Bilge keel sailboats

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A superb cruising sailboat, amazing performance and unusual elegance

Hull length 8,90 m
Waterline length 8,80 m
Maximum beam 3,42 m

Perfect combination of elegance, comfort and functionality, the RM1070 reveals at first glance very attractive lines

Hull length (with bowsprit) 11,44 m
Hull length 10,69 m

Amazing performance, incredibly light interior, environmental

Hull length 11,99 m
Water length 11,68 m
Maximum beam 4,35 m
Headroom about...

Innovative responses to new requirements

Hull length 13,60 m
Water length 12,82 m
Maximum beam 4,50 m
Airdraft 20,51 m
Draft single...


HReko 1ooo is a prototype of a “multi-hybrid” boat. This sailing boat is in terms of morphology and functionality a hybrid between a trimaran and a modern performance monohull with water ballast. It can be interesting as a base for development for the perfect 40-foot hybrid cruiser which...


Recreational sailing : plug & play !

Would like to sail if it was not as complicated or after several decades of sailing on large units, you get tired of hoisting heavy mainsails?

The Tilapia has been designed for you : a simple and efficient catboat in...

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