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4 products Beuchat
5 products VIKING
VIKING 1003464
Boat safety 1003464 VIKING

Boat equipment, seat belt/...

VIKING 1008636
Lifebuoy light and smoke signal for ships (SOLAS) 1008636 VIKING

Approved according to EC. Equipment for marking a lifebuoy in man-overboard situations. The smoke signal...

VIKING 1008921
Throw buoy 1008921 VIKING

Durable, lightweight rescue...

VIKING 1022623
Boat life 1022623 VIKING

LIFEBUOY, 2.5KG Approved...

VIKING 1022624
Boat life 1022624 VIKING

LIFEBUOY, 4.3KG Approved...

1 products Scubapro
Diving weight Scubapro

SCUBAPRO Pocket Weight Belts make weight adjustment easy, even when floating on the surface. Simply open the Velcro...

3 products Poseidon
Diving weight Poseidon

Trim your weight to perfection! If you need to adjust...

Poseidon Large
Diving weight Large Poseidon

This pocket can either be fastened on the One Harness or attached on a weight belt with a width...

Poseidon BESEA QR
Diving weight BESEA QR Poseidon

This pocket can be fastened on the One Harness or with...

3 products Apeks
Diving weight WTX SURELOCK Apeks

SureLock™ Weight System: This popular accessory is ideal when it becomes necessary to add additional weight to your rig. Bolts directly to the WTX Harness Able to mount to the back plate...

Apeks 5.5 KG
Diving weight 5.5 KG Apeks

Many divers find it convenient to carry their weight in...

Diving weight UTILITY Apeks

A durable utility pocket constructed of1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon. Its mounting system allows...

13 products Imersion
Diving weight STANDARD Imersion

Standard buckle stainless steel...

Diving weight NÉOPRÈNE Imersion

Standard buckle stainless steel - belt...

Diving weight MARSEILLAISE Imersion

The Marseillaise belt is a heavy duty belt with a thick buckle and a strong but...

Diving weight PLASTIQUE Imersion

US type plastic buckle with thick nylon...

Imersion INOX
Diving weight INOX Imersion

US type stainless steel buckle with thick...

Diving weight NÉOPRÈNE INOX Imersion

US type stainless steel buckle with stretchable high density...

3 products Beaver
Diving weight QUICK RELEASE Beaver

1.3m maximum length, 50mm heavy duty webbing. Rapid single...

Beaver SMB DD
Diving signal buoy SMB DD Beaver

Heavy duty poly-vinyl buoy with weighted bottom,...

Beaver SMB RD
Diving signal buoy SMB RD Beaver

Heavy duty poly-vinyl buoy with detachable...

1 products H. Dessault
Diving weight MARSEILLAISE H. Dessault

Marseillaise belt Strap...

2 products Stearns
Boat safety INFLATA-BELT™ Stearns

You’ll have the safety you need and complete freedom to move when you’re wearing a universally-sized Stearns® Inflata-Belt™ Max Automatic. It’s perfect for boaters, paddlers, anglers and hunters...

Stearns TYPE IV
Boat life TYPE IV Stearns

-Industrial ring buoy. -Molded from high impact linear...

4 products GIBI Marine
GIBI Marine 265
Fish fighting 265 GIBI Marine

New, with a revolutionary design, its been used since years from the best anglers,...

GIBI Marine 264
Fish fighting 264 GIBI Marine

This body belt its been used since years from...

GIBI Marine 262
Fish fighting 262 GIBI Marine

For people who love traditional fishing. The ventral belt has a reel connection,...

GIBI Marine 264/SU
Fish fighting 264/SU GIBI Marine

It can be matched to ART.267 and ART.269/SU....

16 products AquaTec
Diving weight JR SHOT AquaTec

Designed to take the hard life, weight belts normally suffer especially when dropped on deck after the dive, with other belts piled on top. Again...

Diving weight JR WEBBING AquaTec

Heavy Duty webbing especially manufactured...

Diving weight JR ANKLE AquaTec

With the trend for most divers to wear dry suits and lighter weight fins, ease the problem of floating feet...

Diving weight JR SHOT POUCHES AquaTec

With some Tec divers needing less weight and a conventional weight belt obstructing harness D-rings etc. wing pockets are being used to carry any additional weight that...

Diving weight WTPCH AquaTec

With some Tec divers needing less weight and a conventional weight belt obstructing harness...

AquaTec JR Filled Shot
Diving weight JR Filled Shot AquaTec

Soft Lead soft filled weight pouch. Suitable for pocket weight...

Riffe International
Diving weight Riffe International

RIFFEs new flexible rubber weight belt is finally here. 54″(137cm) length may be...

2 products procean
Diving weight procean

Price: EUR 10,00 Shipping:...

Diving signal buoy procean

Price: EUR 15,00 Shipping:...

1 products NRS
NRS 2625 / 50054.01
Anatomical back band for kayak 2625 / 50054.01 NRS

The standard in whitewater and performance-touring comfort. This kayak-outfitting...

1 products North Water
North Water 35WWK-05
Anatomical back band for kayak 35WWK-05 North Water

With the rigidity of ABS and the precision of multi density thermal formed foam technology we have created...

2 products MOOVING SARL
6 products Osculati
Osculati 22.407.01
Boat life 22.407.01 Osculati

Made of orange Eltex filled with expanded...

Osculati 22.424.01
Boat horseshoe lifebuoy 22.424.01 Osculati

Supplied with dan buoy light 30.584.00 and type-approved...

Osculati 30.584.00
Boat lifebuoy light 30.584.00 Osculati

Powered by four LR20 1.5 V flare batteries, size 350x120mm, Type-approved...

new LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment GIOVE SOLAS
Boat life GIOVE SOLAS LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

The Giove SOLAS ring lifebuoy is certified with the...

new LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment
Boat life LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

Set Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS/Lifebuoy light/30m Rope/Case Set Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS This SOLAS Lifebuoy Ring Set...

new LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment 70162 / 70164 / 70165
Boat horseshoe lifebuoy 70162 / 70164 / 70165 LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

The new Lalizas horseshoe lifebuoy is made of polyester with PVC backing. It is waterproof; its fabric doesn’t...

LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment 70090, 70110
Boat life 70090, 70110 LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

The SOLAS Lifebuoy ring is designed for recreational and commercial...

LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment 20530 / 20540 / 20550
Boat horseshoe lifebuoy 20530 / 20540 / 20550 LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

Horseshoe Lifebuoy "Basic I" consists of a flexible...

LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment 71325
Lifebuoy light (SOLAS) 71325 LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

LALIZAS Lifebuoy Light SOLAS/MED The new LALIZAS Lifebuoy light SOLAS/MED (71325) is an ideal product to cover the Requirements as set by the 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea...

Trelleborg Marine Systems
Multi-purpose buoy Trelleborg Marine Systems

Modular Buoys We offer two types of surface modular anchor pendant buoy: - Standard Modular Anchor Pendant Buoy - Donut Modular Anchor Pendant Buoy Standard Modular Anchor Pendant Buoys Standard...

11 products Eval
Eval 00557
Boat life 00557 Eval

LIFEBUOY SOLAS 74, L.S.A. CODE, 96/98/EC IMO MSC 81(70). Suitable...

Eval 03572
Boat life holder 03572 Eval

Bracket for Lifebuoys & Horseshoe...

Eval 03375
Bracket for boat lifebuoy light 03375 Eval

Bracket for Lifebuoy Light Stainless...

Eval 2012-1 / 2012-2
Boat life 2012-1 / 2012-2 Eval

LIFEBUOYS NEW TYPE SOLAS 74, L.S.A. CODE, 96/98/EC IMO MSC 81(70). For commercial ships...

Eval 00532
Throw buoy 00532 Eval


Eval 00543
Boat horseshoe lifebuoy 00543 Eval

HORSESHOE BUOYS With removable...

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