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trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 4902

A stripped-out, elemental...

sailing dinghy belt - PHASE2

Your trapeze harness is a serious piece of kit. It needs to support your back against injury even while you bend, twist and pull. You also need to be able to...

rescue belt / for boat - 1003464

Boat equipment, seat belt/...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 5000251

inexpensive model for newcomers...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 5000251

Designed for REGULAR or INTENSIVE dinghy/catamaran sailing for...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 5000251

Technical specifications


trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - CRUISE

Sailing harness with six points spreader bar fixation. Stainless steel tube spreader...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - FBS

Sailing harness with eight points spreader bar fixation. Stainless steel tube spreader...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - FORMULA

Sailing harness with eight points spreader bar fixation. Stainless steel tube...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - FORMULA

As a result of the testing done by members of the Forward Sailing Team during the 2010 season, and thanks to the study of trapeze-induced back stress performed by Bertrand Guillo, the physiotherapist of the French national Sailing team, Forward Sailing is introducing a new harness which brings a key innovation : a belt with adjustable, integrated and interchangeable lumbar...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - LOMBAIRE MAXI

Maxi lumbar belt :

Our harness is equipped in standard with a lumbar protection belt, which ensures optimal comfort and a good maintain of the back in a trapeze position.


trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - STOKES

Gul’s Stokes Trapeze harness features wide load bearing...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - EVOLUTION

The Evolution harness offers support, comfort and perfect...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - EVOLUTION

SCUBAPRO Pocket Weight Belts make weight adjustment easy, even when floating
on the surface. Simply open the Velcro...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - EVOLUTION

Trim your weight to perfection!

If you need to...

weight belt / dive - Large

This pocket can either be fastened on the One Harness or attached on a weight belt with a width of...

weight belt / dive - BESEA QR

This pocket can be fastened on the One Harness or with a 40cc...

weight belt / dive - WTX SURELOCK

SureLock™ Weight System:
This popular accessory is ideal when it becomes necessary to add additional weight to your rig.
Bolts directly to the WTX Harness
Able to mount to the back plate with use of SureLock™ attachments (below)

weight belt / dive - 5.5 KG

Many divers find it convenient to carry their weight in...

weight belt / dive - STANDARD

Standard buckle stainless steel - belt...

weight belt / dive - NÉOPRÈNE

Standard buckle stainless steel - belt high...

weight belt / dive - MARSEILLAISE

The Marseillaise belt is a heavy duty belt with a thick buckle and a strong but stretchable...

weight belt / dive - PLASTIQUE

US type plastic buckle with thick nylon...

weight belt / dive - INOX

US type stainless steel buckle with thick...

rescue belt / for boat - INFLATA-BELT™

You'll have the safety you need and complete freedom to move when you're wearing a universally-sized Stearns® Inflata-Belt™ Max Automatic. It's perfect for boaters, paddlers, anglers and hunters who get distracted by traditional PFDs. Just buckle it around your waist....

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - ULTIMATE II

Full support harness with those who want maximum support and comfort
• New quick release hook

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - PRO RACING

All around harness with low bulk and internal back support
• New quick release hook
• Built...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - TEAM

Lightweight dinghy harness; designed and worn by Olympians

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - VIPER

XS, S, M, L, XL

Most lightweight, free harness; fixed with center,...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - HIKING

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

New and improved...

weight belt / dive - QUICK RELEASE

1.3m maximum length, 50mm heavy duty webbing. Rapid single...

weight belt / dive - MARSEILLAISE

Marseillaise belt


trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 20301

Small size (1.50 m ? 1.65 m)Solid and practical ; highly reinforced on...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 20303

Small size (1.50 m ? 1.65 m) Multi-purpose...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 20306

Medium size (1.70 m) Designed to prevent crouch crushing.The under-thigh...

trapeze belt / sailing dinghy - 20316

Unisize. Simple shorts, easy to put on and adjust. For an excursion of...

fishing belt - 265

New, with a revolutionary design, its been used since years from the best anglers,...

fishing belt - 264

This body belt its been used since years from...

fishing belt - 262

For people who love traditional fishing. The ventral belt has a reel connection,...

fishing belt - 264/SU

It can be matched to ART.267 and ART.269/SU....

fishing belt - 264/SU

Fasten the Harmony Sit-On-Top Backband to your kayak and give your back a break on longer paddling trips. The backband straps clip into your kayak's deck rigging via corrosion-resistant hardware. The backband's 0.5 in...

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