited number of potential configurations -Easy...

Floating dock custommade CANDOCK INC.

-Unlimited number of potential configurations -Easy...

Modular floating dock mounted boat CANDOCK INC.

-Unlimited number of potential configurations -Easy...

1 products Marinetek
Floating boat Marinetek

Our boat sheds are a modern take on traditional Scandinavian boat...

2 products Wahoo docks
Wahoo docks CAT 5
Floating dock with boat CAT 5 Wahoo docks

Wahoo Docks provide unparalleled protection for your watercraft. Different packages incorporate a mix of (i) our proprietary...

Wahoo docks
Dock mounted boat Wahoo docks

Wahoo categorizes roof types into three basic styles – Gables, Hips and Upper Decks. Within these basic styles, we offer variations to accommodate a range of dock layouts, local nuances and personal...

1 products Sullivan
Sullivan STEEL
Dock mounted boat STEEL Sullivan

Our galvanized steel superstructure is perfect for inland lakes, rivers and reservoirs....

International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. DUECK
Dock mounted boat DUECK International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

MFS offers optional metal and fabric finished exteriors made of the finest tear resistant, flame retardant material to with stand temperature fluctuations from +70 C (+158 F) to -30 C (-22 F). International...

International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. RAUCH
Floating boat RAUCH International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

IMFS offers entire Yacht Enclosures sheeted in metal with pre-finished steel exteriors for our clients that prefer the security of an all metal building. International Marine Floatation Systems (IMFS)...

International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. REED POINT
Floating hangar for boats REED POINT International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

Reed Point Marina - Port Moody, B.C. This group of IMFS all metal Yacht Enclosures, 175 ft. in length offer 24 hour security for our clients’ investments. International Marine Floatation Systems...

International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. SONSHIP
Floating hangar for boats SONSHIP International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

Delta, B.C. is the home of this double wide Yacht Enclosure. commissioned by a yacht builder to house two 100 ft. boats side by side while they are completed. International Marine Floatation Systems...

International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. YELLOW FIN
Floating hangar for boats YELLOW FIN International Marine Floatation Systems Inc.

Yacht Enclosure - Delta, B.C. 56 ft. wide x 130 ft. long x 50 ft. tall. International Marine Floatation Systems (IMFS) is a global leader building innovative floating structures...

Hewitt Boats Lifts and Docks
Lift mounted boat Hewitt Boats Lifts and Docks

Constant exposure to sun, wind and driving rain can ruin your watercraft from the inside out. Cracking, fading and peeling not only takes away from the look, comfort and function...

2 products MarineMaster
MarineMaster 5000 / 4000 / 3000 VERTICAL
Dock mounted boat with boat lift 5000 / 4000 / 3000 VERTICAL MarineMaster

Like you, we understand the importance of keeping your watercraft clean, secure and ready to go whenever...

Lift mounted boat MarineMaster

Protection all season long No need to continually cover your boat to protect...

1 products Marina Housing
Marina Housing
Floating boat Marina Housing

Marina Housing Boatsheds resemble traditional Scandinavian...

Dock mounted boat with boat lift FLOE INTERNATIONAL, INC.

7 reasons why FLOE canopy systems offer you more for your money: * Greater boat protection. With FLOE’s extra deep fabric and framework, your canopy will not blow in or up. * Classy...

Dock mounted boat with boat lift BOATHOUSE DECO Power Lift, Inc.

Custom Boathouse Lifts: DECO boatlifts can be built to be a structural part of your boathouse using custom welded roof-tabs. DECO boatlifts can retrofit into your existing boathouse using custom...

East Coast Boat Lifts, Inc.
Dock mounted boat with boat lift East Coast Boat Lifts, Inc.

Our boathouse lifts can be installed with one or two electric motors. Hoist load is dependent on the boathouse construction...

new Yachtgarage S.r.l. HA-E
Hangar for boat repair HA-E Yachtgarage S.r.l.

New hangar dedicated to all the small shipyards for yachts with dimension below 15 m. with a very low investment . The new hangar...

Yachtgarage S.r.l. Serie Home
Technical shelter for boat repair Serie Home Yachtgarage S.r.l.

Lightweight construction is suitable for Yacht Maintenance or storage. Equipped with wind mechanical safety system The HOME series sheds are made with 6061T6 aluminum and fire retardant PVC sheets. Without...

Yachtgarage S.r.l. Serie Easy Move
Technical shelter for boat repair Serie Easy Move Yachtgarage S.r.l.

Mobile structures. Can be easily moved to cover in few minutes any yacht The EASY MOVE series wheeled sheds are made of steel truss structure S235 hot galvanized and fire retardant PVC . Without ANY...

Yachtgarage S.r.l. Serie Hangar Container
Technical shelter for boat repair Serie Hangar Container Yachtgarage S.r.l.

Covers for hangars of for concrete sidewalls Material hot galvanized steel S235 Frame trusses 42x2mm , 60x3mm,80x4mm depending on...

Yachtgarage S.r.l. Serie Mekkano - Patented Product
Technical shelter for boat repair Serie Mekkano - Patented Product Yachtgarage S.r.l.

World First. With this assembling kit it is possible to assemble and dissassemble sheds with different widths, height, lenghts, sizes and shapes. Material hot...

Yachtgarage S.r.l. Serie Hangar
Technical shelter for boat repair Serie Hangar Yachtgarage S.r.l.

Beautiful and elegant hangars used for maintenance or storage of yachts of any dimension Material hot galvanized steel S235 Frame trusses 42x2mm...

Shelter Structures Inc SSQ
Hangar for boat repair SSQ Shelter Structures Inc

The half circle is the least expensive, strongest design available. It is literally a half circle – the height is half the width. Shoulder room lost on the sides can be regained by choosing...

Shelter Structures Inc SSMQ
Hangar for boat repair SSMQ Shelter Structures Inc

SSMQ: The Modified Quonset design is characterized by a shallow arched roof section. Sidewall can be any height, allowing the same flexibility of design found in our SSG series. Modified Quonsets are...

Shelter Structures Inc MOBILE
Hangar for boat repair (with wheels) MOBILE Shelter Structures Inc

Mobile: Mobile shelters can be mounted either on embedded track, swivel wheels, or on a traction drive system that can be operated by remote control. They can also “telescope” to maximize limited space....

Shelter Structures Inc UTILITY
Hangar for boat repair UTILITY Shelter Structures Inc

Our WeatherBlock Shelter™ line provides a less expensive alternative for smaller...

1 products NOA Aluminium
Technical shelter for boat repair A-FRAME SERIES NOA Aluminium

The advantage of the A-frame is that the A-legs take the load of the wind pressure against the boat as the legs stand directly on the ground. The...

1 products Commander
Commander 2800 CANOPY CAT
Motor-boat : offshore speed-power-boat (catamaran) 2800 CANOPY CAT - 8,53m    28' 0" Commander

Specifications: Length .........................................28" Beam .........................................102" Weight .........................4200 (approx) Fuel Capacity .........................70...

Sightseeing boat (aluminum) CANOPY EXPRESS II - 8,53m    28' 0" Bentz Boats, LLC

ACAs boat is powered by twin Kodiak 350 engines and coupled to Hamilton 212s with 3.4 turbo impellers. Standard features include spring ride seat with jump seats on either side,...

2 products Red Bay
Red Bay 6.5 CANOPY
Rigid inflatable boat (utility, outboard, with enclosed cockpit) 6.5 CANOPY - 6,50m    21' 4" Red Bay

The Stormforce 6.5 Canopy boatwas developed to fill a gap in our product offering. It gives the owner the opportunity to own a boat with good weather protection which...

Red Bay 11 CANOPY
Rigid inflatable boat (sightseeing boat, outboard) 11 CANOPY - 11m    36' 1" Red Bay

The Stormforce 11 is the flagship in our range, and offers the best that RIBs can offer. The 11 was a natural development from the 9.1, due to customer demand for a larger RIB. Puffin Dive Centre in Oban...

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