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fuel tank / boat / portable - 00820


Made of tough and unburned polyethylene, guarantees
the safest possible transfer...

fuel tank / boat - 00820-22-1

Made of tough and unburned polyethylene for the safest...

fuel tank / boat - FTANK25

The FTANK25 fuel tank is made from high-grade...

freshwater tank / fuel / wastewater / boat - GW1033

Whales Largest Range of Multi- port Grey waste tanks ever!
Simple system - Allows you to manage all grey waste on board through one thru-hull fitting
Resilient polyethylene one-piece...

fuel tank / boat - 65000 - 95D01

Compact Water Separator / Fuel Filter, Water...

fuel tank / boat - 65000 - 95D01

These fuel tank are constructed of High-quality...

fuel tank / boat - 65000 - 95D01

These fuel tanks are producted in High-quality and...

fuel tank / boat - 65000 - 95D01

These fuel tank are constructed of high-quality plastic and are UL...

fuel tank / boat - 65000 - 95D01

All tanks made by Craftsman Marine are especially developed with a view to quick and easy installation on board....

freshwater tank / wastewater / fuel / boat - 33 - 50 - 65 - 80 L

All tanks made by Craftsman Marine are especially developed with a view to quick and easy installation on board. They are all suited to store drinking water, waste water and diesel fuel. By fitting the correct connector...

fuel tank / boat / portable -

Scepter Portable Topside Tanks

Whichever size is right for you, we've got the best tank for your needs. 12L tanks for a good small storage solution, or 25L for larger engines or longer run times. Scepter also offers 11.4L and 22.7L capacity Dinghy-Mate™ tanks for a better fit on inflatables and...

fuel tank / boat -

Below-Deck Technology with Moeller's Above-&-Beyond Innovation.

Unlike aluminum tanks, this comprehensive line of cross-linked polyethylene models is a distinctive Moeller innovation featuring corrosion/pit resistance and exclusive Moeller Tite™ pioneering. Each tank is complete with Hose Tite™, machined aluminum fill spouts,...

fuel tank / boat -

Custom roto-moulded fuel tanks from 20 to 400 gallons and beyond.

Scepter, through Moeller Marine, is able to provide you with...

fuel tank / boat -

Scepter presents Moeller's Full Line of Innovation.

Put Moeller's comprehensive line of FDA-approved "no odour" resin, polyethylene water and waste tanks to work today. Available in sizes to meet every need.


fuel tank / boat / portable - DURAMAX™

The Duramax fluid transfer siphon pump and patented Flo n' Go hand pump provide the only refilling and fluid transfer system you'll...

fuel tank / boat - 33 - 800 L

Our rigid fuel tanks for pleasure boating are made of cross-linked polyethylene of light color that makes them...

fuel tank / boat / custom - TS1

A practical fuel tank seat box, which solves the problem of where to locate your fuel...

fuel tank / boat / custom - FT1

This aluminium fuel tank has a 100 litre...

fuel tank / boat - 7013

The boating industry has come to recognize the tremendous advantages of plastic tanks for gasoline and diesel fuel. Major benefits are:

fuel tank / boat - 88-713

Fuel, water and waste tanks in aluminium and stainless steel have been a speciality since 1981. Customers...

fuel tank / boat - 88-713

TIDEL manufacture custom made flexible tanks built to the highest specification for reliability and durability. Our flexible tanks can be designed to fit any space and are Pillow / Bladder style tanks. These flexible...

fuel tank / boat / custom -

Diesel Fuel & Hydraulic Oil

Please feel free to download our tank design guide which will assist you in providing us with all the information we need to build your custom tank.


fuel tank / boat / custom - LIGHTWEIGHT RACING

Martin discussed the ideas through with his design team, which included machined out pockets in the tanks walls, baffles and hatch plates to produce a lightweight tank that can still achieve the strength...

fuel tank / boat - SERIES B

A range of black fuel tanks, available in 6 different sizes. These tanks are CE approved and comply with ISO 10088 standard.
Each tank is supplied...

freshwater tank / fuel / wastewater / boat - HORIZONTAL

A range of blue tanks to handle your waste wateron board in full compliance with ISO 8099 standard.
Available in two different models:

Designed to save on space, provided with the plastic loops in...

fuel tank / boat - SERIES C

CE marked fuel tanks suitable for petrol and diesel. Manufactured...

fuel tank / boat / portable - SE2001

Plastic remote fuel tank complete with...

fuel tank / boat / portable - SE2003

Plastic remote fuel tank complete with...

fuel tank / boat / portable - SE2009

Serbatoio completo di pescante e tappo...

fuel tank / boat / portable - SE2010

Plastic remote fuel tank complete with...

fuel tank / boat - GOLF LINE

Tanks made in high density Polithene plastic, suitable for acids and fuels, complete with standard...

fuel tank / boat - GOLF LINE

The Original Marine Flexitanks and Still the Best Worldwide

Why carry bulky jerry cans or expensive rigid tanks when every spare inch of onboard space is valuable? With Flexitanks,...

fuel tank / boat - GOLF LINE

Tank for boats



How to choose this product


A boat fuel tank holds the fuel necessary for running a recreational vessel's engines, generators, heating system or other accessories.


Fuel tanks can be portable or permanently installed. Some are metal, while others are of polypropylene or another plastic, either rigid or bladder-type. They must be impermeable and reliable. Features include a vent, fuel supply and unused fuel return lines, gauge, fill aperture and, perhaps, an inspection door. The fastening system can use clamps, straps or flexible mounts.

How to choose

Choice will depend on size and type of boat. A sailboat auxiliary engine requires a much smaller tank than a motor vessel. Portable tanks, suitable for outboard motors, usually have a carrying handle.

Tanks should be situated relatively close to the engine and on the boat's centerline to preserve stability. Large fuel reserves should be stored in multiple or compartmentalized tanks to avoid instability caused by fuel shifting while underway. Custom-built tanks are another option.

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