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A boat console is a lectern-like structure holding the steering wheel of a motor vessel. On NauticExpo, such consoles are intended for recreational craft.


When retrofitted on rigid inflatables and center-console boats, these structures offer the driver protection and a good hand hold, facilitating steering.


Most consoles are made of molded, laminated polyester fiberglass. There is a hole for the steering wheel bearings and shaft, which is linked to chain, cables or hydraulic hoses connected to vessel's directional system. Many have an instrument panel for GPS, radio, VHF, speed log, tachometer and other electronics.

There is often a tinted Plexiglas windshield and a grab rail for safety at high speed and during brusque maneuvers. Some consoles are mounted in the bottom of the hull along the centerline, while others are placed along the side.

How to choose

Choice will depend on vessel make and model, dimensions, motor and steering system type.

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6 products Eval
Eval 00132-1
Boat pilot console 00132-1 Eval

STANDING CONSOLE With front protection...

Eval 00132-9
Boat pilot console 00132-9 Eval


Eval 00132-4
Boat pilot console (side) 00132-4 Eval

Side Ways Console With front protection glass, and screws...

Eval 00132-5
Boat jockey pilot console 00132-5 Eval

CONSOLE WITH JOCKEY SEAT Made of fiberglass....

Eval 0132-11
Boat jockey pilot console 0132-11 Eval


Eval 03481
Pilot console cover for power-boats 03481 Eval

CONSOLE COVER Made of resistant waterproof polyester 300D...

29 products Zeppelin
Zeppelin IoD
Inflatable boat : rigid inflatable tender (outboard, center console) IoD - 5,50m    18' 1" Zeppelin

The IoD is designed to be a polyvalent seaworthy boat, perfect for sailling school or leisure. This model is well balanced and has a comfortable high performance hull providing high level of quality....

Zeppelin 6.40 PRO
Dive-boat : rigid inflatable boat (outboard, center console) 6.40 PRO - 6,40m    21' 0" Zeppelin

Our Commander range is available in 3 models from 6.10m to 6.70m. The Commander has all the advantages and technical specifications of the VPRO range.Only its “square nose” allows to distinguish...

video Ullman Dynamics AERODYNAMIC
Boat pilot console AERODYNAMIC Ullman Dynamics

The Ullman Aerodynamic Console is designed and shaped to reduce air resistance while protecting the crew from wind and spray. It is designed for optimal ergonomics in the most challenging operational...

1 products Hydrive
Hydrive 8000 SERIES
Boat pilot console 8000 SERIES Hydrive

The 8000 SERIES Pedestal unit is...

Adventure Inflatable boats V-650
Boat pilot console V-650 Adventure Inflatable boats

Standard equipment: Front soft seat for 2...

Adventure Inflatable boats
Boat jockey pilot console Adventure Inflatable boats

With soft backrest equipped the internal...

new Adventure Inflatable boats VESTA V-550
Rigid inflatable boat (outboard, center console, roll-bar) VESTA V-550 - 5,50m    18' 1" Adventure Inflatable boats

Adventure Heavy-duty rib vesta v-550 Tubes color: l. grey, dark grey, black, red Hull color: white, grey, black Standard equipment Deep “V” moulded fibreglass hull Anti-slip deck surface Welded...

Adventure Inflatable boats VESTA V-650
Rigid inflatable boat (outboard, center console, roll-bar) VESTA V-650 - 6,48m    21' 3" Adventure Inflatable boats

V-650 is the new RIB of the series Vesta designed and engineered to provide the full excitement and thrills of the open water which is based on twenty years experience of the company Adventure Ltd. as...

Adventure Inflatable boats VESTA V-380
Inflatable boat : rigid inflatable tender (outboard, with jockey console) VESTA V-380 - 3,80m    12' 6" Adventure Inflatable boats

- Deep "V" moulded fibreglass hull - Anti-slip deck surface - Uniquely-constructed welded inflatable buoyancy tube in Italian style, with three hermetically-separated chambers - Two removable marine-ply...

1 products TREM
Boat pilot console L53 TREM


Outhill Boatbuilders CC23
Boat pilot console CC23 Outhill Boatbuilders

This is the most recent addition to our large steering console range. This stylish one piece moulding...

Outhill Boatbuilders C22/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) C22/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

This console is a variation on our popular CC19/FS. The...

Outhill Boatbuilders CC19/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) CC19/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

This is a most stylish new edition to our split console range....

Outhill Boatbuilders CC14/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) CC14/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

For those who like a windscreen for that high speed ride. This model incorporates...

Outhill Boatbuilders CC12/FS
Dual pilot console for boats (center, front seat) CC12/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

One of our most popular models the CC12/FS is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd....

Todd Marine Products 95-3005
Boat pilot console 95-3005 Todd Marine Products

Includes grabrail. Windshield not available. Cutout:...

Veada Industries CN200
Boat pilot console CN200 Veada Industries

The Standard Boat Console is the star attraction in every boat that has a motor. Have you noticed how yours is looking lately? Let us help you with our beautiful Standard Boat Console by all the benefits...

Veada Industries CN201
Boat pilot console CN201 Veada Industries

The Deluxe Pontoon Boat Console is the star attraction in every boat that has a motor. Have you noticed how yours is looking lately? Let us help you with our beautiful Standard Boat Console by all the...

Veada Industries CN200P
Boat pilot console CN200P Veada Industries

The Large Roto-Molded Plastic Boat Console is more than just any other center console for boats; we have specifically designed a superior boat console to be multi-functional for you, the Captain. Superior...

RJE International Inc. BNC-100
Navigation console for inflatable boat BNC-100 - 2m    6' 7" RJE International Inc.

The BNC-100 Boat Navigation Console ensures accurate navigation of small inflatables...

32 products Crescent
Crescent 1A
Boat pilot console 1A Crescent

Maximum height 83 cm. Ivory, orange, beige, dark ivory, light blue, light grey, white (hint...

Crescent 2A
Boat pilot console (side) 2A Crescent

Maximum height 83 cm. Ivory, beige, dark ivory, light grey...

Crescent 3A
Boat pilot console (center) 3A Crescent

Maximum height 85 cm. Ivory, dark ivory, light grey...

Crescent 5
Boat pilot console 5 Crescent

Ivory, dark ivory, light grey and greyish white.

Motor-boat : outboard dual console boat 620 DORADO GREYLINE - 6,16m    20' 3" Crescent

Take the family on a lovely day trip. The Dorado is proper stowage and the comfortable chairs and u-shaped sofa makes the trip a pleasure. With the greatly elevated...

Crescent ALLURE 17
Open motor boat ALLURE 17 - 4,97m    16' 4" Crescent

A big advantage of owning an Allure 17 is the easy transportation with a normal sized car, at the same time being large...

22 products Boston Whaler
new Boston Whaler 210 DAUNTLESS
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat 210 DAUNTLESS - 6,24m    20' 6" Boston Whaler

The brand-new 210 Dauntless effortlessly combines speed, stability and functionality. With its standard 200-hp Mercury FourStroke Verado motor and 75-gallon fuel tank, you can cruise, fish and...

new Boston Whaler 240 DAUNTLESS
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, T-Top) 240 DAUNTLESS - 7,29m    23' 11" Boston Whaler

The all-new 240 Dauntless will thrill anglers and powerboat enthusiasts alike, and will be the site of many family gatherings thanks to its open layout and comfortable seating options. This supremely...

new Boston Whaler 270 DAUNTLESS
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, T-Top) 270 DAUNTLESS - 8,33m    27' 4" Boston Whaler

The flagship of the versatile Dauntless family, the 270 Dauntless transitions seamlessly from a robust angler boat to a recreational cruiser at a moment’s notice. Dedicated fishermen will thrill to the...

new video Boston Whaler 350 OUTRAGE
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (triple engine, T-Top) 350 OUTRAGE - 10,82m    35' 6" Boston Whaler

From the award-winning design team behind the critically lauded Outrage series comes the brand-new 350 Outrage. This fully equipped offshore fishing boat is engineered with versatile, thoughtful amenities...

video Boston Whaler 110 SPORT
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat 110 SPORT - 3,45m    11' 4" Boston Whaler

Agile, stable and incredibly useful as a tender, the 110 Sport is a unique craft made for a wide variety of uses. Fire up the standard 25-hp Mercury FourStroke...

video Boston Whaler 110 TENDER
Open boat : dinghy 110 TENDER - 3,45m    11' 4" Boston Whaler

The 110 Tender’s light weight and shallow draft allow you to explore remote locations. It’s...

11 products Pursuit
new Pursuit DC 325
Motor-boat : outboard dual console boat DC 325 - 10,52m    34' 6" Pursuit

The all-new Dual Console successfully combines luxury with unparalleled sport utility. Whether boating with family, friends or significant others, the versatility of this vessel gives you the perfect...

Pursuit OS 385 OFFSHORE
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard open express-cruiser (T,Top) OS 385 OFFSHORE - 12,01m    39' 5" Pursuit

The new OS 385 is the flagship model of the Pursuit fleet of premium offshore boats. Measuring just under 40 feet in length, our newest vessel has all the comforts of home plus a 360-degree water view! The...

Pursuit OS 345 OFFSHORE
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard open express-cruiser (T,Top) OS 345 OFFSHORE - 11,07m    36' 4" Pursuit

When tasked with designing a replacement model for the 335 Offshore — the best selling model in Pursuit’s history — our engineers had a tall order to fill. Fortunately, our staff is...

Pursuit OS 315 OFFSHORE
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard open express-cruiser (T,Top) OS 315 OFFSHORE - 9,96m    32' 8" Pursuit

For yacht-caliber comfort in a manageable size, the OS 315 fits the bill. Its enclosed helm, integral hardtop and vented windshield afford unobstructed visibility, optimal weather protection and comfort...

Pursuit C 310
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, T-Top) C 310 - 9,50m    31' 2" Pursuit

We’ve all been there. You climbed aboard a friend’s boat for an exciting day offshore and you return home wet, tired and beaten up. That’s what inspired us to build the C 310. Start with the running...

Pursuit C 280
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, T-Top) C 280 - 8,53m    28' 0" Pursuit

Following in the footsteps of the C310, the new C280 combines the ultimate in fishability with creature comforts not typically found in hard core fishing machines. Start with helm and companion flip-up...

2 products Tiara Yachts
new Tiara Yachts 3600 CORONET
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 3600 CORONET - 11,86m    38' 11" Tiara Yachts

Leave the rest of the world at the dock for the day or overnight aboard the Tiara Yachts 3600 Coronet™ engineered and appointed with renewed style, luxury and everlasting integrity. The innovative...

Tiara Yachts 3600 OPEN
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser (IPS POD) 3600 OPEN - 11,10m    36' 5" Tiara Yachts

Wide open excitement, luxury and style come standard with the 3600 Open. Throw in its seaworthy, bluewater pedigree and this American-made...

video Quicksilver Boats Activ 675 Open
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat Activ 675 Open - 6,74m    22' 1" Quicksilver Boats

Open up to a world of escape and fun. With clever use of space and a well thought out layout plus on-board comfort surrounding you, this is a boat that switches from water sports to cruising to relaxing...

video Quicksilver Boats Activ 605 Open
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat Activ 605 Open - 6,12m    20' 1" Quicksilver Boats

Pleasure seekers won’t hesitate to take to the water in the Activ 605 Open. Opportunities to have fun abound and it’s the ideal choice for light fishing, water sports...

video Quicksilver Boats Activ 555 Open
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat Activ 555 Open - 5,55m    18' 3" Quicksilver Boats

On the Activ 555 Open you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of being on the water with...

video Quicksilver Boats Activ 505 Open
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat Activ 505 Open - 5,07m    16' 8" Quicksilver Boats

The Activ 505 Open combines form and function in equal measures. Sporty styling, outstanding features and great value set it apart. And from the largest swimming...

Quicksilver Boats 605 PILOTHOUSE
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (wheelhouse) 605 PILOTHOUSE - 5,75m    18' 10" Quicksilver Boats

This fall Quicksilver launches the Captur 605 Pilothouse, together with the 675 Pilothouse and 555 Pilothouse, to complete the all new Pilothouse range. The 605 Pilothouse offers true value and combines...

5 products Sea Ray
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 305 SUNDANCER - 10,13m    33' 3" Sea Ray

Available in open and hardtop versions, our 305 Sundancer allows owners to...

Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 330 SUNDANCER - 10,16m    33' 4" Sea Ray

No other express cruiser combines form and function like a Sundancer. Our...

video Sea Ray 350 SUNDANCER
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 350 SUNDANCER - 10,82m    35' 6" Sea Ray

Perfect for both laid-back and large-scale cruising, our ALL NEW 350 Sundancer has a social cockpit that...

Motor-boat : open express-cruiser (sport, 2 cabins) 370 SUNDANCER - 11,43m    37' 6" Sea Ray

The generous dimensions of our 370 Sundancer make it exceptionally adept at cruising and entertaining,...

Sea Ray 370 VENTURE
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 370 VENTURE - 11,33m    37' 2" Sea Ray

From its sleek, contemporary lines to its expansive living spaces, the All New 370 Venture may be Sea Ray’s most...

1 products Itama
2 products Vicem Yachts
Vicem Yachts 36
Classic motor-boat : open express-cruiser 36 - 11,58m    38' 0" Vicem Yachts

The ultimate day boat. Experience a true marine masterpiece and the most gracious entertainer on the water. Cruise to your favorite spot as you take command...

video Vicem Yachts 30
Classic motor-boat : open express-cruiser 30 - 9,75m    32' 0" Vicem Yachts

Sacrifice nothing. The Windsor Craft 30 is the roomiest and best equipped 30 foot yacht on the water. Freshen up in the full-sized head before...

5 products Cigarette
new video Cigarette 42' HUNTRESS
Offshore power-boat : outboard center console boat 42' HUNTRESS - 12,80m    42' 0" Cigarette

The all-new 42’ Huntress exemplifies Cigarette’s determination to continually innovate and expand its...

video Cigarette 39' TOP GUN OPEN
Offshore power-boat : outboard center console boat 39' TOP GUN OPEN - 12,04m    39' 6" Cigarette

Classic, stylish, convenient. The Top Gun Open is Cigarette’s perfect package for versatile...

Cigarette 39' GT
Offshore power-boat : outboard center console boat 39' GT - 11,89m    39' 0" Cigarette

The next step in the evolution of the TopFish Sport is introduced with the 39GT. Further refined, the...

Cigarette 39' GTS
Offshore power-boat : outboard center console boat 39' GTS - 11,89m    39' 0" Cigarette

The new 39 GTS evolves "Great" into "Extraordinary". With a patented Clear View hard top design,...

Cigarette 39' CUDDY
Offshore power-boat : outboard center console boat 39' CUDDY - 11,89m    39' 0" Cigarette

Spacious comfort, the convenience of air-conditioned cover, hospitable atmosphere for...

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