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boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade / outboard - MAXIMUS

The five-blade ultimate high-performance propeller ideally suited to power step-v hulls,...

boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade / outboard - HIGH FIVE

Whether you’re pulling skiers or hauling to your favorite fishing hole, Mercury’s groundbreaking High Five propeller offers class-leading acceleration. Its five-blade design pulls strong and smooth,...

speed boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade - MAXIMUS

The five-blade ultimate high-performance propeller ideally suited to power step-v hulls, v bottoms and cats with high drive heights...

boat propeller / 5-blade - FH 5 105

This propeller has been developed to give minimum vibrations on heavy fast...

boat propeller / 5-blade / surface - FH 5 SSP

Application :

boat propeller / 5-blade - FH 5 SSB

Hull with tunnels, limited diameter, large keels need FH5 SSB....

boat propeller / 5-blade - FH 5 BN

Developed from submarine technology, FH5 BN is one of the most silent propeller standard available on...

boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade - ML 500

The Signature ML500 is the ultimate workhorse propeller....

boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade - PLEASURE FIVE

The Signature Classic FIVE is our most popular propeller model. First introduced...

speed boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade - SL FIVE

The Signature SL five is the king of performance...

boat propeller / 5-blade / variable-pitch / adjustable - WHISPER

The Max-Prop Whisper uses five blades to provide quiet operation and impressive thrust. Especially against heavy wind and seas, the fifth blade will maintain boat speed on a heavy vessel. Also, the fifth blade provides...

boat propeller / 5-blade - CUSTOM

For very specific applications (very speed boats, need a minimum...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - HYDRAQUIN 5.75

Designed for the quality end of the fast pleasure yacht market, the HYDRAQUIN 5.75 is fitted to those high powered...

boat propeller / 5-blade - M-500

The M-500 is selected by many operators for new boat construction, re-powers and upgrading of propellers. The excellent design and increased blade area provides...

boat propeller / 5-blade - M-506

The 5 blade M-506 is intended for highly loaded applications that can not swing optimal diameters. Typically, more...

boat propeller / 5-blade - ULTRAFINE 80

All high-power motor boats where...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - ULTRASKEW .90

5-blade model with high-skew design....

fishing boat propeller / bronze / 5-blade - POWERFLOW 80

Fishing and working boats
A large blade...

speed boat propeller / bronze / 5-blade - KATAPULT 92

As for Katapult .75, but smoother running thanks to the 5 propeller blades...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - HYPERQ

Our ultra smooth and quiet propeller...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - VEEMSTAR

The VEEMStar propeller design has been developed as a high performance propeller for use on medium speed applications. As an all round propeller, it is ideal for use on pleasure and commercial applications where performance...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - VEEMULTRASKEW

The VEEMUltraskew is the latest in a series of highly successful propeller designs, manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes and finished to the highest possible standards of quality and accuracy. The VEEMUltraskew has been...

boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade / outboard - F CLASS - BRA5

Eris Propellers designs propellers for plesure boats,charter boats,seataxis,ambulance boats and sweeper vessels in various models .


boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade / outboard - F CLASS - BRA5

Our Firms experience within the fishing boats extends for 35 years .Our practical knowledge combined with the propeller technology...

boat propeller / stainless steel / 5-blade / outboard - F CLASS - BRA5

Eriş Propellers designs many types of cruising and performance propellers for vessels from low powered motor cruisers...

yacht propeller / 5-blade - COMPUQUIN

With today's trend towards large high speed craft using lighter construction materials and fitted with higher horsepower engines, new frontiers of propeller design have been demanded by astute users of these vessels. To meet this challenge Austral has now...

boat propeller / 5-blade - FULL-REVOLVING

Fuel is an important cost issue for the fishing industry. The price of fuel is very high and because of the fast development of the world economy, this will not decrease in the near future.


boat propeller / 5-blade - FULL-REVOLVING

ITALIAN PROPELLERS does not forget the important field of surface propellers and adds the CMC model to its production. This advanced propeller...

boat propeller / 5-blade - FULL-REVOLVING

Surfacing Propellers
For high...

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