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in-board cabin-cruiser - 3100 CORONET

Cruising the coast. Day-tripping across open water. Aboard a new Tiara Yachts 3100 Coronet, every day is a great day to escape with family and friends – with confidence and style.

The innovative...

in-board cabin-cruiser / with T-top - 3100 OPEN

Designed as a convention-breaking sport yacht, the Tiara 3100 Open is built and styled for full-on fun that delivers excitement by the nautical mile, whether you’re powering out to...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 285 CONQUEST PILOTHOUSE

The 285 Conquest Pilothouse is a bona fide crowd pleaser---a versatile luxury boat that's one part angler, one part cruising masterpiece. When out on offshore runs, an enclosed windshield with aft...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - OS 285 OFFSHORE

The sleek appearance of the OS 285 is enough to get your heart racing; but there’s a lot more to this boat than simply good looks. The large unobstructed cockpit features a molded-in stern seat with a spacious insulated storage compartment in the seat base. Across from the stern bench are port and starboard aft facing seats...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 260 SUNDANCER

The performance-enhanced design of our 260 Sundancer inspires longer...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 265 SUNDANCER

The epitome of elegance, luxury and grace, this magnificent cruiser...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 280 SUNDANCER

Our 280 Sundancer focuses on flexibility with a reversible...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 310 SUNDANCER

Interactivity is purpose-built into our 310 Sundancer, from its reversible double...

outboard cabin-cruiser - Activ 855 Cruiser

The Activ 855 Cruiser is our largest, most elegant model yet, built on the cornerstones of safety, comfort, style and power. Suited for 10 persons you can take it out to the sea, explore your local rivers or head out to your favourite fishing lakes. With the choice of an inboard or single and twin outboard engine conf guration, you will have the power you need.

Enjoy a 360°view...

in-board cabin-cruiser / with enclosed cockpit - Activ 705 Cruiser

The sporty, spacious and very individual Activ 705 Cruiser is a boat thats made for being on the water. And makes every voyage an adventure. With room for eight people, the permanent galley and spacious dining area make those moments spent with family and friends, extra special. While the private berth and enclosed toilet are just part of the on-board comfort that makes the overall experience a real...

in-board cabin-cruiser - SPIRIT 31 OPEN

The new Rodman SPIRIT 31 Open maximizes the experience...

in-board cabin-cruiser / hard-top - SPIRIT 31 HT

Discovering new moments and living new experiences onboard is something innate to this boat. The way...

outboard cabin-cruiser / with enclosed cockpit - DINO 26

Lenght o.a. 7,80 m
Beam o.a. 2,76 m
max Height 2,95 m

in-board cabin-cruiser - 275 EXPRESS

The best time to begin living the life you’ve imagined was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now. Let the 275 Express be...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 259 SPORT CUDDY

Feelings of joy, exuberance and happiness are the glue that holds families together. And the 259 Sport Cuddy was designed specifically...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 279 SPORT CUDDY

In the end, it’s not how many breaths you take. But how many moments take your breath away. And the 279 Sport Cuddy is designed for...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2150

This award winning boat is soft riding and easily handled. Adapted from its predecessor, the 650, but with added features such as a new hull design,...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2200

Legend 2200
This latest offering from Rayglass boats continues a tradition of capable, superbly finished blue water boats combining practicality, comfort...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2300

A powerful big volume boat .The best snapshot description of the boat is "balance” – a clever blend of all the features avid...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2350

Legend 2300

A powerful big volume boat .The best snapshot description of the boat is "balance a clever blend of all...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2500

Legends inevitably get better in the retelling...

It took many years to improve the 2500, afterall how do you improve...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 236 CC

Length (L.O.A.) 23' 6" (7.16 M)
Beam 102" (2.59...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 246 CC

Length (L.O.A.) 26' 2" (7.97 M)
Beam 102" (2.59 M)

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 276 CC

Length (L.O.A.) 29' 2" (8.89 M)
Beam 109" (2.77 M)

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 296 CC

Length (L.O.A.) 30' 4" (9.24 M)
Beam 109" (2.77 M)

in-board cabin-cruiser / 4-berth - 260

Length (L.O.A.) 27' 9" (8.46 M)
Beam 102" (2.59 M)

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 822I

Length Max: 9.22m (30' 3")
Centerline: 8m (26')
Beam: 2.9m (9' 6")
Height: 3.25m (10' 8")
Deadrise: 19.5° (Apex)
USGC Max. Persons: 10

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 822 BRA

Length Max: 9.22m (30' 3")
Centerline: 8m (26')
Beam: 2.9m (9' 6")
Height: 3.25m (10' 8")
Deadrise: 19.5° (Apex)
USGC Max. Persons: 10

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 682SC BRA

Length Max: 8.02m (25' 8")
Centerline: 7.37m (23' 7")

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 682ISC

Length Max: 8.02m (25' 8")
Centerline: 7.37m (23' 7")
Beam: 2.59m (8'...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 622SD BRA

Length Max: 7.03m (23' 1")
Centerline: 6.36m (20' 10")
Beam: 2.34m...

in-board cabin-cruiser / 3-berth - 215CR

Want all of the features of a bigger boat without actually having a bigger boat? Look no further. The 215CR packs in ALL of the...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 250CR

The 250CR is not only roomy and full of features, it also has the bonus of being trailerable, so your favorite boating destination is never be too far away. A simple walk around the boat reveals...

in-board cabin-cruiser / 4-berth - 250CS

This dual-cabin cruiser features sleeping accommodations for four with two berthsone in the forward bow and another midshipsmaking...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport / twin berth - SSI 225

Eye-catching, sporty and brilliantly engineered, the amazing 225 SSi is inch-for-inch the perfect multi-purpose sport boat for a growing family...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport / twin berth - SSX 285

Part sport boat, part luxury suite and all Chaparral, our classic 285 SSX is a one-of-a-kind marvel of space and performance. In the...

in-board cabin-cruiser - SIGNATURE 270

The 270 may be the smallest cruiser in our 2014 fleet, but it's power packed and equipped like every other Signature. The fully trailerable...

in-board cabin-cruiser - SIGNATURE 290

The 290 Signature might well be the most space-efficient family cruiser you'll find under 30-feet. Twin engine V6 power, gives the 290...

in-board cabin-cruiser - SIGNATURE 310

Mix award winning styling, advanced cockpit features, dry-riding performance and a comfort-minded cabin and you've got the fabulous...

outboard cabin-cruiser - CAP CAMARAT 7.5 DC

This highly modular family boat with its sleek contemporary lines strikes exactly the right balance between style, comfort and safety.


in-board cabin-cruiser / 4-berth - LEADER 8

Seaworthiness, innovation and comfort are the fundamental values of the Jeanneau brand, and all...

in-board cabin-cruiser / hard-top - LEADER 9

The all-new and resolutely innovative.

Leader 9 is perfectly aligned with the philosophy of the new line of...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - MERRY FISHER 855

Destination : authentic cruising.
Designed for comfort, the Merry Fisher 855 combines innovative interior...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - MERRY FISHER 855 MARLIN

The Merry Fisher 855 Marlin features all the characteristics of an “SUV of the...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 224FSC

The perfect weekend getaway afloat on the water. The 224FSC is well equipped for a weekend of...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 264FSC

If you're looking for the fun and excitement of the 264FS, but also want the option of staying aboard overnight, then the 264FSC...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 260SY

Climb aboard the very finest in trailerable cruisers. The 260SCR is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Ample...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 280SY

Distinctive lines and superior performance define the 280SCR. With a 29’ length and a wide 9’2 beam, the 280SCR is...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 300SY

Relaxation awaits you onboard the 300 Sport Cruiser. Taking its styling from the elegant lines of the sport yachts,...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 240 SUN SPORT

Length 24' 0" 7.32 m
Maximum Beam 8' 6" 2.59

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 270 SUN SPORT

Length 27' 0" 8.23 m
Maximum Beam 8' 6" 2.59 m
Approximate Weight 6,200 lbs 2,812...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 290 SUN SPORT

LOA 29' 8.84 m
Maximum Beam 9' 2.74 m
Approximate Weight 8,950 lbs 4,060...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 310 SUN SPORT

LOA 31' 0" 9.45 m
Maximum Beam 9' 6" 2.90 m
Approximate Weight 9,750 lbs 4,423...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 290 FX4

LOA 29' 8.84 m
Maximum Beam 9' 2.74 m
Approximate Weight 8,950 lbs 4,060...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 2250

Making boating memories possible, the 2250 is the surest way to keep...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 2550

Have you ever found yourself driving back to the dock at the end of a great day wishing you had...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 28 EXPRESS

The trailer friendly 8 6 beam gives you the freedom...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 30 EXPRESS

One step inside the cabin of a 30 Express, and youll wonder why express cruisers have been dwelling...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 642 CUDDY

The all-new 642 CU is a stylish and versatile Cuddy model available exclusively at Europe-based Bayliner...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 802 CUDDY

Length overall (LOA) 24'0" (7.32 m)
w/swim platform - 26'0" (7.92 m)
Deadrise 22°

in-board cabin-cruiser - 245

The 245 Cruiser makes long weekend...

in-board cabin-cruiser - 255

Don't let the name Cruiser fool you, the 255 specializes in journeys, the kind that lead to the most...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport / 6-berth - 285

The newly updated 285 Cruiser delivers everything you need and more for leisurely treks to your favorite...

in-board cabin-cruiser / flybridge - F-300

The Faeton 300 Fly is a cruiser in the style of the 360 Fly. It offers numerous motorization possibilities each with inboard...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - F-300 HT

The new Faeton 300 HT was presented at the Barcelona Boat Show as a novelty for the 2013-14 Season.

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport - 28 GENIUS

Comfortable and sporty, with all the Fiart solutions in a small space.

With the hull of the Fiart 27, the...

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