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1 products 2win
ISAF class sailing dinghy : 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" 2win

Designed in collaboration with the National Sailing School. Suitable for teenage and adult helmsmen. Program Construction materials : The hull is built in...

1 products Nautivela
ISAF class sailing dinghy : 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Nautivela

With more than 30.000 units registered to the International Class Organization the success of the 470 is well beyond the simple fact of beeing Olympic. Constant attention to the needs of the best sailors...

1 products Mackay Boats
Mackay Boats
ISAF class sailing dinghy : 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Mackay Boats

In 2012 the International 470 class decided to introduce measurement at every 500mm station on the hull. Previously the class only measured the boats every 1 meter. Our initial reaction...

1 products Ziegelmayer
ISAF class sailing dinghy : 470 - 4,70m    15' 5" Ziegelmayer

First introduced in 1963, 470s have been an Olympic class since 1976. Since 1988 it has been an Olympic class for both double-handed...

1 products Quantum Sails
Quantum Sails
Sailing dinghy sail (470) Quantum Sails

The 470 Class fulfills the Olympic double handed sailing...

5 products Nautisails
4 products NENUPHAR
3 products Olimpic Sails
Olimpic Sails SR / UP
Sailing dinghy sail : mainsail (470) SR / UP Olimpic Sails

The semi-radial mainsail is a perfect all-round sail resulting from the evolution of the profiles over the past few years. Even leaner in the lower part, it is now more powerful...

Olimpic Sails PLUS
Sailing dinghy sail : jib (470) PLUS Olimpic Sails

An all-round cross-cut, powerful sail providing the perfect match to...

Olimpic Sails BOG / BIG
Sailing dinghy sail (470) BOG / BIG Olimpic Sails

BIG (8 panels) This marks the natural evolution of the BOG. It offers the ideal compromise of size, downwind performance and stability on a reach. It is also designed to improve performance in lighter...

2 products CBS
Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc. 470 Mainsail
Sailing dinghy sail : mainsail (470) 470 Mainsail Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc.

470 Mainsail - Class insignia, window, battens and tell tales - Sail area: 85.03*ft2 (7900mm2) - Parameters Luff: 18.86ft (5748mm)...

Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc. 470 Jibsail
Sailing dinghy sail : jib (470) 470 Jibsail Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc.

470 Jibsail - Sail area: 38.29*ft2 (3557mm2) - Parameters Luff: 13.45ft...

Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc. 470 Spinnaker
Sailing dinghy sail : spinnaker (470) 470 Spinnaker Shanghai SeaerBoat Inc.

470 Spinnaker - Colour Black/Blue/Green/Red/White/Yellow - Sail area: 143*ft2 (13285mm2) - Parameters...

6 products ZM DESIGN SRL
Sailing dinghy sail : spinnaker (470) S2 ZM DESIGN SRL

Is our best selling and most successfully spinnaker. This spinnaker...

Sailing dinghy sail : spinnaker (470) S1 ZM DESIGN SRL

The S1 is design to performs great at both running...

Sailing dinghy sail : jib (470) R10 ZM DESIGN SRL

Is our best selling jib. The profile is designed...

Sailing dinghy sail : mainsail (470) R11 ZM DESIGN SRL

Is a very all round mainsail. Powerful enough and with straighter...

Sailing dinghy sail : jib (470) R12 ZM DESIGN SRL

Semiradial Jib - R12 model This new design for 2012 comes from F11 model...

1 products WB-Sails
Sailing dinghy sail (470) WB-Sails

WB-Sails has been developing 470 sails ever since 1976 when Mikko Brummer first competed with his own sails...

1 products Doyle
Sailing dinghy sail (470) Doyle

Martine Soffiatti Grael and Isabel Swan...

AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL 470 / 420 - CARBON Gooseneck
Sailing dinghy gooseneck 470 / 420 - CARBON Gooseneck AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL

470 / 420 Extended Carbon Gooseneck: Coordinates outhaul tension with mainsheet trim. Built in Epoxy/Carbon laminate...

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