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This 16' Deckover is powered by a 572 Chevy crate engine which produces 620hp. It has a Century belt reduction unit with...

Manufacturer Floral City
Model Year 2007
Model Deck...

This 14' Ride airboat has a 350ci/330hp small block...

Tis Floral City Airboat Law Enforcement model comes with stainless metal work,...

18' Ride boat with all the toys. Stainless metal work, center dash,...


• 18' X 8" Standard Aluminum Hull
• LS 500 Fuel Injected Waterthunder Performance Engine
• CH 3 to 2.3:1 Belt Drive w/Black Hawk Belt
• Sensenich 4 Blade Fiber Carbon O\Prop 80"
• 1700...

17' X 8' Standard Aluminum Hull
LS3 Mast Motorsports 550 HP Engine
CH 4 2.52:1 Belt Drive Reduction with Falcon Belt
82" 4 Blade Carbon Fiber, Wide, LHR Prop
3/8" Polymer...

• 18' X 8' Marine Grade 5086 Aluminum Alloy • LS 550 Mast Motorsports L92 Fuel Injected Engine
• 30 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Engine w/Front Mounted Controls
• CH 4 2.5:1 Belt Drive Reduction Unit w/Blackhawk Belt
• 80' 4-Blade RHR R Series...

28' x 10' aluminum hull with 32" sides
Bottom of the hull spliced with the weld being x-ray certified
Removable folding front load ramp to load 3500 lbs.
13 - 2" T-bars with every other doubled
9 –...

18' X 8' Ice Boat Package Hull
496 Fuel Injected Engine
CH 3 2:1 Belt Drive
4-Blade Powershift Prop
3/16" Bottom, Sides &...


Canadian Airboats 19 X 8 Supercharged LSA Counter Rotator

19 foot Long x 8 ft 2" wide Hull with TP 1332 flotation 550 HP Supercharged Fuel...

-502 Ramjet Chevy Big Block Engine
- CH#3 Belt Drive 2.3/1
- 15" wide Blade sensenich propeller


How to choose this product


An aluminum airboat is a small vessel with a flat bottom driven by a large fan. It is ideal for marshes and calm waters. NaticExpo offers airboats with and without cabins.


The aluminum airboat, thanks to its propulsion system, can be used in marshes, shallow lakes, canals, rivers and on frozen lakes. It is suitable for personal recreational use, as well as in commercial, military, work or rescue applications.


Most airboats are small, flat-bottomed craft. An airplane propeller creates a powerful flow of air astern, driving the boat forward. Aluminum construction results in a light, rigid vessel.

How to choose

Choice will depend on specific intended use.

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