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The VideoRay Pro 4’s custom designed and highly efficient brushless thrusters deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. In order to provide the optimal blend of power and control, the VideoRay...


SMD offer a range of hydraulic thrusters available for subsea vehicle propulsion applications. Curvetech™ Thrusters...

ROV thruster / for AUV - SCE SERIES

Engtek SubSea Systems has the pleasure of enclosing our...

ROV thruster / for AUV - HPT SERIES

The hydraulic thruster and propulsion systems are diverse and include a...

ROV thruster / for AUV - HPT SERIES

DOER developed a compact, two horsepower hydraulic thruster for use on confined space and ultra compact work class ROVs. It can be used on other underwater vehicles...

ROV thruster / for AUV - HPT SERIES

Propulsors and Thrusters

Custom units can be built from small manouvering thrusters...

ROV thruster / for AUV - HPT SERIES

Seamor ROV thruster modules and propellers are the power behind the Seamor ROV systems and allow for complete control...

AUV thruster / ROV - SA300 / SA380 / SA420 / SA500

Sub-Atlantic's range of hydraulic thrusters have become the preferred propulsion for ROVs and cable burial/maintenance vehicles. Working in a highly aggressive environment, they have earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and exceptional performance.
- Proven Reliability - Low Parts Usage

AUV thruster / ROV - DC SPE75 / SPE180 / SPE250

Sub-Atlantic's new direct drive range of brushless DC thrusters break new ground in thrust, low weight and enhanced reliability. They are currently available in four sizes, each incorporating Sub-Atlantic's unique StatorshieldTM technology.
- High Reliability,...

AUV thruster / ROV - AC CTE01 & CTE02

This range of brushless electric AC thrusters is used on our successful Mohawk and Super Mohawk ROVs. They are available in two sizes, the CTE-01 producing 29 kgf (64 lbs) thrust and the CTE-02 producing 45 kgf (100 lbs).

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