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A boat oven is a galley appliance for high-temperature cooking. Models offered on NauticExpo are intended for use on leisure craft.


While ovens are not absolutely necessary on boats, gourmet cooks can use them to improve the quality and variety of dishes served aboard. They are suitable for cruising sailboats and powerboats, so long as there is sufficient installation space.


Boat ovens, gas or electric, are usually made of stainless steel. The latter require 110 or 220 V alternating current, while gas ovens are subject to extremely strict installation regulations. Some models are stove-oven combinations.

How to choose

Built-in, stationary models are suitable only aboard non-heeling vessels, i.e., powerboats and multihull sailboats. Monohull sailboats should have a gimbaled oven, which always remains horizontal. A vessel equipped with an electric oven must have a sufficiently large generator to provide the required AC power.

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