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Inox steel windscreens
The windscreens we manufacture are undoubtedly the best expression of the union...

windshield boat / custom-made -

Boat windscreens have been produced at Trend Marine for over 30 years and during that period we have produced hundreds of different designs which have graced many of the most desirable boats from the worlds top boat builders. Our range covers fully framed boat windscreens, flybridge screens either with or without stainless steel tube work, small moulded...

windshield boat / custom-made -

An exploding area of the market that requires not only...

windshield boat / pilot console  - CENTER

A specialty with us. Most of our center...

windshield boat / pilot console  - CENTER

Acrylico's expertise has been amply used in the fast boat market, where the gloss, colors...

windshield boat / custom-made - CAPTIVA

What we commonly refer to as our "hybrid system" (meaning containing both stainless steel and painted trims), the Captiva windshield system offers boat builders a...

windshield boat - CORSA

Corsa windshields have brite annealed and buffed stainless frames for a superior marine grade finish designed for express sport boats. Proportioned not to overwhelm the boat and designed to utilize fixed or vented wings and center panels. They feature a patented vertical joint for convenient installation of panels and...

windshield boat / custom-made - THE EDGE™

Taylor Made's newest design concept brings brand-specific enhanced windshield styling to any boatbuilder willing to go the extra distance.

Corner parts cast as aluminum or...

windshield custom-made / boat - MONACO

Much like the principality it was named after, Taylor Made's Monaco framing systems has an air of singularity and opulence. The windshield verticals are inside of the top trim for a clean, elegant look....

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

The ideal choice for boats over 24 in length, especially express cruiser and yacht designs. The original Clear Curve® system with updated features like a rounder top frame. Vinyl gaskets for improved...

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA


General We also supply polished and anodised windscreens...

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

We produce topwindshields in series to almost every shipyard in Sweden.

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

Beekmans range of glass products, especially curved glass, is very broad and includes windows, wind break doors, and details for railings, canopies and skylights. We recently introduced a revolutionary...

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

Our Panorama windscreens are available in almost any size and shape.
A complete screen is consisted of 3, 4, 5 or more sections.
The sections are connected to each other via special aluminum extrusions.

windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

Fishmaster Windshield

Introductory Price

Protects you against the cold wind and wet weather.


windshield boat / custom-made - ULTRA

WINDSCREEN: manufactured in primary oxidised or painted in RAL colours aluminium, tempered glass or methacrylate....

windshield boat / pilot console  - BLUEWATER

The Bluewater line of curved windshields provides the boat designer the ability to create unique boat styles which...

windshield boat / pilot console  - BLUEWATER CONVENTIONAL

The Bluewater conventional welded windshield is appropriate for traditional boats requiring economical protection from wind and water. This line of custom designed windshields provides great adaptability...

windshield boat / pilot console  - TRIDENT

The TRIDENT windshield has been designed and engineered for larger express-style, open cockpit boats with typical lengths in excess of 40 feet. The heavy-duty 1 ¼"...

windshield boat / pilot console  - TRIDENT


windshield boat / pilot console  - TRIDENT

Yacht windscreen made from light reflective...

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